Available Programs at Department of Health Bursary in Limpopo

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Department of Health Bursary in Limpopo program is a part of complete Department of Health Bursaries programs that are available in various areas, states, and programs. The bursary basically is offered to students from each province to help them tackle financial difficulties while trying to complete their degree. The target is generally bright students who are struggling financially when trying to reach their dream to a higher education. For the area of Limpopo, the program will follow certain guidelines, have specific requirements, and availability would be set different, including for the deadline.

About the Program

As it was mentioned before, the Department of Health Bursary in Limpopo is designed to help the potential students dealing with financial struggle and hardship. The bursaries would cover for registration fee, tuition, accommodation, meal, and probably book allowance – it will be determined later, depending on the students’ needs and whether the government views it crucial. Be advised that the bursaries would be given based on the priority and allocation based on the department’s needs (and requirements) at that time.

As it was mentioned before, there will be more than one bursary available. The bursaries would be available for the following study fields:

·         Oral Hygiene

·         Degree in Dentistry

·         Radiography

·         Degree in Medicine

·         Occupational Therapy

·         Dental Therapy

·         Orthotics or Prosthetics

·         Community Development

·         Pharmacy

·         Optometry

·         Emergency Care

·         Social Work

·         Physiotherapy

·         Clinical Engineering

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·         Clinical Psychology

·         Diet or Nutrition

The Requirements

There are several basic requirements that candidates to Department of Health Bursary program need to meet if they want to be considered eligible for it. The requirements include:

·         The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa

·         They must reside in Limpopo

·         They are currently in Grade 12 or Matric

·         They can show the proof of dire financial needs

·         They are currently taking the mentioned subjects within an accredited and reputable tertiary institution

·         Preferences would be given to candidates from disadvantaged communities or background

How to Apply

Be advised that there is no online application method applicable for Limpopo area. Candidates can get the bursary form, as well as the information, from the local municipality, local hospitals, and also local Department of Health. They need to complete the form, along with the supporting documents, and then submit it to the local Department of Health. Another method of submission is to hand it out to the institution or place where the form is obtained.

There is no detailed information about the deadline. However, the bursary is generally offered and provided on a yearly basis. Interested candidates in Limpopo are expected to contact the Department of Health in their area to learn about the availability of the bursary, the opening date, and also the deadline. In general, the deadline usually takes place by the end of September, but feel free to check – just to be sure.

Candidates who want to get further information about the program can contact the Department of Health in Limpopo. Each area has its own representative of Health Department, and they can provide further (and complete) information about the Department of Health Bursary program.

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