NSFAS Closing Date for the Bursary Programs

South African students looking for an educational funding can consider applying for NSFAS although they need to consider the NSFAS closing date. Be advised that applications that are accepted after the closing date won’t be considered – no matter how promising the candidates are or how talented they are. All candidates are expected to pay a close detailed attention to the closing date so they can be prepared and they don’t exceed the set up date.\

NSFAS bursary

About the Programs

Students who come from the unfortunate background and those with disabilities will have the preference to gain access to the financial assistance. Naturally, they need to pay attention to the detailed requirements as well as knowing the details of NSFAS closing date. As long as the students are qualified and skilled, they may gain the access to TVET college studies and universities. The NSFAS bursary will cover tuition fees, registration, personal care allowance, study material, traveling, food, and accommodation whenever necessary.

The Requirements

The program has its own standards of measurements, including:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They can register at any of the 50 TVET colleges and 26 public universities as long as those institutions have been listed
  • They come from disadvantaged family with total income below R350,000 per year combined
  • They must have a valid and legal (South African) ID document
  • They have a valid smartphone number and email address. Keep in mind that new number must be different and unique and accessible to the candidates at all times
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How to Apply

Interested candidates are expected to send their application online because everything will be done online. They can click on this link where they will gain access to the applications centers. It is highly likely that they will have to create an account and then be asked to fill in the already provided form and they should also attach (or submit) the supporting documents as well.

The supporting documents include:

  • A certified copy of the South African ID which isn’t older than 3 months
  • A completed and signed consent form
  • A certified copy of ID that isn’t older than 3 months if the candidates are a SASSA recipient. It also includes a completed and signed consent form
  • A certified copy of guardian or parents ID or also spouse ID that isn’t older than 3 months, if the candidates are dependent on others
  • Proof of income of the spouse, guardian, or parents in the form of appointment letter or payslip
  • A proof of income, if the candidates are employed and self-sufficient, along with IRP5 for 5 years
  • A completed and signed form of Disability Annexure A if the candidates have a disability
  • An orphan consent and declaration form if the candidates are an orphan
  • A divorce degree, if applicable
  • A death certificate, if applicable
  • A retrenchment letter, if applicable

The opening period starts from September 2019 while the NSFAS closing date takes place on November the 30th 2019. To learn the details of NSFAS, including NSFAS closing date, interested candidates must check the official website.