Yabasha Youth Power Learnership

If you have heard about Yabasha Youth Power or Yabasha learnership program for 2019 period, you aren’t alone. A lot of people, especially youth, have heard about this and they are wondering whether the program is open for everyone. This is a learnership program designed to help the young generations of South African to be leaders as well as to understand environmentally principles and reservations.

About the Company

Yabasha Youth Power is a part of Yabasha Energy Solutions that focuses on providing alternative green and environmentally friendly energy sources to not only low income households but also the developing green enterprises.

The company started in 2016 by Zintle Raziya and it was started when he was working on Igniting Humanity NPO which is a social initiative to help reduce carbon emission. Since then he had developed the idea to create the business – leading to the creation of the youth power.

The main corporate is Yabasha Group, consisting of companies with 100% women and youth. The primary focus is on skills and enterprise development initiatives. The company has been passionate and determined in grooming and up-skilling unemployed youth so they can be the credited future entrepreneurs.

Yabasha Youth Power has its own program and purpose. The main aim is to up-skill the youth by helping and guiding them to create a green and sustainable micro business that serves in green infrastructure, tourism, and economy development sector. Not only the mother main business is paying attention to green technology, but a part of it (Yabasha Youth Program) also has a crucial role in the success of the industry.

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About Yabasha Program

For the 2019 period, Yabasha Youth Power is offering a learnership program seeking for 500 unemployed youth to take part in solar water heating treatment, management, and technology. The program lasts for 10 months, combining theoretical sessions as well as practical implementations. Once the candidates complete the program, they will get NQL2 training certificate and qualification. Candidates would be given R3000 as their monthly stipends. Basically, it is a good opportunity where the unemployed youth can get valuable professional and working experience – as well as income for their stipend.

It is unclear when the deadline is due, but the program will start in October the 15th 2019 and it will go on for the next 10 months ahead. Considering that the program will start in the middle of October, interested candidates are expected to apply as soon as possible before the due date.

The Requirements and Application Process

Basically, the requirements for 2019 learnership program are:

  • Candidates must be the citizens of South Africa – proven by valid and legal ID documentation
  • They must be between 18 and 35 years of age
  • They must have Matric certificate
  • They must provide other documents, including artisan (if any)
  • They must be dedicated and be willing to learn – including to work hard

Candidates must send their CV and all the supporting documents to [email protected]. Do send your application as soon as possible before the deadline so you can join this learnership program from Yabasha Youth Power.