LFP Learnership Training Programs

Considered as the future agents of transformation, LFP learnership training program is believed to create an opportunity for unemployed youth to reach better future. Through the learnership program, the participants can get the combination of theories and practical application that can benefits their own skills and qualifications. With the learnership program, they can get the qualification and certificate after completing it. This can be a valuable experience as they can improve your practical skills and deepen their knowledge and insight.

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About LFP

LFP Training is basically the top provider of BEE and skills development training located in South Africa. The organization was set up in 2013 and they aim to deliver industry-first and innovative learnership programs. Their purposes are to up-skill and educate people that go along with BEE Good Conduct Codes.

The LFP learnership training program is taking place as the national Training academies. The training learnership programs enable companies to practice Skills Development while getting BEE points in maximum way – and they can do it without spending a fortune. Moreover, the organization wants to help unemployed people (especially youth) to get the skills they need. Joining the program can be a valuable experience to improve one skill without them having to spend anything.

The programs may vary, covering the fields of tourism, environment, or economic development – among a few. But they are generally offering different field of program on a yearly basis so you should check it out. Who knows? Maybe the field that you are interested in (or you are eager to learn more about it) is being offered.

The Requirements

Here are the general requirements for the LFP learnership training program:

  • The candidates are male and female South African citizens that can prove their citizenship through valid and legal ID documents
  • They must be between 25 and 35 years old
  • They must have Senior Grade 12 certificate or level 4 NQF
  • They must have the documentation of police clearance for criminal records
  • They must have good credit records
  • They must have excellent communication skills
  • They must have understand basic English language, including reading, writing, and speaking
  • They must have good interpersonal relation skills
  • They must be unemployed or not having any current education

Be advised that the admission board may require for additional supporting documents. All candidates must be ready if it happens.

How to Apply

Depending on the program fields, the details of the requirements and the application processing can be different. One field may ask you to send the documents by mail while the others may ask you to arrange everything online. You must be ready with different kinds of documentation forms – hardcopy and softcopy. Having everything prepared and ready will make it easy.

Because of the different program fields, there is no precise or detailed information about the opening date and the deadline. The best thing that you can do is to have a regular check to their official website so you can learn when they are opening a new program – and its details. If you are interested in the LFP learnership training program, go to the official website at https://lfpgroups.co.za regularly to check for availability.

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