Eltel Academy Learnership Program

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  • Sep 22, 2019

If you want to learn about the retail industry and you seriously want to improve your personal potential and skills, then you should consider about taking part in Eltel Academy learnership program. The company actually provides a wide array of training programs – not limited to learnership project. If you want to learn more and gain more experience along the way, then joining Eltel may seem like the best idea. The company with its academy has been proven to help people identifying and growing themselves so they can be promising professionals and leaders in the future.

About the Program

The main purpose of Eltel Academy creation is to encourage people, especially the youth, to realize their own qualification and potential. Being a multinational company has made them realize that professional workforce is crucial in the long-lasting business existence. Not only professional workers are important for the business, but they are also important for their own personal growth and potential. The company believes that each individual is unique – and their own personal preference is what limit them to gain the highest position.

Eltel Academy

You will have to pay a certain amount of money when applying for Eltel Academy. However, you can enjoy the learnership program if you meet the qualifications and requirements set by them. Every specialist in Eltel has gone through intensive training at Eltel Academy. It covers various aspects and elements, from compulsory (certificate) training to management and leadership courses. The purpose is to allow each individual to grow inside their own abilities and competences, as well as inside the organization. And now, with the learnership program, they believe that potential candidates can be found. Through selective process in combining theoretical sessions and practical stage, they believe that they can find the hidden gems. For the candidates, they can benefit from getting more insight and knowledge as well as being able to directly apply what they have learned.

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The Requirements

Depending on the subjects, placements, and fields of the program, be ready to face different requirements and selection standards. The general requirements for Eltel Academy learnership program are:

·         The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa – proven by the documents

·         They must fall in the age requirements sector

·         They must have Matric certificate – or other related certificates

Don’t forget that they also need to prepare the basic documentation, such a certified copy of ID, a CV, a certified copy of Matric certificate, and others. Be prepared if you are asked for more supporting documents.

How to Apply

Open your eyes for opportunities because Eltel doesn’t usually announce their availability. You can check at their official website but you can also regularly check the third party providers posting the program. You can always go to their official site and check for available position. However, such availability is usually open for Eltel branches overseas, like Eltel Germany, Eltel Finland, or Eltel Denmark. If you want to have a career overseas, then checking the site would be the best option. If you want to work in South African’s cities then you need to wait for the right opportunity. Go to www.eltelacademy.co.za for Eltel Academy learnership program.


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