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A town in Mpumalanga province which was named after the Sasol extraction in Sasolburg is Secunda. This city has been popular for its crude oil which makes them become independent to grow. Thus, there are more vacancies in Secunda which make them able to compete in this evolving world.

For those who don’t know, Secunda is famous for its crude oil and coal mining industry. Due to the high demand of coal, more mines are opened to provide better and more supplies.

The following information consists of some companies which usually offer vacancies for the South African. These can be one of the reasons to start off their journey.

vacancies in Secunda
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One of the multinational company that has countless of branches spread all over the world is Honeywell. This company has expanded their field of expertise in 4 areas such as building technologies, aerospace, productivity solutions and performance materials.

Honeywell is in the urge of finding more lead engineers to work with them. They will handle some responsibilities such as providing technical leadership, leading the technical guidelines and CCII level 2, and also ensuring all service has met the customers’ satisfaction.

Having a Bachelor’s Degree with extensive technical experience is totally important for the applicants. They must have ITIL certification, Cisco certification, and Six Sigma Green Belt certification or higher.

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Sometimes vacancies in Secunda can come from Worley, too. It is actually an engineering service company from Australia that provides the best consulting services in energy sectors. Thus, they are the experts in the field.

Worley is currently looking for a senior document controller to work permanently. The responsibilities of this position are providing supervision, controlling Retrieval of Documentation and implementing Governance Processes for Storage. It requires big responsibilities to handle this position.

To apply for this job, the applicants should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Management or Business Law. You should have excellent knowledge in control management processes and communication skills as well. Besides, having advanced knowledge of project and engineering management is also advantageous.

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Another search engine that focuses on job vacancies and job ads from millions of corporations and companies is Jooble. They have represented more than 70 countries in different languages to match both the companies and the experienced applicants.

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Jooble is currently searching for a project supervisor to manage all the available projects well. As there are countless of new jobs to manage every single day, a project supervisor needs to ensure that the job seekers find no difficulties in getting the job.

The applicants should have had a Bachelor’s Degree of Management or Commerce. It would be much advantageous and considerable when you have already had years of working experience in relevant field.

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Unless you have heard about MHR, you might not know that this is an agency that facilitates the clinics or healthcare in finding staffs. They will provide the best professionals and experts related to medical field with great educational background and experiences.

MHR is currently searching for both enrolled nurse and also professional nurse to be working in the front line to save lives. They will work in shifts, thus, you need to have flexible working hours. These two positions will be responsible for helping the doctors, making schedules, and keeping up with patients’ records.

When you want to work as one of these jobs, you need to have at least Associate Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in Medical field. It would bring you a lot of benefits in getting the job if you have already had years of experience in relevant field.

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When you need help in finding the local job portal to find the ideal job, JobMail can be one of greatest helps. As the job seekers, you will find a wide range of companies that need a lot of employees. Therefore, this can be a good chance for them to find a high paying job.

There is a job vacancy to work in JobMail as a health sales representative. This position is responsible for applying the strategic account to improve sales and strengthen the relationship with clients. They need to contribute initiatives to develop based on the market trends.

Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Sales or Commerce is the most important thing to have. Some years of working experience is also needed for the applicants to have, besides, other skills and also knowledge are also important.

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A Canadian company that usually offers vacancies in Secunda is SNC-Lavalin. They have been focusing on how to provide the best engineering and construction services for industrial needs. Thus, they are the experts in mining, oil, gas, infrastructure, and also clean power.

Currently, SNC-Lavalin is opening up chances to work with them as IT support technician. This role will have be responsibilities to process support calls, undertake schedules for upgrade, provide technical assistance, and monitor systems.

If you are a Bachelor of Computer Science degree or Information Technology, this can be your suitable job. You also need to have 3 years of working in IT support field. Besides, you need to have excellent knowledge and skills related to software trends.

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One of the best chemical companies in South Africa that becomes the supplier of crude oil is Sasol. This company was built in 1950 in Sasolburg and the name Sasol was derived from this place in South Africa.

Sasol is currently offering Summer Vacation Work for the students who seek for opportunities to get decent job. The available opportunities will range from chemical, electronic, mining, civil, mechanical, metallurgy, and geology. As they concern about mining, the opportunities will be related to that field.

However, educational background is very important for the people to get this chance. First, they have to be registered as the second, third, or even fourth academic year students. Second, they need to provide proof that this opportunity is for graduation purposes.

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Competitors are the rival companies which can keep you moving forward and being innovative. Signa is a consulting company that can give you the right advice that you need the most related to your business.

This company is offering apprenticeship for those who want to learn while working at the same time. This offering is only for those who like Maths and also Mechanical Engineering. Therefore, when you don’t like these two fields, this job can’t be your cup of tea.

When you want to apply for this job, you should have N3+ Maths and also Engineering science. Furthermore, they should have excellent understanding of both mechanical and electrical engineering. Are you interested to take part in this lucky chance?

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Facilitating the children to have better knowledge and improvement might be one of the vision of Edubuzz. This company has committed to serve their best in order to make learning becomes something easy and fun to do.

Edubuzz currently needs an Artisan assistant who will be responsible for working on the plant, and complying with safety standard. In order to get the job, the applicants need to have a physical fitness assessment for completing the criteria.

There are some qualifications to apply for this job. First, they need to have the National Senior Certificate with excellent Maths and also Science. They need to provide the English Qualified Artisan Fitter which is recognized by Sasol.

Besides, applicants need to pass the physical fitness assessment in order to get the job. They should have at least 2 years plant experience to understand more about the related job.

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Tsebo Group

If you are asking about one of the reliable outsourcing company in South Africa, Tsebo Group can be one of them. The vision of this company is providing the business services for those who are in the need of it. They focus on the cleaning and also hygiene solutions for institutions.

Tsebo Group is looking for warehouse assistant and also area supervisor at the moment. The warehouse assistance will have some duties to handle when they work. They are monitoring quality, organizing items, loading and unloading goods, identifying missing goods, moving received goods, and also checking the quantity correctly.

For the area supervisor, they have bigger responsibilities to handle compared to warehouse assistant. They need to supervise their subordinates, manage whether the area has met the standard, improve sales, follow up complaints, do the performance management, and many more.

These two jobs generally need South African applicants with knowledge and skills needed in each job. Years of experiences will be useful for the applicants to get higher chance to get the job.

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It can be concluded that these vacancies are sometimes available for the applicants to consider and apply. This can be a good way to have decent job, gain experience, and also earn money. When you need to have a job to make a living, choosing this job can be your solving problem.

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