Best Vacancies in Centurion to Help You Shape Your Future

One of the towns in the province of Gauteng is Centurion. It is a town which lies between Pretoria and Midrand. With the population of about 236,580 people, the job vacancies in Centurion will help them grow, develop their skills as well as enrich their life.

Centurion has got one of the biggest shopping centers in South Africa. As it has got more than 200 stores and restaurants. However, this town has got even much more to offer. The following information will tell you about best job opportunities you can find in Centurion.

vacancies in Centurion
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One of the technology companies providing job vacancies in Centurion is ABB. ABB is one of the top power and automation engineering companies in the world. They have got a wide variety of products and services from robots that can print cars, light switches to large electrical transformers.

ABB is currently giving not only graduates and professionals but also alumni even students to work on the world’s most challenging technical and environmental crisis. Their vacancies are in various positions, one of them is local business area manager. It’s a full time job whose responsibility is to implement the strategy of global business.

While the requirement includes a bachelor’s degree in electrical or electronic engineering. Besides, the applicant is preferable to own at least 8 years’ experience of management and leadership in a similar position. Moreover, the position requires you to have strong commercial and sales skills.

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Aurecon Group

Among the world’s leading engineering companies there is Aurecon Group. Aurecon is a company of engineering, design and advisory providing co-create smart, innovative solutions to some of the most complex challenges in the world.

You can join the company as they are opening some career opportunities. Apply a job of a water engineering who’s dealing with the provision of clean water. Furthermore, disposal of waste water and sewage as well as the prevention of flood damage are what this job deals with as well.

Of course you will need to qualify an engineering degree as the basic requirement. Besides, having the key skills of water engineering, such as IT and team-working, is advantageous.

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Mobile Telephone Network (MTN)

If you live in South Africa, you must know this telecommunication brand of MTN. Mobile Telephone Network (MTN) is the South African’s telecommunication company investing in advanced communication infrastructure. They offer voice, data as well as digital services to retail customers across 21 countries.

They always invite people to join their team in bringing a bold new digital world across not merely the Middle East but also Africa. The position they are offering now is senior back office engineer. The role’s duties involve monitoring and managing the infrastructure’s network and security. Yet, it will also responsible for designing, planning and implementing optimal network architecture.

For you who would like to apply for the role, it will require you to be have a bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science as the minimum requirement. Later, it will also require you to have four years IT experience. Moreover, some relevant certifications to this position are desirable as well.

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The next company on the list of vacancies in Centurion is Investec. Investec is a bank and wealth manager providing financial products and services in two main markets: South Africa and UK, certain other countries as well. They currently employ more than 8,700 people globally.

Investec has been inviting passionate outstanding talents to be part of the team. They offer a vacant position of deal and transaction manager. Its main responsibility is to manage transactions timely. Furthermore, creating strategic long-term plans is another duty.

For the basic qualification, the job need you to own a bachelor’s degree in project management or real estate. Furthermore, previous experience in related position is desirable as well. This job also needs a talent who is a strategic thinker.

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As a South African, you must be familiar with Unisa. University of South Africa is a leading open distance learning institution of South Africa offering internationally accredited qualifications and have world-class resources. They are shaping the futures in the service of humanity.

The jobs and careers available at Unisa is Office of the Registrar whose duties include organizing and administering students’ records. Additionally, maintaining the institution’s academic records is its responsibility, too.

The basic requirement to qualify this position is having bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting or similar field. What’s more, previous experience in a similar occupation is more preferable. In addition, the applicant must own a firm understanding of changing technology.

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All of you surely know by the name of IBM. IBM stand for International Business Machines. It is an American multinational technology company with operations in more than 170 countries including South Africa. They provide IT and technology support services across the world.

For South Africa, IBM offers career opportunities for some positions. One of the vacancies is technical support representative. Its main responsibilities involve receiving inbound enquiries such as telephonic, web and email in a call center environment.

In order to get the role, the requirement of having experience as a service desk agent is a must. The role also requires you to be fluent in Dutch or German language. These requirements are enough for you to apply for the job.

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Capitec Bank

Another company that’s offering job vacancies in Centurion is Capitec Bank. It is a retail bank offering basic, reasonable and transparent banking using innovative technology in South Africa. They provide their clients with banking products that will save them either money or time.

If you have passion and potential in the banking industry, you are welcomed to join the team. They are looking for talents to fill in a senior decision scientist post. The job’s responsibility is to formulate, suggest, and manage data-driven projects.

The applicant must qualify a degree in data science, mathematics or statistics. Having previous 6 years’ statistical analysis experience is important for the job. Furthermore, the applicant needs to possess interpersonal & relationship management skills as well.

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MultiChoice Group

The South Africa’s leading entertainment company, MultiChoice Group, creates and secures the rights to outstanding content from aroung the world. They have got a number of entertainment platforms are the center for about 14 million people across 50 countries. They also provide digital platform security for video games, video entertainment, connected transport as well as IoT connected industries.

MultiChoice is inviting talented individuals to be a senior engineer for product management. The responsibility of the role is performing research trends in internal systems as well as providing regular updates on the state of the industry. Managing all relevant product backlogs is also the role’s other responsibility.

For those who have the qualification of bachelors’ degree or higher in Computer Science or related field can apply for the job. What’s more, the job also requires you to have expert knowledge of applications design and development.

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Career vacancies in Centurion offering opportunity to work in one of the largest non-food retailers in Southern Africa, Edcon. They are a leading clothing retail that creates a culture of feasibility. They have reliable teams that focus on ensuring that their customers choose their stores first time every time.

Edcon is now looking for candidates who are smart and passionate about customer service to work as a sales assistant. Its duties including assisting customers with purchases as well as handling merchandising. Additionally, it is responsible for setting up displays as well as continuing the store appearance.

In aiming get the job, you are required to possess basic administration skills. Later, you will have to be fluent in English also. In addition, previous working experience in retail sales is a must.

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South African Airways

A recognized airways in South Africa, South African Airways have offered career vacancies in Centurion as well. South Africa Airways (SAA) is a multi-award winning airline serving 38 destinations worldwide. This company is an important part of the country’s economy. Thiscompany is the important part of the economy and a keystone of the nation’s future success.

At this time SAA, unfortunately, has no available jobs to offer. However, you can still await for the next vacancy they will offer. They usually offer the following positions of cabin crew, company secretary, human resources, and more. As for the cabin crew, for instance, their duties involve greeting passengers as they board and exit the plane and more.

For basic requirement of the cabin crew position is that you need to be at least between five feet two inches and six feet two inches tall. In addition, the job will need you to be over the age of 18. Also, you will have to be minimum a high school diploma holder or equivalent.

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To conclude, if you would like to challenge yourself and pursuit the bigger things in your life job vacancies in Centurion are the only choice. The jobs they offer will help you achieve your dreams. They offer you careers that will enrich your life to the highest level. So what are you waiting for?