High Demanding Vacancies in Mossel Bay for People’s Prosperity

There is a harbour town in the province of Western Cape named Mossel Bay which is well-known to have magnificent bay views. It is nearly 100 thousand people live in the city rely on the vacancies in Mossel Bay to earn a living.

The economy of Mossel Bay depends on farming, fishing, and commercial harbour. However, the tourism of the city is quite strong. Other than that, natural gas and oil has also contributed in Mossel Bay’s economy since 1969. Below are 10 best companies offering best job opportunities for Mossel Bay people’s future.

vacancies in Mossel Bay
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Allmed Healthcare Professionals

The first on the list of vacancies in Mossel Bay offered by Allmed Healthcare Professionals. A complete range of specialist medical personnel solutions for a countless of medical facilities is what they offer. They claim as the most sought after medical personnel agencies in the country.

This medical agency has now been opening career opportunities for people who have passion in medical field. A new phlebotomist is available to apply. The position is mainly responsible for drawing blood and other fluids samples from patients. Moreover, getting those specimens ready for further testing is its responsibility too.

Aiming to get the job, an applicant must have the qualifications of a valid SANC registered professional nurse. Next, the applicant must possess some knowledge such as counselling and good clinical practice, HIV and TB management, and more knowledge relevant to the position. Lastly, a candidate who has 1 year experience in Phlebotomy is more preferable.

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A leading company in designing, printing and copy service that comes next in the vacancies in Mossel Bay is Blitsdruk. On-demand digital printing is Blitsdruk’s specialization that also produces high quality work. They deliver their work at reasonable prices in a short time.

If you are looking for a job, you can try your luck applying for a permanent job in Blitsdruk. They are currently searching for a creative new graphic designer to join their graphic design team. A graphic designer has got the duty of designing a various print media and DTP work. Besides, it will also responsible for communicating ideas which inform, inspire as well as attract consumers.

For you who want to apply for the position, you should know the basic requirements. A Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a relevant field is one of them. The other important qualification is that the applicant has to own good working knowledge of CorelDraw. Moreover, having a portfolio demonstrating their creativity as well as originality is desirable too for the job.

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One of the well-known retailers in Mossel Bay, Foschini, has got 310 stores across South Africa. There are two Foschini stores you can find in Mossel Bay. They provide a wide variety of wonderful fashion and footwear for all tastes. Moreover, they are also cosmetics’ departmental retailer in the country. You can find major international cosmetic brands in the stores.

However, there are no job vacancies available at the moment in Mossel Bay. However, you can still check out if they are offering job opportunities at their site. Generally, they will look for a new position of store manager. This job’s responsibility is to lead the store team in order to achieve business outcomes. Subsequently, this job is also responsible for recruiting, developing, managing as well as coaching the store team to be successful.

In order to apply for the role, having national senior certificate is the basic qualification. Besides, having at least 3 years’ of experience in the position is essential as well. Later, the other requirement is that the applicant must have some abilities related to the position such as able to manage a high performing team.

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Are you familiar with the name of Gumtree? Gumtree is a classified marketplace site in South Africa where you can do buying and selling goods. You can also look for cars, property, even jobs through Gumtree site.

At the moment, Gumtree is offering job vacancies in Mossel Bay. The position available for you to apply is commis chef. One of the main duties of the role is assisting a section chef.

In order to get the job, your qualifications must meet their criteria. To be a commis chef, you must have at least 6 months experience in the position especially with seafood. Furthermore, you must be able to speak English fluently as well.

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Ocean Research

A research company has also some job vacancies in Mossel Bay. Ocean Research is a research company providing and facilitating dynamic and innovative research. The research is relevant to the Southern Africa’s wildlife’s management and conservation.

The company doesn’t have any vacancies available for current positions. But you can apply for a marine biologist for the next opportunities they offer. The main duty for the role is to test and monitor sea creatures affected by pollutants. In addition, collecting samples as well as data-using processes includes in the duty.

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Beforehand, you must know the criteria for the job. Firstly, you must have a degree in marine biology or similar. Having relevant skills and knowledge for the marine world is essential too for the position. The most important is you must have a passion for the marine world.

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Talking about natural gas and oil, PetroSA has an important role in Mossel Bay’s economy as well as South Africa. PetroSA is a state-owned oil and gas company of South African government. The company has got highly skilled professionals who are ready to serve the world and responsible for marketing and technical sales of their products.

Currently, this government company is not looking for any new employees. However, you can apply for a position that may be available at another time. One of the jobs at PetroSA is chemical engineer who will be responsible for developing and designing the processes of chemical manufacturing.

Hence, if you want to apply for the job, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or a related field as the basic requirement. Subsequently, you need to possess the skills relevant to the position such as IT and numeracy.

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Terracon Properties

If you live in Mossel Bay, you must be familiar with Terracon Properties. This independent estate agency provides residential and commercial services to both individuals and businesses. Terracon Properties is committed to provide advanced solutions to match their customers needs of property.

You may be able to gain experience with Terracon Properties. They are now looking for a new estate agent. The main responsibility of the job is able to select as well as manage a team of agents in the area of Mossel Bay.

Moreover, the applicant must meet the qualifications of the role. You must be a full status agent is the basic requirement. Besides, you have to own strong selling skills as well as leadership qualities.

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Scaw Metal Group

One of steel products manufacturers in South Africa is Scaw Metal Group. They supply engineering, global construction, marine, mining, and power generation industries. Their products include rolled and wire rod as well as scrap processing.

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Scaw Metal Group hasn’t got any job available right now. However, you still have a chance to apply for a job later on. One of the jobs is material planning leader. The main duty of the job includes ensuring that strategic material planning processes works properly. Moreover, it will responsible for taking a co-ordinating lead to make sure the materials’ supply is happening.

The minimum requirement of the position is having a Bachelor Degree in a supply chain management or other related field. Next, it will be more advantageous if you have supply chain certification. Moreover, the job need you to have at least 5 years of Supply Chain Management experience.

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Turnkey Properties

Another property companies offering vacancies in Mossel Bay is Turnkey Properties. It’s an estate agency in South Africa providing property to their customers that meets their needs and expectation. The have professional teams that continue providing services and assistance to their clients.

Try to apply for an estate agent in Turnkey Properties. The job’s responsibility is off course to assist sellers and buyers, provide guidance in marketing and buying property for the proper price. It also has to determine the needs and financial abilities of clients.

For the basic criteria of the job, the applicant need to at least have an experience of sales work or customer service. You don’t need any specific degree to be an estate agent but business related studies can give you an advantage.

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The last company on the list of vacancies in Mossel Bay coming from Unitrans. It’s a company that handles transportation and logistics. Animal feeds, cement, chemicals, fast moving cunsomer goods, mining, petroleum and more are their market sectors.

They may not have any job vacancies available at the moment. However, you can send an inquiry to the job vacancies they will need in the future. Moreover, you can check out what jobs are there in the company that you can apply later. For example, there are jobs in administration, human resources, logistics and many more.

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To sum up, there is a wide variety of occupations at the vacancies in Mossel Bay. You can gain experience, develop your skills, and build a bright future working in those companies.

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