High Demand Vacancies in George for People with Bachelor’s Degree

As the second largest city in Western Cape, George has been popular for its tourism center. This city has a lot of sophisticated and modern buildings including the shopping centers, business centers, and even the historical landmarks. By these reasons, there are more vacancies in George that South African can apply to improve their economy.

Because of the historical landmarks and sophisticated building, the economy of Western Cape has improved for better revenue. They will be able to host international events which will further impact the development of their economy. The following information consists of some companies which offer vacancies for South African who live in George.

vacancies in George
Available vacancies in George


When you have a company and need solutions related to finance, Moore can be a company to achieve your goals. They will give financial advisory service for their clients to achieve better, improve together, and gain benefits as well as relationship.

Currently, there are some vacancies in George from Moore to work as internal audit trainees. This job has its main responsibilities to provide broad exposure for the clients. Besides, they also have to assist the clients in every sectors in audit, tax, assurance, and also accounting.

The applicant should have a Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce in Internal Auditing or equivalent degree. They should have abilities in mastering both Afrikaans and English. It would be much preferable when they also have a driver license and also willingness to travel when needed.

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Bonafide Human Capital

Providing the comprehensive recruitment services is one of the main benefits of choosing Bonafide Human Capital. This company has collaborated with a variety of institutions and companies to choose the best solutions in retail, manufacturing, mining, logistics, and also petrochemical.

Bonafide currently needs a financial manager to handle all the financial transactions. Their responsibilities are submitting monthly reports, issuing cashbook payment, monitor current controls, identifying financial risks, and applying relevant policies. Besides, they also have to delegate the tasks more effectively.

The minimum requirements of the applicants are Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce or Accounting or equivalent. The applicants should also have abilities to operate computer, mostly Microsoft. Having a few years of experience is also important for further consideration.

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Tumaini Consulting

Have you ever heard about Tumaini Consulting? It is actually an organization that focuses on giving advices or consultations for those who need professionals. They pay attention on how to solve problems, give strategies, and develop them in innovative way.

This consulting company is looking for a quality manager to handle the recruitment processes work well. They will be responsible for managing the quality function, imprement Quality Management System, and also ensuring the product has met the standard.

In order to apply for this job, you need to have a Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering or equivalent position. Besides, the applicants should have already had minimum 5 years experiences in managerial position.

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Badger Holdings

This company used to have its name as Badger Daylighting before changing to Badger Holdings. This public company runs in soil excavation. Rumor has it that they have been claimed as the largest provider of non-destructive excavation services in North America.

Badger Holdings is currently looking for an international accountant. This full time position needs an experienced applicant to maintain fixed assets, do intercompany transactions, maintain supporting schedules, and also balance sheet reconciliations.

There are many standard requirements for the applicants to fulfill. They are Bachelor’s Degree of Finance with at least 3 years of working experience in relevant position. The applicants should also have flexible working hours which enable them to work in weekends.

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Being a part of the global landmark in South Africa, Fancourt has more than business and golfing place. It brings luxury to people who seek best place for playing golf and having business at the same place. Besides, it gives different ambiance for people who feel bored while working at the office.

For those who like working in accountancy, Fancourt offers this accounts clerk position available to apply. The duties of accounts clerk are processing debtors and creditors, assisting banking, doing monthly reports, and also maintaining account profiles.

Thus, when you want to apply you need to ensure that you have fulfilled the requirements. They should be a Grade 12 with the excellent of Accounting and tertiary financial qualification. Having perfect competency in accounting software package can be a plus point for the applicants too.

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ENAV8 Marketing

For some companies who seek the advices related to innovative marketing solutions, ENAV8 Marketing is the right specialist. They provide a wide range of the brand experiences from the very beginning to the tertiary level of your marketing solutions.

If you wish you could be a brand ambassador, ENAV8 Marketing is offering you this big chance. You will have some responsibilities to handle including ensuring sales, reporting daily, distributing product samples, ensuring stock, and cross-selling products.

When you are a Grade 12 or you have equivalent degree with English fluency, you can be the one they sought. The applicants should be able to work under pressure during the weekdays or weekends. Besides, they have to have great knowledge and skills for this position.

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Latitude Resource

There is a public company runs in mining which is based in London named Latitude Resource. It has provided some facilities to help people to find the best drilling, excavation, and also exploration.

They are currently looking for an assistant audit manager to work in their full time position. This position will mainly deal with audits and reports they need to do including internal and external audits, payroll, tax, administration, and more.

For those who think that it is an ideal job, you need to fill all the requirements too. You have to be a Chartered Accountant or Bachelor of Accounting or Commerce Accounting. The applicants should have completed their SAICA articles with deep knowledge in CaseWare and Microsoft. When you have a driver license, it would be much advantageous.

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She Recruits

As it may sound, She Recruits is a recruitment company owned by females that focuses on providing talents and professionals. This company has been trusted by its clients in giving the best professionals in the field. Thus, they gain more clients and provide more talents.

If working in this company has been your dream, you can apply for the available job as an executive head. This position will mainly manage expenditure, develop growth strategies, maximize profits, analyze academic issues, plan for budget, and oversee the managements.

When these responsibilities make you enjoy, then you need to know other requirements to apply for this job. A Bachelor’s Degree in Education with SACE registration or MBA is needed to have. The applicants need to make sure that they have solid educational background.

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Studio 29

Sometimes companies find it difficult to find professionals who are in the experts of programmers and also web developers. This company has been trusted by its clients in providing the best professionals in the field based on the needs of their companies.

Studio 29 is currently looking for a C# developers to join in the company and grow together. Working as a part of the company will bring not only great experience but also excellent teamwork. They will be able to adapt and reach their goals when working together.

However, having Bachelor’s Degree is a must. You need to have this educational background in applying the job. Besides, having worked in relevant field for at least 3 years will give higher chance to get the job. It would be much preferable when you are able to speak or write in other languages.

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Another financial service group in South Africa which often offers vacancies in George is Nedbank. This bank provides a wide range of features that help the users in doing their banking and transactions well. It makes every transaction become completed and lack nothing.

Currently, there is a vacancy available as a sales consultant in Nedbank George, South Africa. They need flexible, experienced, and skillful professional who are interested to work in finance.

The duties of a sales consultant are delivering sales opportunities, improving performance, obtaining referrals, and also building relationship with clients. They will mostly meet clients in order to extend relationship and sales opportunities.

When you have specific interest in this role, the essential qualification is Grade 12 or Matric. For the experiences, it would be great when the applicants have at least 2 years in sales consultant.

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To sum up, most of these vacancies are available for the South African to gain experiences and earn money. This can be a good start for them to start their career to get more benefits in the future.

In brief, the applicants should check the official websites especially in the career page. If the jobs are unavailable at the moment, you can check them periodically to find the best ones.