Vacancies in SAPS: Application and General Guide

People might choose where to work based on some reasons and one of them is their interest of the places. For example, people work in music industry because they have interest in music and it happens the same with those who work in South African Police Service. They have been looking for vacancies in SAPS not only to get experiences but also to build their characters well.

Working in SAPS is believed by the people to make them have good characters and mental. Believe it or not, they will suggest themselves to have proper personalities because the place indirectly forces them. If you aren’t familiar about SAPS, the following information will make you have good understanding in this police force.

Vacancies in SAPS
South African Police Service on The Conversation

South African Police Service Divisions

SAPS or South African Police Service is actually the national police force in South Africa that is divided into 6 different divisions. They are the Division of Crime Investigation, Visible Policing Division, Division of Internal Stability, Division of Community Relations, Supporting Service Division, and Human Resource Management Division.

Different division will serve different responsibilities based on the standard and norms applied. However, the Division of Crime Investigation has the most responsibilities to coordinate the crime and any kinds of investigation. As South Africa keeps on strengthening their police force, they are in the urge of new employees in different positions.

South African Police Service Vacancies

If you want to work in SAPS, you need to know that the careers in this field are available in many field. It means that you can either choose to be an official police officer or a civilian employee. There are 5 different fields in SAPS that you can choose: Senior Management, Police Act, Public Service Act, Police Trainees and Internship Program.

Out of those SAPS vacancies, only Police Act and Public Service Act that have available vacancies at the moment. In Police Act field, there are 5 different job titles that you can choose. If you wish to work in Northern Cape, you can choose whether you want to be wellness officer, social worker, senior psychologist, or senior chaplain.

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When you prefer working in Free State, you may choose between senior chaplain or psychometrist or counsellor. As they really need these two positions in a large number, these positions are available for 4 to 5 persons for each position.

Furthermore, when you prefer to work in the field of Public Service Act, there are 18 available positions as a general worker. Later, these positions will be working in Limpopo with the salary of R 102 534 per annum.

South African Police Service Requirements

There are some requirements that the applicants need to fulfill in order to be a good candidate for each available job. When you want to work as a wellness officer or a social worker, you are obliged to fulfill these requirements.

First, the South African applicants must have at least a Diploma Degree on NQF level 6 or higher. Second, they have to master at least English and other official language and computer literacy. Besides, they have to ensure that they had no convictions in the past. Other skills such as interpersonal and communication skill are important as well as the development skill.

When you choose to work as a senior psychologist or counselor, the applicants need to provide an applicable 3 years Diploma which has been registered on the National Learner Record Database. The applicants should also show their competency in the functions of post-specific related.

If you like working as senior chaplain or psychometrist, the requirements include a senior certificate of grade 12 and your ability to master 2 languages including English. For other skills are mostly the same such as interpersonal and communication skills, problem solving skills, and many more.

However, when the position as a general worker attracts you more, the requirements are fewer than other positions. The applicants have to be a citizen of South Africa with English fluency at least. They should also be able to work overtime when necessary.

Furthermore, people with the following circumstances mostly have no chance to get appointed. When they are medically unfit, a journalist, a bouncer, a sheriff, an escort agency, or have ever dealt with gambling industry should have no chance to get the job.

When they hold an important position in Department of Labour or work in a political party that makes them actively involved in politics won’t be appointed too. Moreover, those who haven’t had fixed residential address and those who can’t work full time shouldn’t apply for this job. It is because they will waste their time to get declined.

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Entry Level Vacancies of SAPS

For some people, being a police officer is a lifetime dream they want to achieve. They are willing to do everything includes being enlisted in the Basic Police Development Learning Program to be a talented police officer. Are you an energetic and intelligent person who are physically and mentally dedicated to serve the country? If the answer is yes, you can choose between two recruitment streams.

The first stream of recruitment consists of senior certificate or national senior certificate. The applicants who have completely finished the Military Skills Cadet Development Program. They should complete both medical and physical assessment.

The second stream of recruitment consists of three year National Diploma with at least NQF 6 or higher in Law, Criminology or Forensic Investigation. For those accepted workers in second stream will undergo a basic training based on the standard of National Commissioner. Similar to the first stream, the applicants will have to pass medical, physical, psychological and integrity assessment.

How to Apply in SAPS

To be a part of SAPS isn’t an easy thing to accomplish. There would be a lot of steps to get the job and start working. When you really want to be a police officer or work in the field of Law Enforcement, you have to be a citizen of South Africa and you have filled the application forms completely.

Then, the application forms should have been signed in front of the commissioner. Don’t forget to attach some certified copies of your identity card, driver license, senior certificate or National certificate, or probably proof of residence when needed.

The applicants will go through BPDLP (Basic Police Development Learning Program) when they have been enlisted. During the recruitment, the applicants need to make a two-year contract agreement. There are two classes of reservists which are reservists in functional policing and reservist in specialized operational support.

The offer of these training courses are available in the accredited SAPS academies such as SAPS Academy All Saints, Bhisho, Ulundi, Mthatha, Chatsworth, Oudtshoorn, Tshwane, Philippi, and Bishop Lavis. Thus, other places rather than these academics don’t offer training courses.

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During this two-year contract, there will be three phases to go through. The first phase, the applicants need to spend for about 10 months training in the accredited SAPS academy. The benefits of this phase is that you will get free accommodation and meals. On the other hand, when you are still in phase 1, you won’t be able to receive pension fund. They will get R3 175,00 monthly in this phase.

For the phase 2 and 3 will last for 12 months at the work chosen station. Then they will need to pass another 2 months in the academy to have integrated assessment. In these two phases, they will get R 7 275,00 monthly. They don’t get free meals yet they will get pension fund and allowances.

General Conclusion

South African Police Service is a police force that engages well with other parties in order to serve the country well. They need to ensure that the country will have good protection to avoid war and have strong armies. From time to time, they need more and more employees to take on new positions in the police force. The applicants can choose to work either as police officer or civilian employees.

As a police officer, they have bigger responsibilities and duties compared to the civilian employees. They need to have good mental, physical and psychological health to work in this police force in South Africa. They also need to go through some trainings in accredited academies.

Different position or roles require the applicants to make sure that they have fulfill all the requirements. They also need to make sure that they will have the chance to get appointed by avoiding those unacceptable circumstances. As working in this police force indirectly serves the country, those applicants need to bring good honor for the country too. Thus, people with worse history, crime, or background should have buried their dream to work as a police officer.

As a conclusion, there are some vacancies in SAPS that the applicants can try their luck. When these available jobs make you interested, you need to make sure that you can work according to the standard and norms of the Law. Thus, you will have good future and be good person with bigger responsibilities in time.