10 South Africa Government Vacancies for Gaining Different Experiences

Apart from private vacancies, the percentage of people who are looking for South Africa government vacancies keeps on skyrocketing. Both private and government vacancies have been what people are striving to get as they offer good salaries.

Some vacancies are available for you to apply in South Africa. Yet, as the applicants are also countless, you need to be a good candidate to have the chance of getting the job. When you are interested in working in governmental agencies, the following information might help you to find the best job.

South Africa government vacancies
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Department of Correctional Services

One of the South Africa government vacancies comes from the Department of Correctional Services. This department provides the facilities and also opportunities for all people to get their life equality. Thus, this department will make the world becomes a peaceful and safer place for the South African.

The Department of Correctional Services usually offer correctional supervisor and parole board. However, there is no job available at the moment. The positions of both correctional supervisor and parole board are the sought positions in this department.

Parole board is the decision maker whether the detention given is appropriate or not. Being a part of this parole board will need you to calculate the minimum period of detention, court papers, give sentences remarks and many more.

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Department of Education

Improving the educational system in South Africa is the main duty of Department of Education. Working in this department can be difficult for some people but it can be challenging for others who enjoy it. When you want to be a part of this department, you might want to know what jobs available.

This department is currently looking for some full time cleaners to work in Johannesburg. When you think that you are a potential candidate with minimum grade 10 with good communication skill, this job might be yours.

In accordance with the health standard applied, cleaners need to make sure that all tasks have been completely done. All the places have to be clean and the health protocol needs to meet the standard.

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Department of Health

Another department that could become one of your sources of income is Department of Health. As it mostly deals with medical services and medicines that keep growing, there are more available vacancies that you can take benefits.

Currently, there are some vacancies such as general labor, general assistant, cleaners and also packers. All of these are the full time positions that need you to devote most of your time.

These positions have minimal requirements that are not hard to fulfill. It is because people without years of experience can still apply for this job. The applicants need to be grade 11 with good communication skills. They are also willing to work under pressure and goal oriented.

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Department of Home Affairs

Working in this department will mostly deal with birth recording, identity documents, death certificate, and also civil partnership. Currently, there are some available positions such as district IT officer, senior development practitioner, service desk agent, and adjudicator. Besides, the positions of assistant data centre operator and network operator are also vacant at the moment in this department.

The closing date of these job positions is 24 July 2020. The applicants need to submit their application letter, CV and other documents needed, such as the copy of identity card and driver license.

The basic requirements needed are 3 year tertiary qualification in IT or relevant NQF level 8. When you are an IT Diploma, you will get more advantage than other applicants. Moreover, it is also important to have communication skills, organizing skill, and also skills in operating systems and software systems.

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Department of Labour

The presence of the Department of Labour help the government in some ways. This department will regulate the labour market for stable economy, protect the human rights, and also promote equity.

If you want to work in this department in Johannesburg, the position of OHS inspector can be the one to apply. This job needs you to plan and conduct inspection independently, confirm registration, draft reports and investigate incidents.

When you think that you are into this job, there are some requirements to fulfill in order to get the job. First of all, you need to have senior certificate plus 3 years qualification in Construction or relevant field. Then, the applicants also need to have knowledge about departmental procedures and policies.

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Department of Public Works

DPWI, the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure, was established to promote the environment sectors by giving the strategic leadership and construction. In other words, this department pays attention on the public and how to have social development in South Africa.

In this department, there are some positions available for the applicants to choose. They are control works inspector, maintenance planner, and also handyman. Each job may have each responsibility that they have to fulfill.

The applicants need to possess the knowledge of EPWP (extended public works programme) and have some years of experiences in relevant field. They will receive order from the client departments and they need to make implementation.

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Department of Public Service and Administration

DPSA or the Department of Public Service and Administration is the centre of public services with its standards and norms. This department needs to ensure that all functions of public service have met the standard requirements.

If you wish to work in the Department of Public Service and Administration, you might apply as the control works inspector in electrical. However, you need to make sure that you are a National Diploma or equivalent N3 in Engineering Technician. 6 years of post-qualification technical experiences are needed too.

The duties of this control works inspector are also many. They must ensure the investigation of customers’ complaints have been followed up. Tasks and projects have to get the right allocation. Besides, they need to make sure the accuracy of the tender documents as well as the specifications.

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Department of Social Development

The social groups and communities need to have equality and the same treatment in the country. This department mainly focuses on how to develop this equality in the whole country. It includes reducing the number of the poor to serve better way of living.

This department is currently looking for an executive assistant to work in Gauteng. This executive assistant will deal with completing all administrative tasks, researching incoming issue, providing leadership to build important relationship, and many more.

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If you think you are the one they are looking for, you need to make sure that you have filled all the requirements. First of all, the applicant needs to have some experiences in supporting C-Level Executive in internal and also external communications. Second, they need to be able to operate computer especially Microsoft Office.

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Department of Agriculture

DAFF, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, is a department that regulates all aspects related to food quality and safety as well as nutrition. As it concerns about the agriculture, the positions of agriculture consultants get more and more improving.

The available jobs in the Department of Agriculture are the positions of agriculture consultant. The duties of this agriculture consultant are reporting the writing, collecting and analyzing data, and doing farm assessment.

When you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture or Food Technology, you may apply in this position. As this is a full time position, you need to make sure that you have no duties to fulfill in other places or at home during work hours.

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Department of Defence

When there is a risk of military war, the Department of Defense is responsible to protect the country from the unwanted result. They need to train the armies to be able to build strong forces in the country, South Africa.

Currently this department isn’t looking for new employees to work together with them. In general, they usually look for the secretary for defence to work in Pretoria. This position is a five year contract job that needs you to devote your time really well.

You need to fulfill all the requirements such as a senior certificate with postgraduate qualification NQF 8 by SAQA. You also need to have at least 8 years working experiences in managerial level. The strong leadership capabilities are also parts of considerations of getting the job.

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As a conclusion, most of the departments are looking for some employees at the moment. Although some departments aren’t providing any job vacancies at the moment, yet you can still try your best to find one. All of these South Africa government vacancies can be your study place to get more experiences that deal with a lot of people. Probably some of the jobs offered aren’t your cup of tea, yet some other time you will find the one that you enjoy doing the most.