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Before finding the best South Africa municipality vacancies, you should know the concept of municipality in advance. Most people might not really understand about the concept of a local government in most countries. Generally, there are 4 different types of a local government, they are county, municipalities, special district and also school district.

County is the largest unit in the local government that is mostly used for the administrative purposes. Municipality is the combination of both cities and town which enable them to be called as city government. Meanwhile, both special district and school district are the lowest type in a local government.

In South Africa, there are for about 278 municipalities that focus on the development of local economies, infrastructure and service. These municipalities in South Africa lead people to find more vacancies to rely on. The following information will give you enlightenment in finding high paying jobs that suit you best.

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Buffalo City

Located in east coast of the province of Eastern Cape, Buffalo City is the first municipality in South Africa. It includes East London, King William’s Town and also Bhisho. This area comprises developed manufacturing bases mainly in auto industries.

In Buffalo City, there are usually a lot of vacancies to offer for those who seek for jobs to make a living. However, due to the Covid-19 issue, the jobseekers need to stay home and the companies are postponing the acceptance of new workers. Currently, there is a vacancy to work as a manager to work in the division of Budget and Treasury Management.

The position of manager will be mainly responsible for some duties, such as implementing and providing guidelines to make budget. He also needs to make analysis financial reports, coordinate the donor funding, compile standing journals, and monitor the budget implementation.

These are some requirements that you need to fulfill in order to be a good candidate and get the job. The applicant needs to have NQF 7 majoring of Accounting with proper knowledge about GRAD (Generally Recognized Accounting Practice).

Besides, the understanding of MFMA is also essential to raise the chance of getting the job. Furthermore, it would be huge advantages when you have five years experiences working in Finance.

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Find more information here.

City of Cape Town Municipality

Another municipality in South Africa that you can look for a job is City of Cape Town municipality. It is a metropolitan municipality that has more than 3 million population based on a census in 2011. In this municipality, there are some available jobs including the high paying job as an executive director.

As this municipality wants equality in employment and development, the vacancy of executive director in Division of Transport is available. This position will be available for fixed term contract. You need to prepare your CV, cover letter and also application form.

Working as an executive director requires you to fulfill these duties every single day. First, you need to make sure that the individuals have completed the company vision. You also need to have collaborative leadership, allocate financial resources, and also drive portfolio management.

If you have interests to work in this position, you need to have Bachelor’s degree and proven records of your performance excellence in relevant field. Besides, you need to have MFMA minimum competency training and have good communication skills.

Find more information here.

City of Johannesburg

The next municipality that offers a wide range of jobs is the City of Johannesburg. There are six available jobs that might give you options and chances to start working and earn a lot of money. They are administrative assistant, Accounting officer, operational managers, cluster coordinators, and also a researcher.

The position of an administrative assistant will be working in CRUM Head Office while other positions will work in Braamfontein. The closing date for this acceptance of employees is 21 July 2020 and the applicants of these positions should be the citizen of Johannesburg.

Not only communication and interpersonal skills but also relevant knowledge that people need to have to get the job. It would be much better when you have years of experiences in relevant field. When you are a person who gives attention to detail, has good time management, and able to work either in a team or individually, this can be your great opportunity.

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City of Tshwane

If you are looking for a municipality that is in line with the Gauteng Region, City of Tshwane is the answer. This municipality stretches nearly 108km from north to south and 121km from east to west. No wonder, it becomes the third largest city in the world ranked after New York and Tokyo.

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In City of Tshwane, currently there is an available vacancy to work in Pretoria Central as city managers to work in Division of Senior Management. The main duty of a city manager is to lead the total administration of this municipality to grow and develop well.

Some requirements need to be fulfilled when you want to apply for this job. The applicant needs to have Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, Social Science, Law or other equivalent degree. At least five years experiences and ability to operate computer are important to be part of the requirements. The applicant also needs to have advanced knowledge in both relevant policy and institutional governance system.

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Ekurhuleni Municipality

The fourth largest metropolitan municipality that exists in South Africa you can find is Ekurhuleni Municipality. The word ‘Ekurhuleni’ itself has the meaning of ‘Place of Peace’. It becomes a symbol of diversity in a global community in South Africa.

Currently, Ekurhuleni Municipality is looking for some employees to work in some positions. It could be senior specialist, accountant, office manager, employee relations officer, executive manager, engineering technician and liaison officer.

Basically the requirements needed quite similar to any kinds of job vacancies. They need to have Bachelor’s Degree in relevant major they undertake and some years of experiences. Furthermore, the applicants need to have excellent communication skills, writing skills, computer literacy, and good personalities.

Find more information here.

Ethekwini Municipality

Another metropolitan municipality that was created in 2000 including the city of Durban and other towns is Ethekwini Municipality. Geographically, this municipality is surrounded by iLembe, Indian Ocean, Ugu, and Umgungundlovu.

Currently, Ethekwini Municipality offers some South Africa municipality vacancies that you can have a try. Some jobs available are administrator, researcher officer, and also research advisor. Administrator will work in Human Settlement and Infrastructure while researcher positions will work in Economic Development and Investment.

Getting closer to get the job needs you to have better qualifications than others. As the applicant, you need to have at least Bachelor’s Degree in relevant major of study. You also need to have years of experiences in working in related field. Thus, only experienced applicants will be accepted to get the job and gain the experiences.

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Find more information here.

Mangaung Municipality

Similarly, Mangaung Municipality is also one of other metropolitan municipalities that governs Bloemfotein. This place is also known as the ‘Place of Cheetahs’ because it has vast plains occupied by cheetahs.

Currently, there are some positions available for the applicants to choose. They are civil engineers, supervisors, machine operators, contractors, and also foreman. All of these positions will be working in Freestate, Bloemfontein.

All of these positions will be responsible for ensuring that the projects have finished, providing technical support, and coordinating related to codes, time, cost, and also safety.

If you want to work in this position, you need to have at least Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering in Civil or Construction Management. Proper knowledge of JBCC, FIDIC, GCC, NEC, CCS, and Buildsmart is essential. Moreover, computer skills, knowledge of interdependence, and time management are important too.

Find more information here.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality

Port Elizabeth or Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality is the last municipality in South Africa situated on the shoes of Algoa Bay. Compared to other municipalities, this place has the least population because it only has for about 1.2 million based on a data in 2011.

If you wish to work in this municipality, there are only 2 available position to offer. They are the executive director and also traffic officer. The position of traffic officer requires a lot of employees.

You need to have at least 5 years of experiences in the middle management level, with records of Professional Developmental experience that you have passed. However, different position requires different standard to fulfill. Probably working as a traffic officer doesn’t require 5 years of experiences.

Find more information here.

As a conclusion, working in those 8 metropolitan municipalities in South Africa can be a good way to gain experiences and earn money. You will learn a lot, you will grow a lot, and you will develop together with the team you have. Sometimes the amount of salary won’t be matter as long as you can sharpen your skill and improve experiences. These South Africa municipality vacancies can be your options to boost your skills and experiences.

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