10 Online Professional Certificate Programs to Gain High Paying Jobs

As the pandemic of Covid-19, the government demanded the citizen to do all activities via online. It happens not only at work but also at school. When you are in the urge of finding the online learning platform to keep yourself learning at home, Coursera has some professional certificate programs and you will be taught be the experts on their field.

Founded in 2012, Coursera becomes one of the most popular learning platform which can be accessed online. Coursera pays attention on certificate programs that enable the users to master some subjects or topics comprehensively. The users can sharpen their skills for their personal benefits, such as looking for a job.

When you have chosen to learn in Coursera, there would be a wide range of topics including courses to choose. You might need to know what topic suits you best and what courses would be beneficial in the future. This following information will tell you the most popular Coursera online professional certificate programs (click on title link to join).

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Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization

Working in the field of Arts can obviously earns you a lot of money, especially when you have higher skills compared to others. This course was taught by Peter Glendinning, a professor from Michigan State University. When you are keen on photography, you need to know how to control exposure and make a perfect composition.

This specialization lasts for approximately six months to complete with four hours every week. There are five complete courses in this specialization: Camera Control; Photography Capstone Project; Photography Techniques: Light, Content, and Sharing; Principles of Photo Composition and Digital Image; and also Camera, Exposure, and Photography.

It is highly hoped that the users can create their project into a new different level they never had before. You will learn about basic principles, techniques and also tips to increase your knowledge. It isn’t a must to complete all those 5 courses since you can have a break once after a course ends.

Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

One of Coursera professional certificate programs that gets a lot of good feedback is Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills. As all people do negotiating in all kinds of businesses, taking this course will be beneficial for the learners in the future.

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It takes for about 16 hours for the learners to complete this course and get more knowledge. This course was taught by George Siedel, Professor of Business Administration and Business Law. In this course, you will learn the fundamental ways on negotiating.

Probably most of you know to negotiate but there are stages of negotiation that you might need to learn more. The module itself highlights the way on using power during those negotiations and the psychological tools to equip while negotiating. This course shouldn’t have been missed.

English for Career Development

The presence of English for business and career has skyrocketed as one of the fundamental language to master. When you are going to do business especially with those international companies, English should be the mutual language to communicate. This importance of English has led people to take course in Coursera.

This course will be taught by Brian McManus, a language specialist from the University of Pennsylvania. First of all, you will learn about some steps that you will pass during the job search processes. Then, you will learn in details about how to make resumes and cover letter. It is really essential since you will get to know more vocabularies to use in your resume.

It takes for about 40 hours to complete this course completely. There are three subtitles other than English you can choose when you probably aren’t familiar with English, they are Spanish and Russian. By the end of the course, you will make better resume and cover letter for your career development.

Phyton for Everybody Specialization

When you are into programming, probably you shouldn’t miss the Coarsera’s Python for Everybody Specialization. Taking this course, the learners would be able to gain skills in Json, Database (DBMS), Basic Programming Language, Xml, computer programming, and many more.

Taught by Charles Russell Severance, a top clinical professor from University of Michigan, you will enjoy taking this 8 months course. You will learn about Programming for Everybody, Python Data Structure, Using Python to Access Web Data, Using Databases with Python, and also Capstone.

By the end of the course, you will have advanced programming skills they have never gotten before. They will be able to learn deeper by joining this online Coursera in five language subtitles: English, Korean, Arabic, German, and also simplified Chinese.

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Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate

If you are curious about how Google Cloud Platform works and its concept, you should take the course of Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate. The learners will understand more about the computing and also storage services which are available in Google Cloud Platform.

There will be a few courses that you can choose in this specialization in order to sharpen your knowledge. They are Elastic Google Cloud Infrastructure, Essential Google Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals, and Preparing for the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Exam.

More than 28,000 students have enrolled in this 4.7 rating for each course in the specialization. Google Cloud Training will be responsible for giving proper training for all the students. The learner should be able to understand the infrastructure and the platform services created by Google Cloud.

Chinese for Beginners

Who said that learning Chinese needs to be a Chinese to be able to speak and understand it? As the needs of Chinese language have improved dramatically, the learners have realized the importance of taking Chinese course. The course of Chinese for Beginners will teach you the basic phonetics, daily expression, and how to make conversations with others.

Xiaoyu Liu, an associate professor from School of Chinese as A Second Language in Peking University, will be your instructor. By the end of the course, the learners will be able to how to introduce themselves. You will also know some basic conversations such as favorite food, what you do every day, and other daily conversations.

The learners will know how to pronounce, how to read and how to write even when the course is in beginning steps. This online course only takes 15 hours to complete. For those who aren’t familiar with English, there are other language subtitles. It could be Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, Urdu, German, and Vietnamese.

Marketing in a Digital World

Business has now depended on how well the marketing system works. It could be in the support of digital tools and people in their specialties. When you know exactly how marketing is able to promote your products or service, this course should be on your must have joined list.

This course chose Aric Rindfleisch, a professor of marketing, to be the instructor in Coursera. From the syllabus, there will be four different topics to learn with the total of 35 videos.

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It is hoped that the learners will take a great use of digital tools to develop and share the products effectively. When you choose the right way of marketing correctly, you will get a huge benefit for your both products and services.

Machine Learning

Thankfully, the presence of technological innovation has brought us a lot of benefits that facilitate people in daily lives. Let us take the examples of self-driving cars and also speech recognition have made our lives at ease. Consequently, taking the course of Machine Learning by Andrew Ng make you understand the concept of both mathematical and statistics.

The learners will start to learn about linear, algebra, regression, Octave tutorial, and also regularization. By far, this course has been joined by 35,696 students and they have 4.9 rating. Both the instructors and the materials can make the students clearly understand about machine learning.

Introduction to Personal Branding

People might have known about the concept of personal branding. It is when people speak about a product or service, people will directly refer it to you. Although most people have known about it generally, there are many other basic things that people miss. Thus, it is quite fundamental to get to know about personal branding in the course made by Coursera.

Compared to other course, this Personal Branding only takes five hours to complete. Kimberley Barker, the manager for Technology Education and Computing in Claude Moore Health Science Library will be the instructor for this course.

First of all, you will get the overview of personal branding itself, how to build infrastructure of your brand, and guide to establish your brand. Later, you will also learn how to create the maintenance plan of your brand.

Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization

Having a positive life is what people struggle to have to make a peaceful mind. It isn’t easy to think positively even when we have tried our best. By joining the course in Coursera, the learners will learn how to have positive psychology applied in their daily lives.

This course will be taught by some instructors such as Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D; James Pawelsi, Ph.D.; Karen Reivich, Ph.D; and many more. It is guaranteed that you will let you explore the positive psychology in past, present and also future. You will also know how to distinguish the characters of positive psychology.

These ten courses in Coursera will give you not only certificate but also further knowledge about lessons you feel curious. You can take use of your time to join and move one step higher than your friends who don’t take these classes.