10 Best South Africa Banking Vacancies

Finance job may be something exciting and challenging for some people who enjoy it. It takes a lot of efforts to be able to do this job satisfactorily. Although some people dislike or avoid this finance job, there are countless people who seek for South Africa banking vacancies.

Working in a bank is indeed a challenging job since you have to struggle a lot to get higher position. When you are just basic or have nothing much to compete, it would be a bit hard to stick to your position or even get higher. However when you want to work in finance, you might need to know these following South Africa banking vacancies.

banking vacancies
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African Bank Investment

A local-controlled bank, African Bank Investment, is a retail bank that you can try to apply. Located in Midrand, African Bank Investment is currently looking for some employees to work as administration officers. Later, the applicant will work in Johannesburg, South Africa.

There are some requirements that you need to fulfill in order to get the job. First, you need to have good qualification especially in office administration and CIS qualification. The applicants also have to have knowledge in diligent software, ability in time management and English language.

These administration officers will be mainly responsible for maintaining all board records and agenda and writing process notes for the Board and Committee. They also have to assist the maintenance of group policies, drafting agendas, and also annual year planner to update regularly.

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Standard Bank

When you are asking about the biggest lender of financial group in South Africa, you would find Standard Bank. It is one of the financial service groups in South Africa that can offer its services to either businesses or corporations.

This bank is currently looking for some account executives to fill the positions in Kimberley, Northern Cape and also Garden Route, Western Cape. Later, these account executives will deal with ensuring the customers’ satisfaction and providing effective relationship. They also have to ensure that they have given the best financial solutions for the customers.

You need to have deep understanding about the business of your customers and the opportunities to develop the value of your clients. Working as account executive needs you to have Bachelor’s degree at least and some years of experiences in relevant field.

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One of the largest organizations in South Africa that runs the financial services is ABSA Group Company. ABSA Group has expanded in many countries include Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Mauritius and South Africa. In South Africa, they have it as ABSA Bank.

Currently, ABSA Bank is looking for a lead solution analyst. This position will be responsible for applying analytical techniques for validating business and translating knowledge needed to the right format. Analysts will work along with the technical product or service owners for planning for future vision.

The qualification for applying for this job are Bachelor’s Degree especially in the field of Information Technology. Sometimes, work experiences are important to be further consideration.

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Capitec Bank

Another South Africa banking vacancies comes from Capitec bank. It is a retail bank that becomes the second largest retail bank as per 2017 in South Africa. This bank has also been claimed as the third strongest finance service bank in the world.

Capitec is currently looking for anti-money laundering (AML) analyst to work in Gauteng, South Africa. Before applying for this position, you need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Compliance Knowledge. The applicants also have to have 1 to 2 years’ experiences in AML FICA exposure within financial standard.

AML analyst will have to identify the trends and patterns of transactional data of the customers to find suspicious activities. Then they will report this suspicious activities which may relate to money laundering and terrorist financing.

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Another financial service group that you can find in South Africa is Nedbank. This group offers retail and wholesale finance service including insurance and asset management. There are some positions available in Nedbank especially as MIS specialists.

These specialists will work in Roodepoort in retail cluster. Hiring these specialists has the aims of assisting the analytics development done for the stakeholders. In order to apply for this job, you need to have 3 years’ experiences in MIS. You also need to have Matric certificate and IT Diploma certificate.

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MIS specialists will be responsible for taking care the engagement management of the stakeholder and external stakeholder awareness. They also need to deliver the performance reports on the financial team to make the stakeholders have bigger value.

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Sasfins Holdings

If you are looking for an independent financial services which can provide the detail range services in business, Sasfins Holdings is what you need to know. It is a kind of company that controls the bank which has been listed on the Johannesburg Stock.

Recently, Sasfins Holdings is seeking for a CRM developer. This developer will work together with the software developer, software architect, business analyst and IT professionals. They work together to bring up good results for the company. CRM developers will not only responsible for the technical integrity of all codes but also technical guidance for other teams.

The applicants need to have at least Bachelor’s Degree of Science or in Information Systems. It would be much preferable when you already have 2 years’ experiences in managing all CRM solutions. The applicants should also have knowledge in .NET language.

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Barclays Investment Bank

One of the South Africa banking vacancies can be found in Barclays Investment Bank. Barclays is currently holding some ongoing recruitments with some vacant positions to fill in. A position to work as a manager is available for all applicants who are interested.

If you get the job, you will work in Gauteng for a full time position. As a manager, there are some responsibilities that you have to fulfill. It could be giving proper training to the staffs, ensuring the staffs finish the tasks, and monitoring the employees’ performances.

The educational requirements are the applicants have to have B-degree especially in finance and 6 years of experiences in banking operations. Besides, you need to have good communication skills, excellent management skills, and adaptive understanding about current technical knowledge.

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Being under the authority of FirstRand Group, FirstRand Bank offers financial services for either individuals or businesses in South Africa. The aim of this group is to be the best financial service provider in South Africa.

Currently, FirstRand is looking for a financial manager who will work in Johannesburg. The main requirement for this position is that you have to have Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce. Moreover, 2 years experiences are important for the company to consider you as their employee.

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You will deal with satisfying customers who need a lot of helps in accordance to their financial problems. You will bring up some effective solutions to grow together and reach the goals well.

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Have you ever heard about Bidvest? It is a commercial bank that is located in South Africa. This bank works under the license of Reserve Bank of South Africa. Recently, Bidvest is looking for a private banker that has the abilities to identify potential clients and also grow and develop sales.

Further, this private banker will also facilitate cross selling between business banking and division private, visit clients, provide solutions for any issues and many more. Private banker needs to keep himself updated with and events which could have impacts for the exchange rates and market updates.

When you want to apply for this job, a Diploma certificate in banking is a must. At least 3 years’ experiences in sales is also important for further consideration. Thus, when you think that you fit all the requirements,  you can apply for this job.

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As a part of Banking Association that exists in South Africa, Investec has collaborated with a lot of banks to provide 24/7 services. They provide both local and international service to fully satisfy all the clients. Currently, Investec is looking for a business analysis to work together and be a part of the company.

A business analyst is needed in a company or business in order to improve the system and the value of a company. They will mainly conduct research based on the current trend and pattern to boast the business. When they find out some problems, they will try to fix them up to help their clients.

If you want to work as a business analyst, you need to have at least Bachelor’s Degree of Science or Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce in Information System. A few years of experiences can be used for further considerations.

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As a conclusion, most of the South Africa banking vacancies are offering positions as manager and analysts to be their teams. As the competition gets tougher, you need to have better qualifications rather than other candidates.