UNISA Honors Bursary for Students Wanting to Continue Higher Level of Degree

Students who are looking forwards to continue their study to a higher education level, even to postgraduate diplomas can think about taking a part in UNISA Honors Bursary program. The financial assistance program is designed for students who have completed their undergraduate degrees and they are thinking about continuing their study to a higher level.

About the Program

UNISA Honors Bursary program isn’t for any student. It is designed to help students who have completed their undergraduate degrees to continue their study to a higher educational level and degree. Such a program isn’t common because not many programs are intended for the students with a higher degree.

The bursary program is only used to cover the tuition fee so candidates should consider their meal, books, and accommodation arrangement. And the numbers of the awards is limited – as long as there is enough funding. That’s why the programs are quite limited and not all thoroughly covered. Modules that have been failed previously would not be covered by the bursary.

There will be a selection of committee that would get together and convene to discuss and consider the application. They will also be responsible for the awarded amounts given to the successful candidates. Once they have made a decision, it would be final.

The Requirements

All financial assistance programs have their own standard of acceptance and measurement. The UNISA Honors Bursary program isn’t different. The general requirements for the program are:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa that are registered for the honor qualification within any discipline in UNISA
  • The qualified candidates are those who have good academic performance and have achieved good records
  • Students who have completed their (undergraduate) qualifications in a flying color at UNISA will be given the preference and priority
  • Students who are in the second year study period are allowed to join the program. They will be considered if they have passed the modules that were previously funded within the previous study period. This is the only requirement that second year students have to pass
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The supporting documents:

  • A certified copy of ID document
  • A certified copy of the academic record

Be advised that candidates may be required to provide extra supporting documents that may cover a CV, a motivational letter, and also other documents. The further requirements will be revealed later.

How to Apply

In reality, the opening date for the application isn’t open yet. It will be available on Monday, December the 16th 2019. By then, the application tool will be provided and the complete processing procedure will be available.

But until then, the candidates are advised to get and prepare their full academic achievements and records – and other important documents that will be needed for the application. The deadline for the program is on January the 30th 2020.

Interested candidates can visit this link to know the details of the program. Feel free to visit the link and learn the details of the program so candidates can get prepared for the UNISA Honors Bursary program.