Curro Bursary Program for High School Students

South African students who want to complete high school so they can continue their study to a higher degree can always get the financial assistance from various programs, including Curro bursary program. Such a program is designed to help students who are struggling financially to reach their dream. A lot of high school students are dreaming to continue their study to the university level, but because of the financial hardship, they have to give up their dream – even when they are still in high school level. Programs like Curro scholarship is designed to help students to get the education they need so they can have a better career, leading to a brighter future.

About the Program

Curro bursary program is created and designed by Curro Holdings Limited as their way to give back to the community and the country. They have an agreement with Meridian Venture shareholders and the agreement covers a part about providing the necessary funding to Meridian school students from time to time. All the interested candidates are asked to complete the application form and submit the supporting documents along with the required information so they can be considered eligible for the financial assistance support.

The Requirements

All bursary programs have their own standard of acceptance and screening. And only those who can meet the requirements will be qualified for the further screening process. The general requirements that all candidates must meet for the Curro bursary program are:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa and it would be proven with the valid and legal ID document
  • The learners must apply to any of the Meridian school or they are attending to that school, including the Northern Academy
  • Preference would be given to only Black learners. In here, Black means Africa, Indian, and colored.
  • The candidates are new learners starting from Grade 8 to Grade 10. They are subjected to the writing entrance exam so the admission board can determine the academic standards
  • It is also possible that the candidates are the existing learners starting from Grade 8 to Grade 10
  • Candidates must get academic excellence as an overall aggregate of around70% or above within their latest academic report
  • Candidates must get at least 70% in English and Mathematics within their latest academic report
  • They need to demonstrate financial needs clearly – such as the combined household gross not more than R20 000 a month
  • They must include a sworn affidavit
  • They should include a motivational letter for the financial support
  • Preference will be given to female students – it is expected that 60% of the total candidates are female
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How to Apply

Interested candidates for Curro bursary program are expected to visit the following link so they can have an online application. It is highly likely that they will have to create an account so they can fill in the application form online.

The deadline for the program is on March the 31st 2020. Applications that are sent after the date would not be considered. Interested candidates who want to learn more about the Curro bursary program can contact the company at 38 Oxford St, Durbanville, Cape Town 7550.