Transnet Vacancies Offer 7 Extensive Career Programs

The name of Transnet has been popular in South Africa. By the first time it was founded in 1990, it has played a big part in the economic growth and infrastructure. They want to fulfill all the customers need based on their satisfaction standard. Therefore, they offer a lot of Transnet vacancies to serve all the customers well.

Transnet has claimed themselves as one of the major transport infrastructure in South Africa. They have proven that they have the capabilities to be called so, however, it doesn’t stop them from reaching more. Thus, they have decided to open more opportunities for those who want to find career programs.

The following information will give you everything you want to know about this transport company. Make sure you don’t miss a single thing here!

Transnet vacancies
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About Transnet Company

Dealing business in transport, especially rail, pipeline and also port, Transnet has transformed its small company to be one of the biggest. This company used to be a limited company but later it becomes state-owned company. The Department of Public Enterprises or DPE has participated in giving the most company stock. It boosts their quality and popularity at the same time.

This Transnet is divided into some business units in South Africa. They are the Transnet Port Terminals, Transnet Pipelines, Transnet Freight Rail, and Transnet Rail Engineering. Each of this business unit has gained a lot of assets and importance in South Africa. By this availability of career programs, most South African can learn and focus on the career sector they feel interested.

School or Rail

In Transnet, there is a career program that focuses on career sector based on the interest of learnership. This program will teach you the related subjects and other work components including Accelerated Credit Enrollment.

This sector in Transnet gives you a wide range of learnership with relevant career path. They are logistics, finance, project management, property management, safety, communications, procurements, marketing, IT, and operators. When you think you have special interests in this company, there are also some requirements that you need to have.

The South African candidates should have grade 12 certificate. They need to be familiar with English language and also computer literacy. Besides, the applicants should have good time management, good communication skills and work integrity.

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For your information, the learnership isn’t always available by the time you want to find a career. When they are in need of finding new employees, they will make announcement. If you want to be a part of them, you need to make sure that you have filled the application letter.

Furthermore, any documents needed should have been prepared to follow your application letter with reference number. Then, the applicants also need to attach certificates, copy of ID, and academic records.


As a part of the company that focuses on human capital development, Transet has the career programs named Transnet bursaries. This career program facilitates the applicants who want to have further study in Engineering.

Hereby, Transnet offers those interested candidates these field of study to have extensive learnerships. There will be Engineering Industrial, Metallurgy, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Civil, Mechatronics and Computer Engineering.

Transnet Bursaries always renew their employees based on the performance needed periodically. Thus, it means that whenever the accepted candidates have gone beyond the standard, they can still pursue their career in Transnet.

For those who are curious about the eligibility of this career program, the main requirement is that you have to be a South African citizen. If you are a grade 12 learner, you need to show your certificate of perfect academic performance.

The applicants also need to obtain 5 stars especially in Mathematics and also Physical Science. When you are still pursuing your Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering, you need to ensure that you have taken the materials of Civil, Metallurgy, Industrial, Electrical and Electronic.

Young Professional-in-Training Programme

Transnet also offers Young Professional in Training Programme. People who are interested may choose whether they prefer to work in Durban, Cape Town, or Port Elizabeth.

Currently they are not seeking for new talented young workers. However, they generally search for project financial accounting. The aim of this job acceptance is to gain knowledge in the environment of project accounting environment. The main duty of this position is to help the project accountant with the financial reports needed.

The requirements to work as a project financial accounting are Bachelor’s Degree of Commercial Accounting. If you have equivalent qualification is also acceptable. Besides, the applicant needs to have at least one year of working experience in similar field.

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School of Engineering

Instead of getting officially down to work, most youth prefer having the apprenticeship programme. Therefore, Transnet offers School of Engineering as a vocational training. This school training will last for 18 months to 36 months that will be divided into 3 terms.

This training includes Welding, Turner Machinist, Millwright, Wagon Fitter, Electrician, Diesel Electrical Fitter, Electromechanician, Vehicle Builder, Armature Winder, and also Turner Machinist.

These positions may require a lot of applicants to fill the vacant roles. When you think that one of these jobs are really your cup of tea, you have to ensure that you have met the requirements of the jobs offered.

The minimum requirement to get to these positions properly is grade 12 with the expertise in Mathematics and also Science. It would be much advantageous when the applicants have already had some experiences in working within similar field.

Engineer-in-Training Programme

Another training program created by Transnet is Engineer in Training (EIT) programme. After completing those 4 years of studying to choose the engineer disciplines, the students will be offered permanent employment.

Those who feel interested will be allocated to the chosen business to work for at least 2 years. During these two years, the applicants will get coaching, training, and also mentoring support. These mentoring sessions will teach them theoretically and practically.

However, it doesn’t mean that the applicants can just sit back and get the training easily. There will be some assessments in every 6 months. When they think that you are worth for more salary, they are willing to adjust and increase your salaries based on your productivity. On the other hand, when you aren’t productive and you haven’t put your best in it, you will have no future in Transnet.

Technician-in-Training Programme

In TIT Programme, the students will be able to obtain the qualifications of National Diploma (ND) for choosing their engineering disciplines. They will be offered some permanent employment after getting the ND.

During this permanent employment, they will get coaching, mentoring, and also training in both theory and practical. Every single progress and detail are important for the development and skills for the applicants. In every 6 months, they will be assessed to give salary adjustment.

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Thus, when you want to have higher salary than before you need to have good progress and productivity. The aim of this position is to provide the support in the field of engineering in both technical and operational nature. However, the opportunity in this TIT programme isn’t available.

The requirements of this position are the code B drivers’ license to drive vehicles. The applicants need to have ND in electrical engineering. For those who have no experiences may still apply for the job. Besides, you need to have good social skills and communication skills.

Maritime School of Excellence

MSoE or Maritime School of Excellence is a place for the learners prepare themselves to be well-trained and competent. The learners are also trained to be critical to any kinds of conditions so that they will have good performance for the company.

This career program is located in the biggest port in South Africa, Durban. The choice of this place will be able to provide the best marine training programs. MSoE has engaged with some associations such as DUT, CPUT, STC Group in Rotterdam, South African Police Services and Customs, Department of Transport, and other international universities.

Generally, they open up vacancies as a skipper port operations (SPO). The applicants need to know the minimum entry requirements. Although each course needs different requirement, all basic standard should be a grade 12 with level 4 English, Maths, and Physical Sciences. The applicants should be in charge of vessels for over 25 tons.

These vacancies of Maritime School of Excellence are usually available in local newspapers and advertisements. The applicants should have kept up with the real time information related to the available jobs.

In conclusion, there are some career programs that the applicants can get tutoring and coaching while they are still paid. They sometimes offer career programs based on their needs. Thus, they don’t always open up for programmes because they probably don’t need new employees.

If you really want to have these career programmes, there are some requirements and availability that you need to keep up with. You need to make good progress unless you don’t want to get higher salary after the assessment. These career programs are good foundation to start your career in a promising path.

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