Sasol Vacancies Give Chances to Work in Field of Natural Resources

In South Africa, there is a company situated in Sandton that runs in integrated energy and also chemical. For those who aren’t familiar about this company, it is actually a company that produces synthetic fuels, gas operations, fertilizers, chemicals, and also oils. Nowadays, this company has opened up some Sasol vacancies for those interested applicants.

For some people, working in this field can be a source of money reminding that these natural resources are high in demand. In other words, the rapid demand of these natural resources have led some companies in such field to expand and keep improving.

No wonder, Sasol has opened up some new job opportunities for the South African to help them grow. If the jobs offered by Sasol has caught your attention, the following information might help you find the right position.

Sasol vacancies
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Overview about Sasol Company

A chemical company that was listed on JSE in South Africa and New York Stock is Sasol company. It has operated 70 years ago in South Africa and this company has more than 30 thousand employees.

Since this company is responsible for providing unlimited production of gas and also oil, they are in the verge of expanding it. They need to serve their best and develop the quality of their service locally and internationally. Due to its capabilities in South Africa, it has emerged as one of the global companies in the world.

Lately, rumor has it that South Africa’s Central Energy Fund is going to acquire some assets that Sasol has. It is aimed to restore this company back to its normal function and be profitable. Now, this company has more branches in South Africa which means that they need new employees to work with.

Available Sasol Vacancies

As Sasol has many branches spread all over South Africa, there are a lot of job vacancies available. It gives chances for the South African to sharpen skills and soft skills in real life. Currently, Sasol is offering some job opportunities to work in Free State and Mpumalanga.

When you want to work in Free State, there are 7 available positions or roles that you can choose. It could be based on your experiences and other considerations before applying for the job. The available positions are production accounting manager, construction manager, quality inspector, project coordinator, and business analyst.

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A production accounting manager will be responsible for providing information for plan development, monitoring progress, and disclosing operating environment. Besides, he needs to report monthly performances and identify the missed opportunities.

If you want to work as a construction manager, you need to know the duties of this position. He will be responsible for assisting the construction development, supporting SO disciplines, and also providing professional supports. Sometimes the applicant needs to refer from the past experiences to implement new system or strategies.

Working as a quality inspector needs you to have main responsibilities. They are validating Boiler processes, developing documentations, and implementing quality standards. Meanwhile, a business analyst has to risk identification, analyze operating environment, and improve business performance.

Moreover, the job position as a project coordinator has to cover some responsibilities every day. Assisting the project development, providing professional support, doing quantity survey, and planning materials are some of them. There are actually more duties that project coordinator needs to do, either in a team or individually.

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Requirements to Apply Vacancies

No job vacancy comes without general requirements. All jobs provided by the companies mostly set high requirements to find the best employees out of the best. There are some requirements to fulfill when you want to work as a production accounting manager.

First, you need to have at least Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with 8 years of working experience in Petrochemical industry. Besides, other major skills and also competencies are also important. They are computer literacy, good communication and good understanding about oil refining.

If you are interested to work as construction manager, you have to ensure that you have Bachelor’s Degree in Technology especially in Tertiary Construction. You should have the minimum 10 years working experiences in boiler construction management. Further, you need to have good health and have good knowledge about Sasol site procedures.

How about the project coordinator? The standard grade 12 with Science and Maths as subjects is a must. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Technology Engineering will be preferable. It would be more advantageous when you have the qualifications for project management.

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For the role of quality inspector, the applicants need to have some following qualification. They are Matric with Maths and Science or other equivalent qualification, level 1 and 2 welding inspector, 6 years of working experiences as QC inspector. The applicants also need to have basic self-mastery skills and other functional competencies.

Furthermore, when you want to apply the job as a business analyst, you need to have at least Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering. The applicants should have 2 years of working experiences in Refinery. Besides, both good communication skills and presentation skills are also needed to get the job.

How to Apply Sasol Vacancies

In applying some Sasol vacancies, there are three ways that the applicants can do: from the official websites, SMS, or LinkedIn. Probably in some other advertisements you will find out the steps or instructions on how to apply in Sasol completely. Later, you will be able to raise the chance of getting the job.

When you prefer applying from the official website, you need to register yourself from the website After you have completely registered yourself, you have to validate the email by waiting for the system email. You can follow all the activation link in order to activate the account.

If the account has been activated, you can choose whatever the job that fits you in. It could be from the position, workplace, or experiences that you wish you could gain. Then, you can apply directly from the link by attaching all the documents needed such as the application letter, copy of ID, copy of certificates and more.

The second option in applying some Sasol vacancies is through Facebook Messenger or SMS (Short Message Service). Similar to registering through official website, you need to activate your ID by sending some short code they send. Make sure that the internet connection is available to receive the code.

Last, when you have gotten used to using LinkedIn, you can also get some advertisement about the jobs you like. It could not only about Sasol vacancies but also other available vacancies that you have ever applied. In LinkedIn, you will get the complete instruction on what to do, such as the recruiter email address. All the documents needed have to be completed, too.

Sasol Careers Learnerships

For those who are looking for some learnership programme, Sasol gives you chances in Secunda and Sasolburg. If you have all the capabilities to be a Sasol artisan, this can be the best idea for having your wonderful journey. However, this opportunity is only for a South African citizen.

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The following fields are available for the applicants who wish they could start having a learnership. They are chemical plant operations, rigging, wielding, boilermaking, fitting, turning, electrical operations and instrumentation and control.

If you are interested to have your career learnerships, there are some requirements that have to be fulfilled. A national senior certificate with a pass in Technical Mathematics, Physical Science or Business English is a must. When you have an N3 certificate including Mathematics, Business English, and Engineering Science can be the alternative.

After completing the certificate, you need to go pass an interview and other assessment. It includes medical assessment, fitness assessment, and other needed qualifications. However, those accepted applications will only come from SMS and Mobi Site.

General Conclusion

As a conclusion, Sasol offers some good vacancies and career learnerships when the applicants want to have good future. Probably some of the applicants may find the best vacancies that have the same location with their house. What the applicants need to remember is that they should have completed their certificates well.

In applying for Sasol vacancies, there are three ways that you can choose based on your own preferences. They are from the official website, Short Message Service (SMS) and LinkedIn. As a suggestion, it would be much trusted and easy to get further notification when you have register yourself. Moreover, you will be able to check the real time progress from the official website.

Currently, there are 7 vacancies which are available for the applicants to apply based on their interest and knowledge. They are production accounting manager, construction manager, quality inspector, project coordinator, and business analyst. The standard requirements of working as these positions are Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering or Matric in Math and Science and 6 years of working experiences.

Besides, there are some other skills that the applicants need to have. It includes good communication skills, good teamwork, and abilities to adapt with different tasks every day. Working in Sasol will not only sharpen your skill but also improve your working capabilities. Probably when you don’t work in Sasol, all the experiences you have obtained from Sasol will be advantageous.