Ampath Vacancies Bring Opportunities to Work in Diversity

Are you a determined medical-experienced who want to try new challenges? If you are, then Ampath vacancies will provide you job opportunities that challenge you and make you grow more. Ampath invites you to be their family working in their laboratories and other facilitations.

Ampath is one of those well-known pathology laboratories in South Africa. They provide not only innovative, professional and quality pathology but also laboratory medicine services to patients and healthcare practitioners. What’ more, Ampath delivers safe and effective patient care.

Furthermore, they also provide clinicians with accurate and up-to-date information for managing patients as well as obtaining the best possible health results. They do not only have a good reputation but also give lots of opportunities to grow.

Ampath Vacancies
Ampath vacancies on

Ampath Available Vacancies

As one of leading pathology laboratories in South Africa, Ampath constantly serve the medical community, insurance, and governmental practices. They also serve managed health care, industrial organizations as well as other pathology practices.

Right now they are looking for new candidates who have the energy, enthusiasm, and experience. Ampath also search for determined employees who have the right skills and committed to continue the service they provide.

Ampath is now looking for individual who is capable to be a helpdesk officer. It is a fulltime job that will be working on day shift. A helpdesk officer has a responsibility to give a first line helpdesk support to both internal and external clients.

It assists timely resolving PC software and hardware related problems. Additionally, a helpdesk officer performs meditech operational tasks in order to maintain the health of the system. Its other job is to maintain the meditech backup system in order to make sure effective recording and data storage.

Secondly, Ampath is seeking for a candidate to fill the position of discipline managing clinical pathologist. This position has a duty of providing pathology genetic laboratory service and related clinical consulting services. Subsequently, it has to manage the laboratory personnel to guarantee strategic objectives are achieved.

Head clinical genetics is the next job available to apply for. This position is responsible for managing the operational functioning of relevant unit. It has to achieve set targets and objectives as well as identify opportunities to improve efficiency towards new business prospects.

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Ampath is also searching for a technologist (cytogenetics) that is responsible for receiving and processing specimens to ensure efficient delivery. The related task is according to set criteria and standards on all worktables in the Cytogenetics laboratory. It is also responsible for assisting with the training learner technologists.

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Ampath General Requirements

Before applying for jobs at Ampath vacancies, all applicants have to meet the minimum general requirements. Each position available in the vacancies has different requirements. Here are the general requirements of the employments you can find in the Ampath vacancies.

If you want to be a helpdesk officer, you must have a Grade 12 certificate. You must also have relevant IT qualification or equivalent. Next requirement is that you have to possess 2 to 3 years of experience as a helpdesk (telephone support). In addition, you must also have 2 to 3 years of experience in using a relevant call logging software.

A helpdesk officer also requires the applicant to have 2 to 3 years of experience in using Microsoft Office and trouble shooting. You must own an advanced knowledge of Microsoft based operating system (windows 7 or 10) as well. Besides that, it also requires you to have the ability of using advanced computer technology in an effective way.

To apply for discipline managing clinical pathologist, you must fulfill the following requirements. One of them is that you must own an HPCSA registration as a specialist in medical genetics. Other than that, the job requires you to have an experience of running a commercial diagnostic laboratory.

The next requirement is that you have to possess senior managerial experience. The job also needs an individual who has knowledge of the Labour Law, the OSH-Act along with other relevant Acts and HPCSA regulations.

One of the requirements for a technologist (Cytogenetics) is that the applicant has to own National diploma in medical technology. Next, you need an HPCSA registration as medical technologist. The job requires you to have knowledge of the Health and Safety Act as well as the HPCSA regulations.

How to Apply Ampath Vacancies

Now you already know what jobs are available at Ampath vacancies that you can apply. What you really need to know next is how to apply for the job. Here is the detail of how to apply for Ampath vacancies.

All job vacancies at Ampath are available online. They don’t accept any other type of application such as faxed or emailed CVs. Thus, you have to register and upload your CV on Ampath official site. On the site of Ampath vacancies, you must register first and then you will have your username and password.

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After you have registered, the next step to do is filling in the form of registration. In the registration form you will find some data that you have to complete. You must complete it with your title, initials, ID number, race, gender, names, date of birth, cellphone number, and email address.

After you have done registering, you can log in and visit the Ampath’s career page. This page will give you extensive information related to their job vacancies. In addition, the page will also help you to decide if you would like to work for Ampath.

Next step, browse through the available vacancies and read the descriptions of the jobs very carefully. If you think you have the qualifications to fill the position, you can start applying. You can apply directly on the page.

Remember to always submit your job application before the closing date. After that you will have to wait for about 14 days after registration to know whether you are successful or not.

Ampath Learnership Vacancies

In Ampath, the applicants will not only get job vacancies but also learnership programs. Currently this company is now opening job vacancies for a two year Phlebotomy technician learnership programme. They will be responsible for collecting the specimens of the blood and non-blood for pathology.

If you would like to be one of the Ampath’s Phlebotomy technicians, there is an excellent learnership opportunity to follow. There are criteria you must meet to apply for the learnership. One of them is that you have to own a valid grade 12 certificate with English, Biology, and Mathematics literacy.

Another competency requirement is that you must possess English and Mathematics at NQF level 3. Learners will be working with patients through the learnership program. If you have got those qualifications, then you can join the program.

If you are a successful candidates, they will train you in a medical laboratory. You will also participate in classroom and workplace learning.

If you want to join Ampath learnership program, you must apply for it online. You must prepare certain documents for the online application. They are CV, ID, and Matric Certificate. Then, you should submit all the application online. They will not accept faxed applications and late application.

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The Benefits of Working in Ampath

Working in a company with such a good reputation as Ampath gives you a great deal of benefits. You will be working in an enjoyable workplace and great teamwork. That’s because they have dedicated helpful well-mannered people working there.

Ampath vacancies provide you opportunities to grow and a chance to learn values of respecting culture indifference and beliefs. You will be working in a company that has a diversity in many aspects. A group of talented people are working there to give the best service to their patients and customers.

Ampath also provides a very organized and clean environment that will make all the employees feel comfortable. Ampath laboratories seems to have a bright future as they produce quality outcomes. They also put patients’ lives before anything else.

Furthermore, Ampath has concern regarding to their employees wellness. They have got a program that aimed to improve the health and wellness of their employees. It is called Employee Wellbeing Programme.

Another benefit is that you will get rewards if you show outstanding achievement, excellent performance and loyalty.

General Conclusion

Ampath is a South Africa’s reputable pathology laboratories that has national to international vacancies. They have served about 40% of the market of private healthcare in South Africa. Many South Africans who are interested in healthcare are looking out for Ampath vacancies.

There are many open vacancies at Ampath that you can apply for. Jobs like helpdesk officer, discipline managing clinical pathologist, technologist and more are available for any candidates that meet their requirements.

There is only one way you can apply for Ampath vacancies. You can only find the job vacancies as well as the application online. Ampath don’t accept any other form of application. So make sure you go to their official site and apply from there.

Moreover, Ampath also provides learnership vacancies that enable you to join their learnership programs. They have certain requirements that you must fulfill if you want to join the programs. There is only one way you can apply the learnership program that is via online application.

Working in such a reputable company as Ampath looks very promising and challenging. You don’t need to have a second thought to apply. Take a chance to be part of the diversity of Ampath and get the best experience.