Maximizing Your Work Experiences by Applying Eskom Vacancies

South African government established Eskom to be in charged in the delivery of electricity in the country. Eskom utility produces the largest electricity in Africa. South Africans depend the electrical supply on them. They are also among the world’s biggest electrical utility. No wonder if South Africans are always looking out for Eskom vacancies as they surely need a lot of employees.

Eskom plays a leading role in delivering energy to millions of homes countrywide. In fact, Eskom is the largest state’s enterprise in the country. As Eskom is the largest state-owned company in the country, a lot of South Africans want to be part of it. Every year, the company is looking for potential skillful new employees to take their challenges and make an impact.

Eskom Vacancies
Eskom new employees on publicads

Eskom Available Vacancies

Currently, Eskom is looking for highly skilled individuals to work and develop with them. They are searching for dedicated and enthusiastic employees who are ready for challenges and build successful career. If you want to be part of this government company, here are some job opportunities you can apply for.

The first job vacancy is senior advisor loan management for Group Finance Division. This job is for a person who has professional integrity. The applicant has to be able to work under stress and innovative, too. Moreover, this position is responsible for managing and controlling daily activities and administration. It is responsible for implementing, maintaining and enhancing loan agreement management procedures and processes as well.

Project manager X3 is the next vacancy available at Eskom vacancies. Its responsibility is to control and execute projects in time, cost, and quality. It also has to manage the activities and resources assigned to projects into an organized efficient manner. Next, the applicant should have strong leadership, self-discipline, and possess stakeholder management skills.

Another job vacancy at Eskom is manager maintenance BOP for Generation Division. One of this job duties is to manage the Human Resources section. It is also responsible for managing systems and procedures. A manager maintenance is responsible for managing the section’s maintenance priorities and budget according to PFMA as well. Moreover, it has to manage spares requirements and assets in section as well. Negotiating and managing contracts are also the duties of manager maintenance BOP.

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If you want to work in Eskom, the position of manager operating shifts is also available for you to apply. Managing a power station’s operating activities to generate the electricity is one of the responsibilities. Then, it is in charge in managing the continuity of supply without exposing plant and safety of personnel.

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Eskom General Requirements

There are important things you should pay attention before you apply for the jobs. Among those important things is knowing the general requirements of the job you want to apply. When you want to apply for a job, make sure that you meet the company’s minimum requirements.

There is no chance for you to get the job if you don’t have the qualifications for it. So if you want to apply for the jobs available in Eskom vacancies, read the general requirements at the first place.

For applying senior advisor loan management, you must have 3 years financial diploma (preferred Bcomm). Next, you must have 5 years of related experience. Besides that, you have to own good knowledge of best business practice and trends. This job requires you to possess managerial experience as well.

As for project manager X3, the job requires you to own National Diploma or N6 or B-Tech in electrical or mechanical. You also must have 5 years project management experience as well. Next, you must have at least 3 years’ experience in contract management that you received during the project management experience.

In addition, experience in NEC contracts is also the requirement. The applicant also must have certain skills such as computer literacy, SAP (PP-PS modules), contract negotiation, preparation and management.

While for the position of manager maintenance BOP for Generation Division, you must own Grade 12 plus and National Diploma or equivalent. The applicant will also have to own 5 years of experience related to the position. Moreover, the job requires you to have knowledge of legislation and statutory requirements. SHE knowledge and skill in project management are the general requirements of the job you should possess as well.

Eskom Career Learnership

Besides giving South Africans job opportunities, Eskom also offers a learnership program for unemployed individuals and school-leavers from different communities. The goals of the program is to create skills and get rid of unemployment as well as poverty. It is a part of the strategy of human resource department (HRD). It is to improve the quality of training, education, and development among the youths of South Africa.

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Up to now, Eskom has provided opportunities for about 2,350 jobless youths on its different learnership programs per year. The number of Eskom’s academic and skills development programs has given benefits to the disadvantaged communities.

To join the learnership, you have to follow the requirements. Eskom will accept you to follow the programs if you meet their requirements. One of the requirements is that you must be a citizen of South Africa. You also must own a standard 10 or Grade 12 certificate.

Another requirement you have to meet is that you have to possess N3 or NCV level 4 engineering subjects. This has to come along with English symbol e, mathematics symbol e, as well as science symbol E.

How to Apply for Jobs at Eskom

Eskom depends on their employees’ skills, dedication, and enthusiasm to be more developed. Eskom provides a workplace that reflects a challenging and dynamic environment. They offer outstanding opportunities and career prospects as well. Working at Eskom can help you excel in accomplishing your full capability.

If you think Eskom is the right place for you, you should try to apply for a job there. But first, you need to know how to apply jobs at Eskom. Most of job vacancies today are available online, so are Eskom vacancies. Here are the steps you need to do to apply at Eskom online.

First of all, you need to go and visit Eskom career site. In order to apply for any of the posted positions online, you can register an account or sign in if you are already a registered member. The process of registration should be quick and easy. You just need to fill out your personal details, email and password. Next, review the information and create an account.

After you have set up your profile, you are ready to apply. You may apply using the Personal History Profile (PHP) given. After that, you can start browse the jobs available in the vacancies. Later, you will be able to browse the job openings and search for them by title or department. Next, click on the job you want to know about more.

By doing so, it will show you the requirements, responsibilities and other important details. As soon as you have found the job you want, just click “continue to apply”. Lastly, all you need to do is follow the prompts.

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However, what if there is not any jobs that interests you in the vacancies right now. No worries, by setting up a profile you can easily login the next time you want to apply for a vacancy.

General Conclusion

Eskom, which is in charge of power supply in South Africa, is offering some job opportunities. They are looking for some potential skillful candidates to fill in some positions in the company. They are offering industry challenges and great workplace environment for enthusiastic employees. As the applicant, you have the chance to build successful career with the company.

This time they are opening job vacancies such as senior advisor loan management for Group Finance Division, project manager X3, and manager maintenance BOP for Generation Division. There are some more jobs available like site manager, senior advisor procurement, and senior advisor maintenance and commissioning. You can find more about the details of the job vacancies on the Eskom site.

How can you find out about the job vacancies? Browse and search for the job vacancies on the site. Before you apply for jobs at Eskom vacancies, make sure you have read all the details, terms and conditions of the vacancies. The most important thing is that your qualifications must meet their minimum requirements. It is because the requirements for each position may be different.

Moreover, you can apply for the jobs online. It is because the job vacancies are available on the Eskom site. It is much quicker and more easily procedure. However, you have to be careful in applying for the vacancies online. Shortly, you can just follow the steps carefully and thoroughly.

If you want to be part of government company, Eskom can be your best workplace to build successful career. They have challenges you have to conquer. They also have a friendly work environment so that you can work comfortably. In other words, you won’t find much pressure about working in Eskom because the working environment gives total support. Besides, you will have great teamwork too.

Be part of Eskom to achieve successful career and make an impact to society. Eskom invites you to ensure that sustainable development becomes a reality. If you want to be successful, you should never be afraid to take new challenges with Eskom.