Lancet Vacancies: A Complete Guide in Applying for A Job

If you are looking for a leading pathology in South Africa, you would find Lancet laboratory as one of them. It is actually a place in South Africa that provides the vital diagnosis and gives the best pathology services in the country. As this laboratory keeps expanding its branches in South Africa and abroad, there are some Lancet vacancies that you might try.

When you are really into medical or pathology, working in Lancet laboratory can be the best you have ever imagined. You will not only sharpen your skills in pathology but also you will gain more experiences in different environment. If you are curious about Lancet vacancies, the following information may deliver you what you really need to know.

Lancet vacancies
Some job vacancies offered by Lancet on standardmedia

About Lancet Laboratory

Lancet has been around for almost 60 years in the central business district in the centre of Johannesburg, South Africa. When you are searching for a private pathology laboratory, Lancet can be the reliable one. Up to now, there have been more than 90 experts in Pathology.

This laboratory has three different services, they are the pathology service, corporate service, and insurance services. The pathology service consists of other 8 services including analytical chemistry, chemistry, coagulation, virology, veterinary path, cytology, haematology, histology and microbiology.

In corporate service, you will figure out two other services such as corporate wellness and also occupational health. Furthermore, insurance service includes the financial intermediary. There are some ways to register as intermediary, too. By these reasons, Lancet is looking for some new employees to grow together with them.

Lancet Available Vacancies

This Lancet laboratory wants to serve more and get more satisfaction so they need to take on more employees to handle more tasks. This group company sees this as a chance to grow and develop together. They offer a wide range of job titles for those who want to learn more and sharpen their skills in real life.

Currently, there are 7 different Lancet vacancies that you can find out in further details. They are relief phlebotomist, (senior) medical technologist, registered nurse, laboratory assistant, courier, medical technician and some demolog administration clerks.

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A relief phlebotomist and registered nurse will later work in Trichardt Lab. He will be responsible for drawing blood, collecting specimens, observing patients’ physical condition, and keeping records of the specimen taken.

If you want to be either a senior medical or medical technologist, there are some main duties that you must do. First, you will be responsible for assisting laboratory technical activities, recording the test results, and also performing the diagnostic procedures.

The position of a medical technologist has some main jobs too. They are performing diagnostic testing, operating the laboratory equipment, attending some trainings, and reporting any kinds of incidents.

Moreover, the position of laboratory assistant will need you to receive specimens, validating information, and also carrying out laboratory procedures based on standards.

The job of demolog administration clerk are available for 7 positions to work in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Some duties need to be done by these demolog administrations. They are logging on the system based on standard procedure, filling documentations, and also logging all the demo log accounts.

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Requirements to Apply Vacancies

As it has been mentioned earlier, those vacancies can be the options for those who want to work in pathology field. Some requirements need to be fulfilled when you do want to work in Lancet laboratory.

A phlebotomist, registered nurse, medical technologist and senior technologist have the same standard requirements. They need to have at least grade 12 to prepare. The applicants should have a national diploma in Biomedical Technology. Besides, they need to have at least 3 years of relevant working experiences.

When you really want to work as laboratory assistant, they must have registration with HPCSA with other relevant certificates. The experience that the applicants must have passed should be at least one year. The applicants need to have basic knowledge about anatomy, medical terminology, physiology, and other laboratory information system.

Similarly, medical technician needs the applicants to have at least grade 12 and registration with HPCSA. Besides, they need to have 2 to 3 years of working experiences.

Moreover, there are some requirements that you need to have before applying as demolog administration clerks. The registration in relevant disciplines with HPCSA is important to prepare. If you have relevant certificates, you may attach in the application letter too. For the experiences, a year experience of working in relevant field is also needed. Besides, basic knowledge in medical pathology, policy procedures, and medical ethical guideline should have been understood well.

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In general, the applicants need to have registration with HPCSA, with standard years of experience needed as well as basic skills and knowledge. These have to be fulfilled in order to continue your application.

Pros and Cons of Working in Lancet Laboratory

Before applying to some Lancet vacancies, there must be a lot of questions that pop up in your mind. There are some pros and cons which can be used for further consideration in applying for a job. Based on some reviews made by the employees, they said that there are many good things about working in Lancet.

Lancet can be one of the most pleasurable companies to be chosen as the workplace. Being a part of the company will give you awesome and priceless experiences. You will deal with a lot of people you have never met before. You will learn how to work in a fast-pace environment. Besides, you have to adapt with different characteristics and problems very well.

Whenever the patients come, you will need to have and provide prompt help for them to reduce their problems. However, it isn’t only about the customer satisfaction but Lancet employees need to give accurate and quick laboratory result.

For long term vision, you will be able to learn and sharpen your skills related to pathology and medical services. Therefore, you will get a lot of experiences working in medical service and laboratory. It can be good foundation for them to be used for further jobs or experiences.

On the other hand, there are also the cons of working in Lancet. The employees feel that they have been working for years but they got no promotions. In fact, most people think that working for at least 3 years should have gotten promotions at work.

Some of the employees have been complaining for always getting the night shifts over and over again. It makes them feel pressure and stressful at work. They will feel unproductive at times and it becomes another obstacle for them to get rid of.

How to Apply Lancet Vacancies

In applying some job opportunities in Lancet, the applicants may choose two options. It could whether the applicants choose to apply for a job via fax or through email. However, most people prefer using email. Here are some ways on applying these vacancies easily.

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First of all, you need to visit the official website of Lancet and choose careers. There would be a lot of information related to overview of careers in Lancet. At the bottom of the page, you would find out another link that will leads you to a list of available jobs as well as their closing dates.

Let’s take an example to help you understand well. When you want to apply as a senior medical technologist, you can click the button of Vacancy Details at the right side of the screen. There would be some main duties and basic requirements needed that you have to fulfill.

At the bottom of the page, there are three options whether you want to apply, refer to a friend, or go back to previous page. When you choose Apply, you need to have an ID. Therefore, you can either login or register to continue.

You need to fill all the register details including title, initials, first name, nationality, email address, and choose password. Later, you will be able to apply for this job and get notified whenever your application has been processed.

General Conclusion

In brief, when you want to work in Lancet, you can find some job vacancies that may go well with your interest. They will show you what jobs that are available with the main duties and basic requirements.

If you have been sure that Lancet is your suitable place of work where you can sharpen your skill, you need to prepare yourself to be a good candidate. There are some vacancies in the field that are really into you.

As the applicants, you can choose whether you want to apply for the job through email, or fax, or just come to the office. Probably these options are available, yet, during this pandemic all of your applications might be processed by online. The key is that you need to have prepared all the documents needed and you ensured you have met all the requirements.

When you don’t mind working in all time and under pressure, working in Lancet can be your best foundation to sharpen skills. Besides, you will learn how to adapt to work in a fast-pace environment and deal with patients. It will be a good chance to develop yourself.