RAF Vacancies: A Chance to Work in Public Financial Claims

Road Accident Fund (RAF) is important for the people when they are looking for protection while riding or driving. They need insurer to cover all road users that is available in South Africa and one of them is RAF. As the presence or insurer is considerably essential, there are some RAF vacancies that open up job opportunities to earn money.

People who are interested to work in this field will find it challenging and exciting to choose it as their main job. They don’t always have to be in the office because they mostly spend their time outdoor to reconstruct the scene. If you want to know more about Road Accident Fund (RAF), the following information might help you figure out what you should know before applying for a job.

RAF vacancies
Job opportunity in RAF South Africa

What is Road Accident Fund?

RAF was established by the statute and the insurance premium is collected through levy from the fuel of motor vehicles. The presence of RAF is to provide the compulsory cover for the South African against any kinds of accidents or death happened.

This state insurance will give compensation to the people who are injured as the result of unexpected accident or motor vehicles. They will oversee and reenact the accident to see which party is at fault and which party is at loss.

RAF will see from both health and also economic perspective to decide what to do next and how much they need to compensate. However, when RAF considers that you are at fault, you will receive no compensation

As road transportation directly contributes to the economic growth, it is quite tragic that road accidents will hinder the economic growth in every country. Thus, the government of South Africa has decided to facilitate the country and people to make better way of lives.

Due to the skyrocketing tasks to finish, there are some RAF vacancies that people who live in South Africa can get a chance. When you have been interested to work in this field, this should be your great journey to begin.

RAF (Road Accident Fund) Vacancies

Since the government of South Africa wants to boost their economy, they open up many job vacancies to sort and handle all issues related to accidents. Most of these vacancies seek the full-time employees rather than part-timer. Here are some following vacancies which are available at the moment.

  • Manager Enterprise Capacity and Business
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Working in this role will mainly report about the infrastructure and the business continuity planning to the senior manager. Besides, they also have to ensure that the baseline has been developed according to the targets.

There are some qualifications to fulfill when you want to apply in this role in RAF. First, the applicants need to have Bachelor’s Degree at NQF level 7 in the field of Information Technology. They also need to have at least six to eight years in relevant field. It would be advantageous when you have ITIL Service Design certification and IT Service Continuity training.

  • Officer Determinations

This role needs you to provide claims and ensure that the fair settlements have been handed out. The main duties of officer determinations are reviewing documentations, providing income details, obtaining approvals, and drawing files. If you are interested with this role, you need Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field with 3 years experiences.

  • Solutions Architect

Being the subsidiary of senior manager, solution architect has some duties to fulfill. It includes developing component, managing the organizational portfolio, drawing up the risks or mitigation plan, and identifying risks.

In order to apply for this job, the applicants need to have at least Bachelor’s Degree in Information System. They need to provide with TOGAF certification and SOA certification. Moreover, they should have 6 to 8 years of experiences as a solutions architect.

Find more information here.

Applying RAF Vacancies

People say that applying a job is a piece of cake. They have to make a good Curriculum Vitae and attach some important documents. The fact is applying in RAF isn’t as easy as you think. Indeed, the CV is important because it consists of the whole details and experiences about you.

Apart from the copy of the ID and CV, there are some documents that need to follow too. It includes the copies of your certificates, your Bachelor’s Degree certificate, and also other documents needed. Furthermore, the applicants need to pass through the interview well.

People believe that interview holds the most important thing as it shows your whole characters, behavior, and also manners. The difficulty of the interview is medium. This 40-minute interview will have some basic questions for the applicants to answer.

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The question could be whether you could work under pressure, the reasons why you apply for certain position, and other statutes questions. Sometimes, the questions may include your past history working in relevant field and the failure or success you have experienced.

During the interview, the interviewers will see how you prepare for yourself including your attire and your answers. They will be able to see whether you have respect towards others or not.

When you have applied for a job in RAF, there are some steps that you will have started from the beginning to the final decision. There will be countless of people applying for the job, thus, the number should be shortlisted. The aim of the shortlist is to reduce the total applicants and find only the best ones.

After that, here comes the interview time and when you have passed they will validate your certificates. Then they need to check references and when you’re accepted you will get letter of appointment.

Pros and Cons of Working in RAF

Working in a company or in a public services will have the applicants for its pros and cons. These pros will make more people feel attracted to work here while the cons will make them reconsider taking another job. Lets start with the pros of working in RAF.

Road Accident Fund has nice environment and working ambiance. They have people who are great to work with and collaborate. RAF has good organizational management that is professional. Each division has clear jobs they need to fulfill and they have great time management. In brief, RAF has professional organization that people have been dreaming to work in this environment.

On the other hand, working in RAF can give you some hindrances too. When you have been working in RAF for years, you will feel stuck on it. You will have limited opportunities to have your career growth in few years. In other words, you will be having the same roles and positions in RAF.

Shortly, working in RAF can give you supportive and inspiring environment. You can work perfectly accompanied by great colleagues. However, when you really think of having great career, this isn’t the right place for getting the promotion you have been dreaming of.

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You will still have the same job and duties over and over again. Yet, you won’t feel and have any kinds of boredom in the office. It is because you are surrounded by the people with the same vision at work.

How to Find RAF Vacancies

When you really want to find some RAF vacancies, there are some ways that you can do. First, you need to check some available job vacancies that you may want to apply. Probably, those ideal jobs that you want aren’t always available every day. They could appear based on the needs of the RAF itself.

Second, you may find the advertisement given by RAF and get the notification right away. When RAF is in the urge of finding new employees in a wide range of position, you will get the notification that they are going to provide new positions available. Thus, you may consider applying when you need to earn money and probably luck stands with you.

General Conclusion

In conclusion, Road Accident Fund (RAF) was established by the statutes in South Africa to provide cover for the victims of the accidents. They will give compensation to the victims and the loss party from the accidents occurred. They will oversee and reconstruct the scene to find out who is at fault and who is at loss. For those who are at fault that caused the accident, they won’t get any kinds of compensation.

As RAF wants to keep improving the economic growth in South Africa, there are many job opportunities available. The applicants are able to choose the available job that meets their standard requirements and also salary. Sometimes the workplace is also important in considering the job because it is one of the factors someone wants to apply for a job.

Currently, there are three available jobs that the applicants can apply based on their personal interest. These jobs will have their closing date on 21 July 2020. If you have wanted to work in RAF South Africa, you need to prepare yourself to have the interview done in satisfaction and essential documents properly. These are the main things you need to have it done to get the decent job you like. The important note is that you need to prepare all the documents and be ready for the interview.