Improve Your Potential by Finding Vacancies in Johannesburg

Being the largest single metropolitan in South Africa, Johannesburg has contributed to the growth of South Africa’s economy. This city’s participation to the growth of national economy almost reaches 20%. As Johannesburg dominates 4 sectors in economy such as financial, retail, social service, and manufacturing, vacancies in Johannesburg have been something people really look after.

Working in this metropolitan in South Africa can be something that people have been dreaming of. As this city runs in the fast-pace environment, there are some biggest companies that people want to be parts of them. When you really want to boost your soft skills and knowledge, this could be good start for you to start your journey.

The following information contains of some vacancies in Johannesburg offered by these ten top companies. However, it’s also not easy to get the job and start working as they may set high standard.

vacancies in johannesburg
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All people seem to have known about the company named Microsoft. This technology industry can develop, manufacture, and sell computer software and other services to both individual and companies. It will be a suitable place for people who want to make changes in the world.

When you wish to work in Microsoft in Johannesburg, you will have good news. It is that Microsoft is looking for a technical specialist for a full-time position at the moment. This position will be responsible for leading the technical workshops, helping the technical decisions, and also explaining the detail products of Microsoft.

In order to get the job, having Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or Computer Science is a must. Besides, the applicants need to have at least 8 years of working experience. Some certifications are also beneficial for the company’s consideration.

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Standard Bank Group

The presence of Standard Bank Group has facilitated the South African to have their retail and commercial banking as well as investment. In Africa, there are more than 450 branches of Standard Bank Group to serve all the customers’ needs.

This finance company is currently looking for a software engineer. As they want to have innovation technically, they need to have software engineer to lead their finance solution. A software engineer will be responsible for defining the technical tasks, performing test, and interpreting all the business requirements.

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The preferred qualification of this role is Bachelor’s Degree of Communication Informatics and Computer Science. The applicants need to have quantitative skills in Computer Science, Information System, Engineering and Mathematics. Besides, they need to have 5 to 7 years in Information Technology.

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If you are a South African citizen, you must be familiar with an accounting industry, Deloitte. The company that has its headquarter in New York gives chances for those who want to participate in professional career.

When you want to work in Deloitte, you can apply for either finance operations consultant or finance technical consultant. The finance operation consultant will be responsible for providing the general finance and also budget. Besides, they need to conduct financial analysis for better evaluation.

Working as a finance technical consultant will require you to work with the customers to improve business processes. They need to participate during the team problem solving and they have to assist in proposal development.

The basic requirements between these two positions are having Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance and also a year of working experience. The applicants need to have proper knowledge of software for finance and also accounting.

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Everyone must have known about the popularity of BMW. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is a multinational company that produces luxurious cars and motorcycles. This company has been founded 102 years ago in Munich as a manufacturer.

For now, the position available in this company is as a general worker. In order to be an applicant, you need to have a Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce, Finance, and Industrial Engineering.

A general worker will be responsible for cleaning, preparing job site and equipment, using tools, and delivering materials. Besides, general worker needs to give help for those workers who need backups to finish tasks.

This full time position will need hard working employee with initiative, good time management, and good communication skills. If you are the one that fits all the requirements, you can have apply for this job!

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Bain & Company

If you are looking for some vacancies in Johannesburg, you should never miss the company named Bain & Company. This company is actually a management consulting firm in South Africa that becomes one of the leading out of those companies.

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The company whose headquarters are located in Lagos and Johannesburg has been serving not only local but also international clients. Currently, they are looking for an associate consultant. There are some duties of an associate consultant but mainly they will work on a case, identify information and interview clients.

For applying this job, you need to attach your resume or your CV including the educational background and work experiences. You should have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Law proven by certificates and other test scores needed.

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One of the vacancies in Johannesburg comes from Sage. This company runs its business in software solutions. The presence of Sage is to manage all of your business, accounting, employees, and their payrolls.

Working in Sage may give you opportunities to work in this global company especially in the field of accounting, enterprise management, financial and many more. Sage is opening up a regional capability leader to have these following duties. They are implementing learning initiatives, developing business, and also maintain the alignment with the global learning programs.

For getting the job, the applicants need to have 6 years of working in development business. They need to have excellent communication skills and other skills such as SDF, B-BBEE experience and ICT experience. Besides, having Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource is a must.

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Dell Technologies

Who doesn’t know what Dell is? Dell is a public company that works in the industry of IT services. This company that has more than $10 billion annually pays attention on how to lead the industry in relevant field in the future.

They have committed to support diversity and sustainable communities for better world. Since this company might have more and more competitors, they open up a new vacancy as legal counsel to fill the full time position. The duties of legal counsel are identifying risks, drafting legal documents, and working independently.

Before applying for this position, you need to know some requirements to fulfill to get the job. They are the Master’s Degree of Law with professional legal qualification under the jurisdiction. Besides, the applicants should have 7 years of working experience and communication skills, interpersonal skills and also time management.

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Boston Consulting Group

As a part of South Africa business consulting companies, Boston Consulting Group has been established in 1963. This company is the competitor of Bain & Company as both of them want to tackle each other to win over another.

This company is looking for a patient service manager who will be responsible for responding the clients, giving service they need and also manage their schedule. In order to be a patient service manager, you should have a degree in registered nurse with 5 years working experience. Moreover, they need to have understanding of healthcare industry and basic financial principles.

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Cisco Systems

For those who aren’t familiar with Cisco System, it’s practically a private company that runs the business in computer hardware and software. The vision of this company is to bring the customers’ satisfaction based on their needs in digital area.

The available position in Cisco Systems is territory business manager. This role will mainly oversee the daily operations, develop sales, and meet sales standards. Besides, when they are facing new and different challenge, he needs to find direct strategies to come up with.

Applying this job requires the applicants to have Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or Marketing. It would be preferable when you have some experiences in relevant field.

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McKinsey & Company

Another consulting company that offers vacancies in Johannesburg is McKinsey & Company. The company which was established in 1926 is currently looking for a business analyst.

The main duties of business analyst are analyzing information, investing in professional development, and also gaining skills to strengthen the company. There are some requirements that you need to fulfill when you want to apply as this position.

First, you need to have Master’s Degree of Law with outstanding academic achievement. They need to have ability of problem-solving skills. The applicants need to be willing to travel when they are needed.

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In brief, these vacancies in Johannesburg have taken part in this evolving world for a better economy. Most of these vacancies come from consulting and software companies. Thus, when you put some interest in it, you will be able to start your journey and experience the real works. It is never too late for those who want to learn for gaining experience and skills to have better future.