Student Room Internships: MultiChoice Talent Factory Bursary

MultiChoice Talent Factory bursary is a part of available position in Student Room internships program that is created and designed to help students who want to continue their study but dealing with financial hardship. Through the bursary program, it is expected that the students will get they help they need while reaching for their dream.

About the Program

MultiChoice Talent Factory is basically a shared platform in South African entertainment industry where everyone can join. Those who have the passion in the entertainment industry can share their ideas, values, and projects within this platform. That’s why the MTF has its own academy, career portal, and also workshops and classes.

This year, the MTF invites interested participants to apply for their bursary program. The idea is to help financially-struggling students (who are taking TV related subjects or film) to achieve their dreams and to continue their study to a higher level. Through this financial support program, it is expected that students can cope with their study as well as the financial matters. The bursary applies for a year (12 months) period for the successful candidates.

The Requirements

Not everyone would be considered eligible for this MultiChoice Talent Factory bursary program. The most qualified candidates are:

  • They must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must be at least 18 years old
  • They are within the second year (or even higher) degree or diploma level in TV or film, or other related qualifications
  • They must achieve a minimum of C+ aggregate within the previous academic year
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Further considerations and requirements would include these elements:

  • Be advised that candidates must make sure that the documents are complete – missing one element will lead to their application being rejected
  • They must make sure that the information is true and valid
  • The application form should be completed in black ink. Signatures should be checked too.
  • All the information provided by candidates will be subject to criminal, credit, and verification check
  • There would be no employment offer by the end of the students’ study
  • The bursary is for a year of study. Candidates are expected to have an annual application when the bursary is advertised

How to Apply

All candidates should be aware that the processing and applications stage in Student Room internships program will take place online. They can download the application form here and then submit it with the supporting documents.

The supporting documents include:

  • A comprehensive and updated CV that isn’t more than 2 pages
  • A proof of the guardian or parents’ income
  • A proof of registration
  • A certified copy of tertiary qualification certificate or academic transcripts
  • A certified copy of ID document
  • A personal motivation letter containing the reasons why they should be chosen – not more than 500 words

The certified documents must be new – not older than 3 months

Once the form and the supporting documents are complete, they can be sent to [email protected] before January the 31st 2020. Be sure to complete the requirements for MultiChoice Talent Factory Student Room internships program to qualify.