Spesres Learnership: 12 Months New Venture Creation Course

During the pandemic, everything seems to be harder and everyone must struggle when they want to keep their economic stable. One of the ways that people can do is improving their skills. Specialised Resource Management has decided to open their Spesres leanership to equip all the South African youth in gaining skills such as Marketing, Financial Planning, Human Resource, Business Management, Customer Service, Contracts and Tenders, and many more.

All the learners will sharpen their skills so that they will be more ready when it comes to find a job in competitive formal market. If you think that you still lack a lot of social skills and other skills, Spesres will provide professional guidance and assistance during the full-time 12 months of the learnership.

Since you can do it online, there is no other reason to put off learning for new things which will be beneficial for your future. For further information, you can read this following detail and requirement.

Spesres Learnership
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Programme Description

Job Title: Spesres Learnership

Recruiter: Spesres (Specialised Resource Management)

Location: West Avenue, Centurion

Type of work: Full-time 12 months

Services of Spesres

Before the learners decide to apply for the learnership, they must comprehend what services they will receive.

  • Spesres will empower the unemployed and mediocre youths to have the same opportunity with those who have more experiences than them. Therefore, the youths will be ready for any job opportunity in order to exceed their potential and have great career.
  • Another benefit of Spesres is the Youth Employment Service (YES). This service has been established by the president in order to give those who have no experience to befit with the job opportunity. In fact, this Youth Employment Service is available only for Black People.
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Spesres has committed to bring structural approaches for those who are not well-prepared in dealing with the formal employment market.


To qualify for applying for the learnership, there are some essential requirements to fulfill as follows.

  • The applicants must have the minimum of Grade 10
  • Having the citizenship of South African is compulsory
  • The applicants must be currently unemployed
  • All applicants must have the minimum age of 18 to 28
  • For those who wish to apply cannot currently claim UIF


Furthermore, if you wish to participate in the learnership, you can join the course by using the data free online platform. First, you have to access the platform by setting up the username and your own password.

After that, you might need to fill all the information and attach documents related to Spesres learnership. It might include the CV, education records, and identity documents. The company will give no tolerance for those who do not access the platform and enroll there.


If you have any questions or queries related to Spesres learnership and all the facilities, you can send email to [email protected]. However, you can also visit the office at Block 10, Lords Office Estates, West Avenue, Centurion.

Closing Date

The closing date for Spesres learnership has not been stipulated yet. As a suggestion, you should submit your applications right away.