CSIR and Mandela Mining Precinct Internship Programme

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has declared their collaboration with Mandela Mining Precinct. As they want to work towards the revitalization of the research and development of mining, they are offering the internship programme in a few fields of position. Furthermore, this CSIR internship programme is aimed to give more opportunities for the researchers to work together in related subjects.

CSIR internship
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Programme Description

Job Title: CSIR internship programme

Position: Mining Engineering, Social Sciences for Mining, ICT, and Geology and Geophysics

Recruiter: The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Type of work: Full-time


Mining Engineering

  • Doing the literature review of the previous research in the area of mining engineering
  • Identifying the mining engineering technologies in mine sites
  • Reporting on results and processes
  • Performing general administrative tasks when necessary
  • Engaging with OEMs on technologies related to mines
  • Attending and presenting the results when necessary

Social Sciences for Mining

  • Undertaking the literature review about the impacts of Technology and People for both local and international underground mining environment
  • Doing the data gathering and motion studies on the identified mine sites
  • Reporting writing on results and processes
  • Presenting the research work
  • Maintaining a development (HCD) plan
  • Performing general administrative tasks
  • Conducting research work related to people and technologies


  • Participating in the literature review of previous research about Real Time Information Management System (RTIMS)
  • Engaging with the manufacturers and suppliers of RTIMS technologies
  • Reporting, attending, and presenting the results
  • Performing general administrative tasks
  • Undertaking the time and motion studies on the identified RTIMS technologies and techniques
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Geology and Geophysics

  • Doing the literature review of previous research which had been locally and internationally done on geophysics and geology applications
  • Undertaking time on geophysics techniques and also technologies at a wide range of mine sites
  • Reporting on processes and results
  • Engaging with the suppliers and manufacturers of geophysics and geological technologies
  • Performing general administrative tasks
  • Attending and presenting results when necessary


Moreover, these are the general requirements for each position in the CSIR internship programme as follows.

  • Having the minimum of Bachelor’s Degree of Mining Engineering, Computer Science, Geology or Geophysics, or Honours Degree in Social Sciences
  • Having the Master’s degree will be an advantage
  • The applicants must have their own driver’s license
  • Having the proficiency in Microsoft suites of programme is a must
  • The applicants must have outstanding numerical skills and attention to details
  • For mining engineering, having post graduate qualification will be much preferable
  • Medical fitness certificate will be essential for mining engineering and geology and geophysics


To apply, all applicants can visit this link. However, you might need to register yourself before being able to apply for the CSIR internship.

In addition, CSIR has the full right to remove the ads at any unpredicted time even before the closing date. Unless the suitable candidate is available, the company has the full right for not appointing anyone.


If you still have a lot to ask about the CSIR internship, you can contact the CSIR Recruitment Centre on 012 841 4774. Alternatively, sending them email related to your queries is acceptable at [email protected].

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Closing Date

Kindly note that all the applications will not be accepted after 3 March 2021. Therefore, the application received after the due date will get disqualification.