Social Development Learnership Program for Grade 12

The Department of Social Development is often offering priceless and valuable opportunities to the perfect and suitable candidates to take part in the program of Social Development learnership. The candidates must pass Grade 12 requirements so they can fit the potential placement within the program. Of course, there are other requirements and processing stages. However, the idea is to provide a way for dedicated individuals with the intentions of helping others so they can move on and gain better path (or future).

About the Program

As it was mentioned before, the Social Development learnership program is about improving one skill and ability to help others. Beside given the necessary and crucial knowledge, they are also given the direct chances to implement the theory. In an overall sense, they don’t only gain the benefits of theory but also practice.

Not many people realize that there are many career options in this Social Development working line.  The most popular and common career picks are Counselor, Child Development, Office Administration, Media Relations, Social Worker, Family Planning, and Child Care.

If you take a look at each field, you will see the chances for social development roles that are revolving around helping families, the elderly, kids, and healing communities. Many of these programs and opportunities require the participants to travel, work in rural areas, and so much more. Those who aren’t comfortable with working in the rural areas shouldn’t bother applying for the program.

The program wants to improve the equity of the department’s employment, so they provide preference to these cases (although not limited to the cases):

  • Child headed families
  • Orphans youth that is related or connected to military veterans
  • Youth (disregard the gender and race groups), inclusive of people with disabilities foster kids

The program lasts for 12 months. Placements are determined across the department. Successful candidates are expected to follow suit of those placement options.

The Requirements

All programs have their own standard of measurement and this Social Development learnership program isn’t different. The general requirements for the program are:

  • Certified copies of the ID
  • A legal (and still valid) proof of residence
  • A certified copy for Grade 12 certificate
  • A certificate and detailed CV
  • An income proof related to the person supporting the applicant – along with their ID
  • A court order if the applicant has a background of being a foster child, orphans, or child headed families –with the background report from a Social Worker
  • A proof of relation and connection to military veterans. It can be an affidavit or letter or card by veteran

How to Apply

The application form is Z83. You can get it from Social Development’s Regional institutions and offices. Be advised that applications that are emailed or faxed won’t be considered. The same also applies to incomplete applications.

The closing date generally takes place in September, but there is always a possibility that there is a random opening and closing of the application.  You need to regularly check the official site at this link to learn more about the Social Development learnership program.

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