Senior Handyman Vacancy At Department of Environmental Affairs

Applications are now invited for the Senior Handyman vacancy at Department of Environmental Affairs. Anyone with a Junior certificate and basic knowledge of occupational and procurement safety procedure can apply. If this job opportunity interests you, apply today!


Department of Environmental Affairs
Department of Environmental Affairs

Interested candidates are required to include the reference number of this post within the application form, OC36/2016. The Senior Handyman position will have the successful applicant to perform duties with line of work revolving around Oil Spills. The future incumbent will receive salary that amounts to R 136 800 per year. This vacant position is available in Cape Town. Candidates are required to be in possession of at least a Junior certificate or Grade 10 qualification which will serve as the minimum educational requirement. Furthermore, it is also necessary that applicants possess sufficient or at least basic knowledge of procurement and occupational safety procedure. Other skills and competencies required for the Senior Handyman vacancy at Department of Environmental Affairs are as follows:

  • Understanding of and insight to safe movement of equipment or furniture
  • Insight of minor repairs
  • Insight to stack or arrange furniture accordingly in the B3 store
  • Ability to perform well anytime, even when under pressure
  • Ability to read maps
  • Ability to work with difficult clients and to resolve conflict
  • Sense of loyalty and responsibility
  • Ability to take initiative

Additionally, it would definitely serve as an added advantage should you have experience in operating of oil spill response equipment.

Once you are qualified for the position, you will be involved in, but not limited to the following key performance areas:

  • Maintaining and developing capacity to respond to oil spill
  • Perform maintenance of equipment according to fixed schedule
  • Assist in the management of pollution store
  • Help the purchasing and with taking delivery of materials
  • Evaluate new specifications of oil spill response equipment, techniques, products, etc.
  • Maintain directory of chemical and oil spill resources and database of oil spill

How and When to Apply

Please include these documents within your application:

  • Z83 application form
  • Original certified copy of ID document, educational and any relevant certificates/qualifications
  • An ample resume
  • A SAQA evaluation report of foreign qualifications (if you have any)

Submit via post to: Director-General, Department of Environmental Affairs, Private Bag X4390, Cape Town, 8000

Alternatively, you may also hand deliver it to: 14 Loop Street, Cape Town.

Note that, the submission of the above materials is necessary and if there is any missing item, it will lead to your application being disqualified.

For attention: Human Resource Management Any form of correspondence regard