SASSA Food Parcel: Is it a Real or Scam?

During the pandemic, everyone has been struggling and surviving a lot to continue their life and fulfill their needs. They are willing to do everything in order to find food and other daily needs. In fact, last week in the area of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, there were a lot of households which were looted. Besides, some infrastructures were also vandalized during the unrest in the province.

It worsened the condition after the pandemic hit mostly all countries in the world. This heartbreaking state then inspires SASSA (The South African Social Security Agency) to provide food parcels and also food vouchers which are worth R700 for those families who feel dissatisfied with the unrest.

The president Cyril Ramaphose has announced that it is true that SASSA will provide food parcels and food vouchers which are redeemable at the selected service providers. By doing so, they hope the affected families will be at ease and able to continue their lives properly.

The existence of SASSA food parcel and food vouchers really help those needy and vulnerable families who have no means of income. The only thing they could do is only relying on government interventions.

SASSA Food Parcel
SASSA Food Parcel on Daily Maverick

False Rumour About Food Parcels

However, it seems that when people want to do good deeds, some people still find some crevices to bring them down. Rumor has it that all people can apply for the social relief distress electronically through WhatsApp and call. As a matter of fact, for all affected people who wish to apply for SASSA food parcels and food vouchers, they have to visit the SASSA office.

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In addition, similar to any kinds of application, there are some requirements that all people need to consider. First of all, they need to fill an application form and the supporting documentary evidence which proves that you are affected. Second, people who have already been grant recipients will not qualify for the social relief of distress. Therefore, people who have filled the application form and have brought the supporting documentary evidence will get both SASSA food parcels and also food vouchers.

To emphasize, SASSA warned the grant beneficiaries not to provide any kinds of personal information to unknown websites that claimed to be providing good parcel vouchers.

On the other hand, there used to be suspended Cash in Transit (CIT) services which will be resumed from 19 July 2021 at SASSA cash paypoints except in KwaZulu-Natal. This was also caused by the unrest that all people will have their CIT services suspended.

In fact, do not be worried if you are the one who should get all those aforementioned benefits. As the provincial government has been able to take everything under control, the affected beneficiaries will get their payment dates on schedule especially those in rural areas.


As a conclusion, SASSA is going to help the families because of the unrested and vandalism happened last week. Although this put families had to go through bad state and high level of pressure, SASSA has committed to provide SASSA food parcels and food vouchers. However, these can be claimed after coming to the office and showing the supporting evidence.

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