Sandvik Apprenticeship and the Included Responsibilities

If you want to get a professional training program that will enrich your experience and improve your skills in a short period of time, then Sandvik apprenticeship program may be the best option for you. Through the program, you can get the professional experience while being exposed to the working setting and environment. The candidates are expected to improve their skills and qualifications once they have completed the program.

About the Program

Sandvik apprenticeship program is created and designed to help interns or learners in Springs, South Africa. Although it is not guaranteed, but potential candidates with flying colors may be offered a permanent position in the company. After the completion of the program, the candidates would get the qualification that can prove their qualification and skills.

The main responsibility and task of the candidates are:

  • The candidates will have to observe the condition and setting of the relevant employment award or agreement
  • They will behave in a professional and courteous manner
  • They will attend the work and perform the job as directed by you
  • They will obey all the instructions and lawful regulations
  • They will do the work as best as they can to achieve the best competencies
  • They will keep the training record and they are able to produce this when needed
  • They will undertake and join the training session and also the assessment stage as required
  • They won’t damage, waste, or injure the business, goods, or property of the employer
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The Requirements

There are several general requirements that all Sandvik apprenticeship candidates must meet. After all, all apprenticeship programs have their own standard of measurement and requirements. The basic requirements are:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa – it must be proven by a legal ID document
  • They must be between 18 and 30 years of age
  • They must have clear criminal records and not be involved in any criminal acts
  • They must complete Grade 12 or Matric
  • They must have Grade 12 certificate
  • They can show any relevant certificates or diploma if they have ever taken one. They need to show the certificates or documents
  • They are unemployed
  • They have Matric with Science and Maths or the equivalent qualification
  • They have the passion and the interest in the field
  • They want to work hard and they are committed to complete the program as best as possible
  • They will be prioritized if they come from disadvantaged family or community

How to Apply

The application will take place online. Interested candidates need to visit the link so they can complete the application form as well as providing the supporting documents. The general supporting documents may include:

  • A CV
  • A certified copy of ID document
  • A certified copy of Grade 12 certificate
  • Certified copies of qualifications
  • Be advised that further documents may be required later so if you can prepare those documents well, then you may have a better chance

Interested candidates should check the official website regularly for the availability of the Sandvik apprenticeship program as well as the opening (and also closing) date.

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