Noni Gasa Bursary Application Form for The Fashion Enthusiasts Students

If you are into fashion but your path to a higher education degree is obstructed by financial hardship, then Noni Gasa bursary may be the best answer. With this financial support program, you can reach your dream of getting the best and also the highest education level that can improve your lifestyle and welfare, especially for the future reference.

About the Program

With Noni Gasa bursary, you won’t only get the best education but you can be sure that your education is paid completely. The program is sponsored by Elna and Deckle Edge, Rain, and Woolsworths and they make sure that the candidates’ living expenses would be thoroughly covered. Students with a deep passion in the fashion design will be greatly helped with this program.

The sponsorship will reach the value of R470 000. The sponsorship covers these elements:

  • The tuition fees from Design Academy of Fashion for 3 years that is worth R276 000
  • The fee for rent and transportation that is worth R5 000 a month
  • The coverage from Woolsworth Foods that is worth R1 000 a month
  • The coverage for Art kits from Deckle Edge
  • The coverage for Mifi device and unlimited data from Rain
  • The sewing kit and appliance from Cape Town Sewing Center
  • Elna sewing machine 240EX and 664 overclock machine

The Requirements

There are some general requirements for this Noni Gasa bursary program. The requirements are:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa within the age range limitation set up by the admission board
  • They must have the skills and the abilities to take part in the program as well as completing the program
  • They must have the passion and interest in the field to complete the program and do their best
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How to Apply

Interested candidates must send their application form along with portfolio submission. Their portfolio should consist of 3 parts, including a written essay, a design portfolio, and also the application form that has been completed.

Candidates need to follow these steps:

  • Download the application form. Or they can also complete the online form (provided that they do the application online)
  • Write a specific essay. Write 300 to 400 words of essay consisting their fashion experience and understanding. The essay will reflect their writing style and their character. Don’t forget to include the future goals, passions, and background.
  • Provide a portfolio (or artwork). They need to submit the mood board and fashion illustrations. From those elements, their design aesthetic, creativity, and originality would be valued. It is important to show that they are able to follow directions clearly.

The completed application form (along with the portfolio, artwork, and essay should be sent to the email. Be ready if the candidates are expected to provide or send more supporting documents for the program.

The candidates are expected to check the official website regularly since they don’t always announce the opening of the program. They don’t include the exact opening and closing date until a program is available. If you want to know more about Noni Gasa bursary, you can check the official website.