Apprenticeship Meaning: Knowing The Details of the Program

Not everyone understands what apprenticeship meaning is. You may see that there are many different terms of internship, apprenticeship, or learnership and you think that they are all the same. But they are actually very different and you need to understand the specific of each other if you want to avoid mistakes. So, what is an apprenticeship program?

About Apprenticeship

Basically, an apprenticeship is a training period that is set for a specific time limit, such as 10 months, a year (12 months), or even 24 months. In general, the training period lasts from one year to 4 years. During the program, the candidates would be paid, but money isn’t the only focus of the training. You can learn a set of skills or a particular skill – depending on the program.

The apprenticeship program can be taken in different subjects and industries, such as education, art, retail, law, and even agriculture. The program depends on the offered subjects. In some cases, the company (or the provider) would offer various different tasks that may take place within a sector or an industry. For instance, a printing company is offering an apprenticeship program where candidates will learn EVERYTHING in the business. They are expected to master different kinds of skills and abilities by the time they complete the program.

However, in other cases, the company may offer only a specific task for candidates with related background or skills. For instance, a company may offer a marketing apprenticeship program for students taking economics or finance. Or a company may offer an engineering program for those taking engineering, IT, or such related subjects. For the specific position or role, the company may require the candidates to have a specific field of education. Candidates with National Diploma or Degree may be preferred.

Apprenticeship vs Learnership

In apprenticeship program,you get a direct working experience. You are exposed to the working situation. In learnership program,  however, you get theoretical knowledge first followed bypractical session. As you can see, they are completely different.

Screening out

In general, the process of screening is similar to any kind of application. Candidates need to send their application letter for the specific position. The admission board will review and screen the process, and check whether the candidates meet the requirements. Yes, there will be several requirements that candidates need to meet. Once they are offered the program, it can start right away. During the program, the candidates may not get a lot of money, but they gain new experience, skills, and knowledge as the exchange. That’s the real apprenticeship meaning and real implementation.

Starting out

It is important to remember that you need to follow the provided guidance and instruction when applying. Some companies may only serve online application while others may accept application from fax, postal service, or even hand delivery. Don’t forget to follow the instruction about supporting documents to the letter. Be as detailed as possible to avoid mistake and error – and the possibility that your application may be rejected. Any small error can lead to your application being ignored and rejected. Now that you understand apprenticeship meaning is, you can decide which program is best for you.