Rand Water Artisan Workshop Assistant Program for Potential Candidates

Rand Water Artisan Workshop Assistant program is created and offered to the unemployed youth or graduates to take part in the program. Those who are confident about their qualifications and skills are welcomed to apply, especially since the program is meant to improve their own experience and expertise. The program provides the valuable opportunity to candidates so they can improve their professional skills during the program. Of course, there are certain minimum requirements as well as the extra ones for those to take the program.

About the Program

If you are looking for the opportunity to work in one of the most leading companies in South Africa, then taking part in Rand Water Artisan Workshop Assistant program can be your best option. It is a South African company that is focusing on professional ethic and working ethics because they believe that professional workers are the key to future economic development. They create this program as their way to contribute to the country’s development.

As the members of the programs, the candidates would be responsible for some major tasks. The major responsibilities of the jobs are:

  • To assist and report to the Instrument Main Foreman
  • To help all the technicians and artisans in the needed section to maintain, repair, and service the instrumentation equipment

The Requirements

There are some basic and general requirements that candidates need to meet for their participation in the Rand Water Artisan Workshop Assistant program. The requirements are:

  • The candidates should be the citizens of South Africa proven by the valid ID
  • They must have completed (Matric) Grade 12 successfully and have the certificate to prove it
  • They must have completed N2 qualification in Instrumentation
  • They must have 3 years experience as Artisan Assistant within the instrumentation environment
  • They must have a valid and legal driver license Code B as well as the ability pass the K53 test

The general responsibilities are:

  • They must provide assistance for the artisan in maintaining and servicing the analytical instruments
  • They must provide assistance to maintain, service, repair, and install instruments throughout the working site
  • To conduct and perform vibration calibration and tests of level pressure gauges and transmitters
  • To check, inspect, and monitor plant machinery and equipment
  • To help in instrumentation sections to maintain stocks level
  • To perform and do general duties for housekeeping

The extra requirements in skills and knowledge are:

  • The ability to work without constant supervision
  • The ability to have good customer service
  • The attention to detail
  • The ability to complete and finish the tasks
  • The ability to plan and organize skills
  • The attention to safety procedures and regulations
  • The ability to communicate well and professionally

How to Apply

Application process is done online which makes it fast and efficient. Candidates are free to apply with their LinkedIn account or through the company’s official site. Prepare the general supporting documents, like a certified copy of ID document, a certified copy of Matric certificate, a CV, and certified copies of qualifications. It is also possible that they may be required to prepare a motivational letter or photos for this Rand Water Artisan Workshop Assistant program.

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