Rand Water Artisan Assistant Internship Program for the Professionals

If you have the skills and you are able to meet the minimum requirements for the program, then you should apply for Rand Water Artisan Assistant program. This internship program will give you the chance to prove your special and professional skills while improving them at the same time. There are some basic requirements that you need to meet and you can take part in the program.

About the Program

Rand Water is one of South African companies who is committed to their surroundings as well as their professional operation. As a part of their efforts to give back to the community, they have created some internship programs to help the unemployed youth to gain the professional experience they have needed.

One of the programs is to offer Rand Water Artisan Assistant internship program. The candidates would fill in the position of workshop assistant to assist the main Artisans. The major responsibilities and tasks of the job are:

  • To help the artisans perform their job
  • To cover the general building or civil maintenance tasks on the day-to-day basis
  • To help with the maintenance work of the residential properties, buildings, and the plants
  • To perform the job under the Artisan main observation and monitoring system

The Requirements

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must have completed Grade 12 successfully
  • They must have the certificate
  • They must have a valid and legal driver’s license code B
  • If the candidates have a working experience in 2 to 3 years in painting service, it would be considered a plus
  • They should be able to do any minor painting job
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The general responsibilities are:

  • They should be able to perform strenuous and hard physical work, including working in confined spaces, on heights, under pressure, or in awkward position
  • They should be able to erect scaffolding when and as required
  • They are able to handle loading, collection, off-loading, and delivery of materials from and to working place or site
  • They will be responsible for general maintenance work, especially in glazing or painting job to plants and also civil or building trades
  • They should be able to carry out tasks that are given by the supervisor
  • They will learn more about asset control, minor administrative tasks, store duty, and safety awareness
  • They will be responsible for cleaning the sites, stores, workshops, equipment, and tools where the work has been performed

The extra requirements in terms of knowledge and skills

  • Candidates who have the knowledge of building or civil maintenance would be a plus
  • They know about safety procedures
  • They know and be familiar about glazing and painting
  • They are able to perform minor repairs
  • They have good team work ethics – able to work in a team or alone
  • They are punctual and discipline
  • They have good communication skills

How to Apply

The candidates can always send their application online – whether applying directly on the official website or applying through LinkedIn. Be sure to prepare the supporting documents as required by the company. Also make sure to pay attention to the details, such as the opening or closing date, or such thing alike. Visit the official site at to learn more about Rand Water Artisan Assistant internship program.