Pendula Group Learnership for Both Employed and Unemployed

Pendula Group is a collaboration of some companies that concerns in training, personal development and other related fields in human resources. They are a leading company in the industry of human resource development. Beside South Africa, Pendula Group also offers services in neighbour countries such as Namibia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Swaziland, Ghana, Madagascar, Kenya, Uganda, DR Congo,  Zimbabwe, and Malawi. They also in partnership with international companies in England, Ireland, Sweden and Dubai.

pendula group learnership
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Pendula Group Learnership

Pendula Group is currently offering four schemes of learnership: Further Education and Training (FET) Certificate, General Education and Training Certificate, National Certificate and National Diploma.

Here are the list of available learnership programmes:

Further Education and Training (FET) Certificate

  1. Business Administration Services (Level 4 SSETA);
  2. Generic Management (Level 4 SSETA);
  3. Marketing (Level 4 SSETA);
  4. Real Estate (Level 4 SSETA);
  5. New Venture Creation (Level 4 SSETA);
  6. Payroll Administration Services (Level 4 SSETA);
  7. Project Management (Level 4 SSETA);
  8. Small Business Advising (Information Support) (Level 4 SSETA);
  9. Contact Centre Operations (Level 4 SSETA); and
  10. Wholesale and Retail Generic Management (Level 4 W&RSETA).

General Education and Training Certificate

  1. Hygiene and Cleaning (Level 1 SSETA);
  2. Domestic Cleaning (Level 1 SSETA); and
  3. Business Practice (Level 1 SSETA).

National Certificate

  1. Funeral Service Practice (Level 3 SSETA);
  2. Labour Relations Service (Level 5 SSETA);
  3. New Venture Creation (SMME) (Level 2 SSETA);
  4. Generic Management (Level 5 SSETA);
  5. Labour Relations Service (Level 5 SSETA);
  6. Real Estate (Level 5 SSETA);
  7. Hygiene and Cleaning Supervision (Level 3 SSETA);
  8. Contact Centre Support (Level 2 SSETA);
  9. Contact Centre and Business Process Outsourcing Support (Level 3 SSETA);
  10. Advertising (Level 5 MICT SETA);
  11. Information Technology: End User Computing (Level 3 MICT SETA);
  12. Wholesale and Retail Distribution (Level 2 W&RSETA);
  13. Wholesale and Retail Operations: Stock Control in Retail/Wholesale (Level 3 W&RSETA);
  14. Wholesale and Retail Operations: Forecourt  Supervision (NQF 3 W&RSETA);
  15. Wholesale and Retail Operations (NQF 2 W&RSETA);
  16. Wholesale and Retail Chainstore Operations (NQF 2 W&RSETA);
  17. Wholesale and Retail MSE Operations (NQF 2 W&RSETA);
  18. Wholesale and Retail Merchandising Operations (NQF 2 W&RSETA);
  19. Wholesale and Retail Help Desk Operations (NQF 2 W&RSETA); and
  20. Generic Management Wholesale and Retail Management (NQF 5 W&RSETA).
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National Diploma

  1. Labour Relations Practice: Dispute Resolutions (Level 5 SSETA);
  2. Payroll Administration Services (Level 5 SSETA); and
  3. Occupational Certificate: Visual Merchandising (Level 3 W&RSETA).

Eligibility and Requirements

Pendula Group Learnership is eligible for:

  • South African citizens;
  • Both employed and unemployed;
  • Both able and disable persons.

There are no specific details about the requirements.

Closing Date

No clear closing date for Pendula Group Learnership 2020.

Learnership Application

In the official website, there are no descriptions or clues about how to apply and application process for this learnership programme. But, if you’re really interested to apply Pendula Group Learnership you can contact one of these available contacts near of your domicile.

  • Johannesburg: 0861 436 436
  • Kwazulu-Natal (KZN): 031 309 4627
  • Cape Town: 021 201 6996.