Online Communication Intern to Manage Digital Contents

MSF or Doctors Without Borders is inviting competent and qualified candidates to join them in the program of Online Communication Intern. The idea is to encourage promising individuals with Digital Team qualifications and background to join the board as well as experiencing improvements in skills, qualifications, and abilities.

About the Program

Doctors Without Borders is basically an international and independent medical humanitarian organization that delivers medical care and treatment to people affected by man-made or natural disasters, epidemics, health care exclusion, and armed conflicts in 60 countries.

The Online Communication Intern would be working from MSF SA office in Johannesburg and reporting to Online Communication Manager. The internship program would last for 12 months (one year) from March 2020 to April 2021. As an organization, MSF SA has its own responsibilities:

  • To provide medical, technical, and strategic training and support to MSF projects, focusing especially on TB and HIV/AIDS
  • To advocate specific health issues
  • To recruit support and medical staff to work in MSF projects internationally
  • To raise funds to maintain and continue the organization’s medical humanitarian work
  • To collaborate with academic institutions and organizations, health activist, and humanitarian as well as building a solid channel of communication with the public
  • To maintain and update the contents of MSF’s official website at

The organization has its own Digital Team and they have a purpose to execute, actively manage, and plan digital campaigns, online content, fundraising initiatives, and social media. The task of this team is to decide what kinds of message they want to share and when or where to share it. They are always seeking a way to connect to the audiences (online) and to inspire them. They monitor their activities and vary them. The idea is to raise awareness about the existence of MSF and the activities.

The internship will last for 12 months with estimation of total working hours around 40 hours a week (which is five active days a week). Resources will be provided or made available, covering stationery, working space, internet, computer, and others. The intern will receive hourly wage as they are contracted as the intern.

The Requirements

  • They must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They have studied in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, or other related fields
  • They have strong interest and passion in humanitarian matter and issues
  • They are proficient in English, both in oral and written forms
  • They have the desire to work on projects collaboratively as well as sharing knowledge with the others
  • They are experienced in balancing long and short-term responsibilities
  • They are able to work in a high-pressure environment, including breaking-news situations
  • They should be able to work fast when needed
  • They have good working experience and knowledge of social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • They are creative with flexible working approach, as well as good team player attitude
  • They are experienced in managing social media interest and accounts in developing marketing tactics and online communication

How to Apply

It’s not difficult to apply for the position. Candidates only need to send their application, complete with letter of motivation and a CV. Be advised that missing a motivation letter will lead to their application being disregarded and objected. The job will start on March the 1st 2020. The deadline is on January the 28th 2020. Further info about the Online Communication Intern program can be found at this link.

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