Assistant Manager for Management Accounting Position at Provincial Treasury Department  

Western Cape Provincial Treasury Department is opening the Assistant Manager for Management Accounting position for qualified and potential candidates to join the board. If you have the passion in Accounting or Finance or Economy, and you want to get a deeper insight into the world of budget management in one of the government’s offices, then you may find that this opportunity would suit your qualification, passion, and interest. It is a rare opportunity where you can get a glimpse of what is really happening in the provincial office.

About the Position

As confirmed by tracking number of PT 2019-52 and reference number of WCG191205-1, the Assistant Manager for Management Accounting position is open for the qualified candidates meeting all the requirements. The individual will be placed in Provincial Treasury Department in Cape Town as the Assistant Director. This is a permanent position with salary level 9, reaching up to R 376 596 per year

The person will be responsible for administering and managing Department’s budget matters, especially related to documents drafting within specific formats. The responsibility also covers the matter of controlling revenue and expenditure with the purpose to take remedial methods in time to meet the budget objectives. It is also about making continuous reporting concerning the current position and drafting of Department Annual Report. That’s why it takes qualified and competent candidates that aren’t afraid of challenges to tackle this task.

The Requirements

There are some general, as well as specific, requirements that all candidates need to meet for the Assistant Manager for Management Accounting position. The requirements include:

  • They must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must not have any criminal record
  • They must have the appropriate and related qualification in 3-year tertiary education (whether Bachelor Degree or National Diploma) in Finance Management
  • They must have at least 3 years of working experience in a supervised financial environment
  • Preferences would be given to candidates with BAS (Basic Accounting System) experience
  • Preferences would also be given to candidates with experience in budgeting process

The Responsibilities

  • Managing MTEF (Medium Term Expenditure Framework) budget processing, including the main budget’s management and compilation as well as the estimate budget adjustment
  • Monitoring, controlling, managing, and reporting on expenditure and revenue
  • Managing the coordination of the Department Annual Report

How to Apply

Candidates can only apply online – there won’t be another application way. They will have to visit this link to register and create an account. Once they have done it, they can get a direct access to the application form in which they need to complete it. Be advised that candidates may need to accompany their application. Candidates would be notified about what documents to prepare once they have passed the early screening process. Just be sure to prepare everything, especially in the format of a softcopy or soft file.

The deadline is on January the 20th 2020 – be advised not to be late. Candidates having questions about the Assistant Manager for Management Accounting position or wanting to know more about the details can contact Ms N Cullis at (021) 483 8188.