MiWay Learnership and the Improved Quality in Insurance

If you are always passionate about insurance and the details of the work, then joining MiWay learnership program would be the best possible answer. The learnership allows the candidates to get the solid theoretical basic and foundation before they will be able to practice it directly. So, in this learnership program, you can enjoy both worlds: you can get the theoretical learning (where you can enrich your knowledge) and then you are able to practice it in a professional surrounding. What is the better way to achieve professional experience if not joining the program?

About the Program

MiWay is a direct and professional short-term financial services and insurer company. It offers a range of many insurance products to customers with their base in Gauteng. They specialize in business, homeowners, household, and motor insurance and coverage.

At MiWay, they are super fanatical about impressive and perfect customer service. They always try their best to deliver the most satisfying and most awesome customer engagement – it takes great teamwork to achieve such a purpose. Staff members are working behind the scene and also working directly with customer to deliver great service. That’s why they are always searching for the potential candidates with friendly manner and impressive ability to handle customers. They are looking for skilled candidates that can also help the company grow.

There are different programs that are offered in MiWay learnership program, including Management Qualifications and Insurance. The successful candidates are positioned to help the professional staffs that have been working in the company for quite a while. In this way, they can get a direct knowledge and also professional skills within a one-time training program. It is expected that they will gain new skills once they have completed the program. The successful candidates with good performance may be offered a permanent position in the company in the event that vacancies are available.

The Requirements

There are several basic and standard measurements set by the company. All candidates are expected to meet the requirements in order to be qualified for MiWay learnership program, such as:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa that will be proven from the legal and valid ID document
  • They must be in the age range between 18 and 35 years old
  • They must be unemployed
  • They must not have participated in any learnership program before or currently be in the same program
  • They must be determined and dedicated to complete the program successfully
  • They must be willing to work hard
  • They must have completed a certificate or Diploma or relevant qualification of a degree to N6 qualification to be worthy for the program
  • They must complete Grade 12 or Standard 10 NQFA or the equivalent qualification
  • They must have Matric certificate
  • They must be willing to sign a contract or agreement

How to Apply

Candidates need to go to the official website of the company at this link and access the online application program. They can send their application online as well as uploading the supporting documents. Learn the details of the application for MiWay learnership program when visiting the site.