NRF Bursary to Help Students Reach a Better Future

Students who are trying to continue their study to a higher degree can think about taking part in NRF bursary program, especially if they come from previously disadvantage background or community. This program is seriously designed to help students reach their dreams and improve their lives to a better state. There are several requirements that students need to consider but if they have what it takes, then why afraid the challenges?

About the Program

National Research Foundation (NRF) is basically an independent statutory institution that provides fund for research, high-end human capacity development, and also critical research infrastructure program for different knowledge production, especially for the multi-disciplinary. The institution has promoted South African (research) interest both internationally as well as nationally.

In the meanwhile, NRF bursary is provided for the full-time and dedicated students of B Tech students (final year) as well as Honors students at public universities in South Africa.  The bursary is provided for the citizens of South Africa and then released as a special Block Grants to the (South African) public universities.

All the successful candidates (offered the financial support) must sign the student agreement and comply with it. It would be forwarded during the award’s time. The bursary holders must get the degree within one year after they get the financial support. If they fail to do so, they will have to return the funds with extra interest.

The Requirements

There are several standard eligibility and requirements for candidates to successfully take part in NRF bursary program. They are:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must be full-time students at one of the public universities in South Africa
  • They must take a certain subject of study including Social Sciences, Technology, Humanities, and Engineering
  • They must not have an Honor or be on the B Tech degree final year
  • They must not have the intention to get postgraduate diploma qualification

Keep in mind that although the bursary is given to academic achievement or merit, but students with financial needs would be prioritized. It would be great if the candidates have both traits (they are academically bright and they come from disadvantaged family).

How to Apply

Candidates are expected to do the online application. They need to visit the website

You will see Application Guide and Framework Document. Follow the instruction. be advised that it takes 5 months from the program’s closing date to the decision making period.

The program is generally offered and be available every year. Generally, the application date opens from September to December.

The institution will choose students from the online submission system. It would be based on the allocation of Block Grant to set equity targets to each institution. Candidates need to follow up everything during the process until the announcement has been made.

Those who want to take part in the program can always reach out to these contact people:

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Be sure to contact them and ask for the details about NRF bursary program.