Mandela Rhodes Scholarship Program for the Potential Candidates

If you are thinking about continuing your education to a higher degree while getting the financial support along the way, then you can seriously think about taking part in Mandela Rhodes Scholarship program for 2020 period. This program is designed for potential students who are looking for a financial support to go further in their study. Through the financial support, the candidates can go through their study without having to worry about their financial struggle.

About the Program

This Mandela Rhodes Scholarship program will take place in South Africa for 2020 period. it is designed and created on the 4 founding principles of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Education, and Reconciliation. The candidates should be the ones who can inspire others and who can represent these four principles.

The financial support itself will cover these elements:

  • Registration and tuition fees – institution sets it
  • Medical Aid allowance set – MRF sets it
  • Study materials allowance – also MRF sets it
  • Economy-class traveling allowance only at the beginning (from the candidate’s home to the institution) and at the end of the degree
  • Meal and accommodation allowances
  • Personal allowance

The Requirements

In order to be qualified for this Mandela Rhodes Scholarship program, candidates must meet these requirements. The requirements include:

  • They must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must be within the age range between 19 and 29 years of age
  • They must have a First Degree with at least average academic results of 70% above for South African universities. If they graduate from other African universities, they need to have Upper Second Class Honor Degree
  • They must not have any criminal record or any pending charges
  • They need to have an assumed leadership quality that has created an impact to their community or campus
  • They must have good leadership quality
  • They must be committed on opening themselves to learning opportunities
  • They must have the willingness to embrace and explore complexity
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For detailed terms and conditions, candidates can check this link to learn more about the program.

How to Apply

Candidates need to understand that application will take place online. They need to go to this link and check themselves in the site. The timeline for the application always opens on a yearly basis, running from March to November. Applications will open in the middle of March and then closes in the middle of April.

Besides completing the application, candidates need to attach supporting documents that include:

  • Recommendation letters. They need to include 3 recommendation letters that are submitted through the application platform. Candidates only need to provide the email address and then the admission board will contact them so they can upload the recommendation letters.
  • A certified copy of ID document and passport, certified copies of academic results, and certified copies of degrees completion
  • Two short essays – one about personal journey and one about personal principles
  • Application to the university

The deadline is on April the 23rd 2020. Any late submission for this Mandela Rhodes Scholarship program will not be accepted.

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