Air Liquide Human Resource Internship Opportunity for the Young Graduates

If you want to start a career in Human Resources subjects and you want to start off with a good platform, then it would be logical to take part in Air Liquide Human Resource Internship program for 2020 period. Through this program, the candidates will obtain the required knowledge and skills while improving their own skills and working experience at the same time. By the time they complete the program, they will have an enriched knowledge with improved direct experience that can help them with their future career.

About the Program

This Air Liquide Human Resource Internship program is designed to attract potential and promising talents with the purpose of exposing them to the real working situation and condition. Air Liquide is offering an internship program for 2020 period, with the opportunity for candidates to go through the full time period. The appointed interns will be placed in Alberton in South Africa, so candidates from nearby areas are expected to send their application.

The company is opening their door for applicants, focusing on unemployed Human Resource graduates. They are inviting potential and qualified applicants so they will have the chance to get exposed to the real world.

Responsibilities, Tasks, and Duties

The interns will be responsible for:

  • Working closely together with the Talent Acquisition Specialist within the recruitment efforts
  • Rotating receptionist tasks and duties as well as providing administrative support (to the staff) as needed
  • Taking part in recruiting events like Business Development events, Job Fairs, and such thing alike
  • Preparing job description for the advertised positions within the internal recruitment system as well as other sites
  • Assisting with the specific onboarding process related to the new hires as well as helping with other tasks in order to support the onboarding and recruiting process at Air Liquide
  • Screening and reviewing resumes against the schedule interviews, specific requirements, and or conducting interviews (as seen needed)
  • Supporting the HR team to keep the office from running well and smoothly with the office management responsibilities variations
  • Managing other tasks that are assigned
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The Requirements

Every program has their own standard measurement so candidates can be considered qualified for the program. The general and basic requirements for this Air Liquide Human Resource Internship program include:

  • They must be the citizens of South Africa – must be proven with the valid and legal ID document
  • They must not have any criminal record or any pending charges
  • They must be within the age range for the program
  • The must have a University Degree or Diploma with the focus for Human Resources
  • They must be fluent in English (in both verbal and written forms)

How to Apply

Interested candidates will have to send their application through the online system. They have to visit this link so they can complete the application form.

There is no exact information about the supporting documents, but candidates generally have to provide CV, certified copies of academic transcripts, and ID document. There is no detailed info about the deadline either so candidates must send their application as soon as possible. Make sure to send the application right away for the Air Liquide Human Resource Internship program.