Managing NSFAS Online Application

You probably have heard about NSFAS online application 2019 that is designed and meant to help students achieve their dream. If you dream about continuing your study to a higher level and yet you are struggling with financial matter, consider applying for NSFAS. With the program, they can lend you a hand with the financial matter while making sure that they screen the potential candidates.

About the Program

NSFAS or National Student Financial Aid Scheme is offering bursaries to qualifying students in 50 public FET and 25 public universities for their education. Students will have to repay the financial help, but not with money or loans. They will have to sign a working contract within a certain sector (in South Africa) for a certain time period after they have graduated.

The Requirements

Interested students need to first decide which study or course they want to take. Moreover, they also need to have these following items:

  • Your identity card or document proving that you are South African citizen. A birth certificate would be fine
  • ID for guardian or parents. A death certificate is also applicable
  • ID of every person living in your house
  • The consent form from your parents that you have downloaded before and filled
  • Letter of employment or pension advice or pay advice – shouldn’t be older than 3months
  • If you have a certain disability, you need to download Disability Annexure A and make sure to fill it.

How to Apply

For this program, there are two major ways to apply: online and offline. If you are going with NSFAS online application 2019, here are the steps:

  • Visit this link. After taking notes of all the documents, download the consent form (for parents).
  • Register at mynsfas. Don’t forget to provide information about your email address and cell phone. Be advised that you MUST NOT allowed using other people’s email address and phone number.
  • After the registration, click the tab APPLY and you will be presented with the application form.
  • You need to scan all of the supporting documents because you are going to upload them. DON’T start the application if you haven’t prepared the documents.
  • If you are ready with everything, you can fill in the application form, attach the documents, and submit.

If online application doesn’t seem to appeal you, consider doing the offline process. The stages are:

  • Visit the regional or provincial NYDA office or center. They will give you the application form. You can browse first to find out the office close to your area
  • You can ask the workers at the center to explain the process to you.
  • Fill in the form manually – use capital and block letters with black ink
  • There will be a consent form which needs to be signed by your parents
  • You need to prepare the (certified) copies of all the supporting documents.
  • Once you have filled out the application form, gather it with your documents, and take it to the assistants so they can check whether everything is correct
  • If everything is settled, you will get a receipt card.

The deadline is on November the 30th 2019. Be sure to get the NSFAS online application 2019 and apply before the due date.

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