Puff and Pass Bursaries with DAFF and Its Sectors

DAFF bursary is a part of Puff and Pass bursaries available for public. The bursary is open for the qualifying candidates who are looking for going further with their studies and yet struggling with financial problems of their own. If you take a look at the requirements and you feel that you meet them, feel free to prepare the necessary documents and join the application process.

About the Program

DAFF is short for Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries. Every year, they have the intention to provide help for the qualifying candidates wanting to further their education in the fields of forestry, agriculture, and fisheries sector. The bursary itself would cover accommodation, meals, tuition, books, and also monthly allowance.

The bursary is intended for the impoverished and previously disadvantaged people from rural and poverty-stricken communities. The division is as follow:

  • For Grade 12 Mathematics and Physical Science 5 (with 60 – 69): B.Sc. Marine Biology, B.Sc. Oceanography, B.Sc. Fisheries or Ichtyology Science, B.Sc. Forestry and Wood Science, B.Sc.Viticulture and Oenology, B.Sc. Plant Pathology, B.Sc.Entomology, and B.Sc. Food Science
  • Mathematics and Physical Science 6 (with 70 -79): Bachelor of Veterinary Science and B.Sc.Bioresource (or Agricultural) Engineering
  • Mathematics and Physical Science 4 (with 50 – 59): National Diploma for Food Technology, Forestry, and Marine Science

The bursary is also applicable to postgraduate studies, like Ph.D, M.Sc, M.Tech, Hons, B.Sc., and B.Tech, in fields that are related to the fisheries, forestry, and agricultural fields – with priority to research projects. The successful candidates would be chosen as interns and then placed within the relevant research institutions or industry as the young professionals. The successful applicants would also be placed with a mentor and get a monthly allowance – used for meals and accommodations.

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The Requirements

As a part of Puff and Pass bursaries, the program has its own standard of qualification measurements. The general requirements are:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa
  • They must complete the application form that can be found and downloaded from the website at daff.gov.za. Choose the vacancies subject
  • Candidates must apply for the studies listed above. Those who apply for the study aren’t listed won’t be considered
  • Candidates must bear in mind that communication is limited to the successful only. If you haven’t heard from the committee, it is likely that your application isn’t successful
  • Application forms through email or fax won’t be considered
  • Applications later than the deadline won’t be considered

How to Apply

Candidates are expected to download the application form first – the undergraduate degree is at this link and the postgraduate degree is at this link. After you have completed it, send it along the certified copies of performance results, educational certificates, and ID to:

The Director Directorate: Sector Education and Training Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries,

Private Bag X250, Pretoria 0001

If you still have questions, contact Mr. Silindelo Dlomo at 012 319 7848 or Mr. Vusimuzi Mngomezulu at 012 319 7923. The deadline is on September the 30th 2019. DAFF bursary isn’t the only Puff and Pass bursaries you can find as there are still more to find along the way.


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