KAPRO Services Apprenticeship: An Opportunity You Shouldn’t Miss

If you want to improve your professional skills and expertise through extensive training program, you may like KAPRO Services Apprenticeship program in Airport Aircraft Maintenance and Regulatory Training. Through the training, candidates are expected to gain the needed knowledge to run the operation as well as being able to implement the practical aspect directly. By the time they have completed the program, their skills and qualification should improve and they can get better employment and work for the future.

About the Program

KAPRO Services are always opening apprenticeship and training opportunities for those who are eager and dedicated to their work. It doesn’t matter from where you are coming from or whatever your educational background is. As long as you are willing to work hard, be dedicated, and be willing to accomplish all tasks well, then you would be considered the potential candidates.

If you are interested in KAPRO Services Apprenticeship program, you should have a look into their various programs and subjects. Recently they are offering the program in Airport Aircraft Maintenance and Regulatory Training that will take place in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Basically, all candidates are supposed to attend one Technical College block course and pass it. Afterwards, the college studies are completely optional. Each of the subjects has its own task responsibilities in specific to make sure of reliable and valid aircraft safety and airworthiness. They should choose the subjects of their interests along with their potential and capabilities. The offered subjects are:

  • Aircraft Spray Painter
  • Aircraft Electrician
  • Aircraft Mechanic
  • Aircraft Composite Structures
  • Aircraft Radiotrician
  • Aircraft Instrument Technician
  • Aircraft Electro Plater
  • Aircraft Trimming
  • Aircraft Welding
  • Aircraft Structures Workers
  • Aircraft Turner Machinist

The Requirements

There are several general requirements that candidates for KAPRO Services Apprenticeship program must meet to pass the early screening process. The requirements are:

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa that is proven by a valid and legal ID document
  • They must have passed Grade 12 with good score in Physical Science, English, and Mathematics. These subjects should get minimum E Symbol within the Higher Grade or D Symbol on the Standard Grade. It is possible that they get at least Level 4 Achievement or equivalent of N3 Minimum certificate with Engineering Science and Mathematics getting D Symbol
  • They should be medically healthy and fit
  • They must be able to communicate in English. They should also be ready to take part in a training course sponsored by the company

How to Apply

There is an application form that candidates must fill to qualify as the applicants of KAPRO Services Apprenticeship program. After they have completed an application form, they need to pass the Aptitude test. And if they are able to pass those stages, they will be invited for interview session. But the latter only applies for shortlisted candidates.

Interested candidates can always visit this link https://www.mncjobs.co.za/login to fill in the application. For now, there is no exact closing date but you should apply as soon as possible before the application period closes. You can go to the company’s official website to get more information about KAPRO Services Apprenticeship program.

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