JTL Electrical Apprenticeship Vacancies

If you are interested in electrical apprenticeship program, you can think about joining JTL program. The program will last for 4 years and once you complete it, you can enjoy Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship qualification. This is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. Once you have been a qualified electrician, you can earn up to £32,000.

About the Program

During the JTL electrical apprenticeship program, candidates would learn about a lot of things related to electricity power, including electronic appliances, machines, lights, sockets, and other devices. They would work together (and also monitored by) with specialists and experts so they can build an existing knowledge and expertise.

The Responsibilities

When you join the JTL electrical apprenticeship program, there are several responsibilities that you need to consider when joining the program:

  • Develop good and positive working relationships with people
  • Install, make, maintain, and also repair electrical services (such as fire alarms, heating controls, lighting, emergency lighting, and sockets)
  • Write reports
  • Work in different environment (indoor and also outdoors) and be ready to work at height sometimes
  • Understand circuit diagrams and wiring scheme
  • Be encouraged to work and make plans on their own initiative
  • Be ready to travel and be away from home
  • Inspect, check, and test electrical installations
  • Diagnose and then rectify faults within a range of equipment and circuit
  • Choose (within limits) equipment and materials
  • Read the engineering and building drawings

If you see the description above, the responsibility of an electrician is various. You need to be ready for different challenges and settings. It can also be a challenging career that comes with its own benefits.

The Requirements

  • The candidates must be the citizens of South Africa that would be proven with a valid and legal ID document
  • They must be in the active age range – between 18 and 35 years of age
  • They must at least graduate Matric
  • They must have at least Matric certificate
  • They must be ready with the supporting documents – either in the hardcopy or softcopy form
  • They must be able to provide ID document

How to Apply

You need to have the attributes and skills if you want this apprenticeship to succeed. The skills needed for this project include problem-solving, good communication, good teamwork skills, reliability, and creativity.

Other requirements include:

  • They need to have Level 4 GCSE in Maths and English or the low 5 (C symbol). But if they don’t have it, they can obtain it during the program
  • They need to have good manner and basic customer service – they need to be at least friendly and helpful
  • They may have to travel a lot because of their work as the professional electrician

Interested candidates must visit this link so they can fill in their personal data. Once they are in the link, they will have to create an account and then complete the application form whenever they are ready. They can also upload the supporting documents in the link. For further enquiries for the electrical apprenticeship program, you can contact them at 0800 085 2308 as well as finding the info about the opening and closing date.