South Africa Government Vacancies: A Guide Before Working in Governmental Agency

Working in governmental agency can give you certain amount of challenges, experiences, and also salary. People like to work in government departments or public services because they can get title, positions in the office, good salary. No wonder, there are a lot of people who want to find South Africa government vacancies in any kinds of departments.

The vacancies in governmental agency keep on increasing from time to time. Those who prefer to work in governmental agency are willing to do anything to get the job. It is because these jobs are expectant for them to gain in the future.

Government Vacancies in South Africa

Discussing about governmental agency in South Africa, there are a lot of national departments to choose. They are the department of agriculture, education, defense, economic, home affair, art and culture, tourism, trade, and many more.

Due to the government development, the government jobs in South Africa are available to apply. However, it is not all department that seeks for employees but only some of them who need new workers.

They are the Department of Labour, National School of Government, Department of Higher Education, and Centre for Public Service Innovation. Besides, there are also Office of Public Service Commission and also Department of Public Service Administration.

Working in South Africa government doesn’t always mean that you will sit in a chair dealing with tons of papers. When you want to fill the South Africa government vacancies, you will figure out some other jobs that you might feel interested too.

It could be like administration officer for corporate legal support, directors for both asset management and financial management. There are other jobs as senior legal administration officers, deputy directors, and also director for contract management.

If you prefer working related to environment, you could choose some jobs such as control environmental officer, control biodiversity officer, director for training and youth development, language services and many more. Most of the vacancies come from Department of Environmental Affairs.

Western Cape Government

south africa government vacancies
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One of those provinces in South Africa that is claimed as the fourth largest province is Western Cape. The government of Western Cape is seeking for the competent, skillful and smart individuals to work in a wide range of departments.

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There are some available jobs to choose when you are in Western Cape. It could be cleaners, household aids, drivers, porter, telekom operator, health promoter, and also administration clerks. However, there are also some other jobs such as regional manager, director, and also chief directors and countless positions to mention.

Some departments that need more and more employees are Departments of Agriculture, Education, Health, Community Safety, Cultural Affairs and Tourism. Department of Environmental Affairs, Human Settlement, Social Development, Local Government, Transport and Provincial Treasury are other options to go after.

If you want to fill in these Western Cape government vacancies, you need to have basic literacy and also numeracy skills. Some of the jobs need to have a lot of experiences in relevant field. Some of others require knowledge, excellent skills in communications, and also big responsibilities.

Gauteng Government 

When you live in Johannesburg, Gauteng, you don’t need to worry since there are a lot of jobs in governmental agency. Here, working in Gauteng may be your ideal dream for a long time. There is a wide range of jobs to choose based on your personal interest, knowledge, and also salaries to consider.

Currently, there are countless available jobs and some contract jobs to pick. These jobs could come in many departments and also public entities. Some entities are Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP), Gauteng Tourism Authority, Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF), Gauteng Gambling Board, and Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA). These jobs could be the senior agricultural economics, control environmental officer, deputy directors, environmental officer, assistant director and biodiversity officer.

Most of these jobs require proper knowledge, good skills in communication, and also years of experiences. Writing and networking skills are also needed when you want to apply the position as the biodiversity officer specialized production. However, you will mostly work outside the government or offices.

Meanwhile, some departments that offer job vacancies are agriculture, community safety, e-Government, education, economic, and cooperative governance and traditional affairs. Some other departments are health, human settlements, treasury, culture, transport, infrastructure development, and also social development.

KwaZulu-Natal Government 

Unless you aren’t interested in working in KwaZulu-Natal, these are the departments that you can look for a job. There are 12 departments that are currently offering vacancies in governmental agency.

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Departments of Agriculture, Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, and Community Safety are some departments that can give you a job. When you are more interested to work in Department of Education or Health, you can seek for the positions you are capable in. Departments of Human Settlement, Provincial Treasury, Public Works, Transport, Sport and Social Development also offer vacancies.

However, probably not all departments offer all positions to apply. Some of them might only look for scientist, cleaner, wellness advisor or other kinds of advisors. Whatever the job or the position is, you can dig a lot of information before you apply for the job.

Mpumalanga Government 

Another province in South Africa that has three district municipality is Mpumalanga. Similar to previous area, Mpumalanga also becomes one of the most sought places that offers a lot of vacancies. There are some options of departments and public entities which may give you chances to get a job and make a living.

Some available jobs to choose can be found in the Department of Community Safety, Economic, Education, Health, and Human Settlement. Besides, there are some other departments such as Department of Public Works and Provincial Treasury that people can apply too.

How to Apply Job in Local Government

If you want to get the job, you have to compete with other candidates and win over them. There are some documents that need to be prepared such as your CV, your application letter, and also some writing samples. Besides, you need to ensure that your job interview is successful.

Your CV needs to consist of what you do, what you did, and what experiences you have done. Your application letter will show how well you make writings and what you intend to have by your letter. That is why the candidates have to write the detail information related to work in your application letter.

For the interview, appearance does matter. You need to wear formal clothes whatever the job or the position you are applying for. As it is under the governmental agency, appearance is important because you will work for public services.

However, how you behave and the way you explain your experiences may affect whether or not you get the job. Probably you will also be asked about the failures and success you have reached. You will be asked to answer some questions related to how you handle problems and what to decide. It will become their considerations in accepting new workers.

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Vacancies Available in South Africa

There are a lot of departments and public utilities that people or candidates can choose. Most of the jobs require full time workers while some other may need part time workers. When you are looking for work and also learning opportunity, you might register to the Department of Labour’s Public Employment Services.

For the safety of the workers, the candidates have to report all the incidents related to health. It will make a good consideration whether the job position that you are applying can fit into your health or not. The candidates need to know the basic guide about annual leave, sick and maternity leave, termination and also retrenchment.

When you have understood all the working systems, you will be asked to sign a working contract. There will be a lot of conditions that the employers will give the employees specific details of employment. For example, when the workers want to take their off, the employers have the authority to cut off the payment.

General Conclusion

To sum up, when you have decided to work in governmental agencies, there must be a lot of competitions and responsibilities. As working in governmental agencies give good salaries and retirement, it gives a chance for them to guarantee their future.

There are a lot of departments to choose based on the positions you wish for. These jobs might be available in some provinces and the jobs could be either in full time or part time. Most of the jobs available can be found in Western Cape, Gauteng and also KwaZulu-Natal.

For getting the jobs, you have to make sure that you have all the capabilities to fit the requirements. You have to have the good communication skills and you have to be able to speak English for some positions. Besides, you must know basic knowledge. However, as it may seem, to get the job is hard thus the salaries will be worth the fight. You have to make sure that you have met the requirements of the jobs sought, like the personalities, the skill and knowledge.

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