Amazon Jobs South Africa: Complete Guide for Beginners to Get the Job

One of the biggest e-commerce companies that gets known worldwide. It is a multinational technological company which is based in Seattle. Amazon is the fourth biggest technology companies after Google, Apple and also Microsoft. No wonder, Amazon always has a job spree from time to time and these Amazon jobs South Africa are sought by countless people in South Africa.

Amazon South Africa

If you live in South Africa, Amazon is also available in South Africa. In 2004, Amazon has started its first presence in Cape Town. This region is chosen as the expansion of Amazon in South Africa that consists of 3 different zones. In the same year, Amazon built a development center that focuses on networking technologies.

In 2018, this company has moved into an eight-floor building and hired local staffs to fill some positions. The following year, this company also hired more than 100 positions to fill. Up to now, Amazon has become a gigantic company in South Africa that has biggest companies as the partners.

Amazon South Africa announced that they have 3000 jobs that can be either done at home or at the office. If you are a citizen of South Africa and you feel interested in working in Amazon, this could be your lucky card to apply.

Amazon Jobs Cape Town

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a company under the flag of Amazon. It specializes on the cloud computing platforms for both companies and individuals. As Amazon has expanded its territory in South Africa, Cape Town is headquarter of Amazon that needs more local staffs as the workers.

As AWS runs its business about technology and networking, most available jobs in Cape Town usually deal with relevant field. They offer a lot of positions from software developer, manager, to scientists. In order to work in Amazon, you need to be able to work in full time as they need full time positions to work together.

Types of Amazon Jobs

What types of job does Amazon in South Africa offer? If you are interested in working in networking technology, you might fit to work in these following jobs. Amazon jobs South Africa are available in some categories.

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They are operation and IT, software development, customer service, human resources, and also product management non technology. Besides, they also have the category of investigation, research science, solution architect and quality and security engineering.

You could apply the jobs as a support analyst, software developer engineer, program manager, cloud support engineer, and also security manager. All of these jobs offer a wide range of job categories based on your interest and knowledge. It would be better for you to apply when you are really keen on working in these fields of job.

Amazon Jobs Qualifications

Indeed, working in Amazon will give you good earnings and also experiences. When you want to find another job after working in Amazon, there are a lot of companies that will automatically give you chances to be hired.

However, it isn’t also easy to get the job in Amazon as there are also thousands of people who want to get the job too. Thus, you need to be a good candidate that meets the requirements of the company.

For those who want to apply in Amazon need to have completed matric for grade 12 or NQF level 4. You also need to have excellent skills of English especially in writings. When you want to work in Amazon South Africa, it is important to be a citizen of South Africa to get the job.

Amazon Work from Home

Amazon Jobs cape town
Work from home on Business Insider

In this pandemic issue of Covid-19, Amazon is still looking for a lot of employees in South Africa. They are in demand of the workers while they also think about the safety of the workers. Thus, they also look for the workers who want to work from home or do the online jobs.

When you prefer to work from home, you need to know that every job isn’t available to choose. Most of the virtual jobs that people may choose usually related to the positions of customer service and phone positions. These are some jobs that you can do it at home.

If you think that you are capable of working virtually, being an Amazon customer service might fit your personalities. Working as a customer service will get hourly salary based on how many hours you have worked. As a temporary worker, you will have the chance to be a permanent worker.

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The standards to extend your position to be permanent worker are filling the attendance and metrics requirements. You also need to have good attitude and good service to make customers satisfied. The satisfaction measurement of the clients or customers will be the parameter of how well you behave while working.

Another work that people can do from home is working as an Amazon mechanical turk. What is an Amazon mechanical turk? It is a so-called job that needs you to visit the site and take the jobs. This could be categorized as a seasonal job that offers affordable earnings to kill time during your spare time.

However, when you choose to work and socialize, being a human resource manager or investigator can satisfy your more. People might think that this job needs you to stay in the office with your supportive teammates, in fact, you can do it at home.

There are some requirements when you want to work in manager positions. You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree and 6 years of experience. A year of experience in the role of supervising is also important to get this job.

Amazon Jobs Interview

If Amazon has felt attracted to hire you to work in their company, you will need to do the jobs interview. These interviews are divided into two: phone interview and also in-person interview. You have to pass this interview to get the Amazon jobs South Africa.

For the phone interview, you will be asked with some behavioral-based questions such as some challenges you have handled and finished. There are some other questions such as what you do when you experience fail and mistakes, how to motivate others and how to create business strategy.

Meanwhile, for the in-person interview, you have to prepare for your appearance and your role or positions you apply. It is based on the interest that you need to explain, such as what to do, where to work, how to handle your jobs, and how to develop. You need to have proper details and in-depth information about the jobs you apply.

As they seek for the thoughtful and smart people, you cannot answer by only answering yes or no questions. You need to explain to the point to let them have a good description about what kind of person you are.

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Amazon needs you to answer the questions well rather than answering generally. You must ensure that your answers are all well-structures and your metrics are acceptable. For some cases, Amazon can also do the interview virtually by using Amazon Chime and you will join in a video conference.

How to Apply Amazon Jobs South Africa

Frankly speaking, there is a wide range of job opportunities that Amazon offers to give good salaries and experiences. Thus, applying to some Amazon jobs needs to be done in the right way and right manners. First of all you need to look for some jobs of interest which fit into your personal interest. This is the basic way to get Amazon jobs South Africa.

There would be a lot of job opportunities, whether you want to work in the category of software development, support analyst, research science, or else. You need to check the locations that match with your interest. If you have found the right job, you can simply click the button of Apply Now at the top of the page.

However, it isn’t the end of the journey. It is just the beginning of it. You will have to create a new profile when you are new or just log in when you have ever visited the sites. Some documents such as CV, application letters, and some kinds of samples or writings might be needed.

When you have ensured that your documents have all been uploaded, you need to check your status periodically. If the status of your application has changed, you will get notified in real time so that you can prepare well. Sometimes you application letters can change the status from active to archive and so on.

As a conclusion, choosing Amazon jobs South Africa isn’t that piece of cake. You need to have good basic of knowledge and personalities to be able to get the jobs. However, when you are lucky, you can get the work from home job and get paid accordingly.

The main thing that you need to do before applying for the job is choosing your best interest or the position that you enjoy the most. Sometimes the payment will not be matter as long as you like the job and you enjoy working in certain circumstances.