6 Best South Africa Vacancies Offer Lots of Positions to Apply

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South Africa has abundant resources which people have more chances to earn extra money to make a living. They would be able to get a lot of side jobs or even main jobs in many sectors like financial system, medical system, software, technology and more. When you want to find the best South Africa vacancies and you have no idea where and what position to apply, this article may help.

For your information, there are a lot of vacancies that have been sought by the applicants. Mostly, they will choose the companies that are popular and also give the most benefits. Later, they will choose the departments or the field of job that they feel interested in.

When you live in South Africa and there are so many job vacancies that cross your mind, you need to ensure what you really like, what you enjoy doing, and what you dislike the most. It will be helpful in making decision about where to work in South Africa.

South Africa has grown into the second largest country economically after Nigeria. It can be said that the economy of South Africa is upper-middle economy. This country gains its income from agriculture, mining, metalworking, and also automobile manufacturing.  However, these days South Africa has expanded their economy into other fields as well. It can be proven by the availability of those job vacancies which can be seen in the following information.


One of the leading laboratories that specialize in pathology which provides vital diagnostic in South Africa is Lancet. People can find this company in Zambia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zombabwe, Kenya, Ghana and also Mozambique. You can find a wide range of services in pathology field in Lancet. This company has committed to provide the best customer service.

Discussing about the best South Africa vacancies, Lancet also has some permanent positions to offer. In Richmond, Johannesburg, you can choose the job positions as driver, administration supervisor, and also dispatch supervisor. When you prefer working in Bloemfontein, there are more choices of job offers. They are couriers, admin clerk or receptionist, data capturer and also messenger.

Another position as an admin clerk is available in Legae-Mabopane. However if you are interested to work as phlebotomist, you can work in Olivedale, Somerset West, and also West Rand. A job as a senior medical technologist is also available to apply in Donald Gordon.

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You can visit the official website here.


DPSA, Department of Public Service and Administration, is established based on the standards and also norms to maintain public service. This department will facilitate and help people to keep the public services improved. When you are interested in working in this department, there are some positions and provincial administration that you can choose.

When you want to work in national departments, there are some available field to apply. They are communications and digital technologies, government communications and information system, and government technical advisory centre health. Other available jobs are higher educator and trainer, tourism guide, planning evaluator, and also national prosecutor.

However, when you prefer to work in provincial administration, there are 3 options of places available. They are Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and also Western Cape. In KwaZulu-Natal, the positions needed are chief director, director (in mostly all sectors), and local government specialist. Furthermore, other positions such as project manager, deputy director, engineer, assistant director and also senior legal administration.

You can visit the official website here.

KZN Health

When working in health department attracts you compared to others field of work, you may be interested in KZN Health. It is a department that is located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. The vision of this department is to ensure and optimize the health for all people who live in KwaZulu-Natal. KZN Health wants to implement comprehensive health in all levels.

If you wish to work in hospitals, there are plenty of job positions that you can have a try. For medical specialists in grade 1 to 3, obstetricians, gynecologists, ultra sonographer, cardiologist, pediatrician, and also pharmacists. However, if you don’t have the medical specialty you still have a lot of options to choose. It could be medical officer, operational manager, pharmacy supervisor, head clinical unit, clinical nurse practitioner, assistant director, and medical manager.

In community health centres, the jobs available include medical officer, professional nurse, operational manager, and assistant director. Besides, jobs like deputy manager nursing, clinical manager, assistant manager and clinical nurse practitioners are also needed in quite many amounts.

For the vacancies in the head office, the available positions are CEO in Northdale District Hospital, civil engineer, assistant director, vice principal, quantity surveyor, pharmacist, chief physiotherapist, and so on. It can be said that in most all positions are needed to fill the position in KZN Health.

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You can visit the official website here.

University of Pretoria

One of the top universities in South Africa that has the most vacancies is University of Pretoria. They are continuously improving the quality of their teaching and also learning in their classroom. This university has undergraduate and postgraduate programs and also degrees.

Best South Africa vacancies might be suitable for you when you are interested to work in teaching or educational field. These are some of the job vacancies that you may choose when working in University of Pretoria. They are senior lecturer, program manager, faculty manager, lecturer, coordinator, associate professor, and also director. They may work in a wide range of departments such as Department of Research Capacity, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Law, Department of Paraclinical Science, Department of Social Work and Criminology and many more.

However, in order to get accepted in this position, there are some requirements that you need to fill in. Some of them need you to have master degree to be able to work as an associate professor, lecturer, and also senior lecturer. When you are interested to work as program manager, faculty manager, coordinator and director, you need to have at least bachelor’s degree and some experiences.

You can visit the official website here.

Gauteng Department of Health

One of department in South Africa that runs in the field of health is Gauteng Department of Health. This department has some visions and missions that can be beneficial for other people. They want to provide the reduction of poverty and also diseases. Besides, Gauteng also aims to improve health status and services, and also protect healthy.

This department collaborates with other parties to make sure that they will be able to maintain the healthy society. Their goals are reducing the number of HIV infections and also reducing the number of deaths. As these goals aren’t easy to achieve, there are some vacancies that people can find and apply. When they are lucky, probably one of these jobs can be their ideal job to work for.

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Some available jobs in Gauteng Department of Health are manager nursing, food service supervisor, operational manager nursing, and finance clerk. Moreover, some other jobs are internal control officer, deputy director finance and nursing, assistant manager nursing, transport officer, and cleaner.

Working in department of health needs patience, devotion, and also love. They don’t only think about how to earn money but what they could do to be helpful for others. Different position requires different skills and also educational background. Some of them may need a bachelor’s degree, associate degree, or even they could work without a degree. Besides, having good personalities, good communication skills, and good social skills are much preferable in this Gauteng Drepartment of Health.

You can visit the official website here.

Western Cape Government

If you are looking for a job in South Africa, probably these vacancies Western Cape Government are the ones you need. Western Cape is one of the provinces in South Africa. It’s the fourth largest province out of nine provinces exist in South Africa. It has more than 7 million citizens.

Living in Western Cape can also be a way to earn money and make a living. There are 13 departments that you can choose based on your interest and satisfaction. They are the departments of agriculture, premier, education, community safety, health, local government, cultural affairs and sport, and human settlements. Besides, there are also environmental affairs and development planning, economic development and tourism, transport and public works, provincial treasury, and also social development.

Applying to one of these positions doesn’t need you to do any kinds of payment. Some of the mentioned jobs need you to have a good educational background. You may need to have a bachelor’s degree or associate degree. It will be possible to attach your master degree, too. Good personalities and communication skills are also important to get this job.

You can visit the official website here.

In a conclusion, wherever you live or wherever the places that you feel interested in applying, you need to dig all the information completely. You have to know what you will do and where you will work thoroughly. It will be better when you have known exactly where you are going to apply for work.


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