Government Learnerships in 10 Departments

It is something normal that students want to prepare for their promising and better future. The South African government has provided these opportunities by offering government learnership. It can be a good chance for the students to have deeper learning and training to work in the future.

Discussing about learning in deeper approach, Government Departments have had their branches to grant your wishes. There are some available different government learnerships. Some of them are the learnerships for Department of Transport, Tourism, Public Works, Health, and Home Affair.

In the following information, you will find out all the details you might need for further considerations.

government learnerships
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Department of Transport Learnership

If working in the South African government is one of your lifetime goals, then Department of Transport Learnership is your ideal workplace. This Department offers one year learnership with exceptional vocational training programme.

It will be mainly responsible for the constructions, maintenance, marine transport, railways, local roads, and both international and national airports. Furthermore, the shared obligations such as parking, vehicles, licenses, traffic, public transports and regulations will also be part of the further studies.

The applicants can consider choosing some available fields, such as welding, plumbing, road works, construction, transport economics, freight logistics, supply chain, and marketing.

Sometimes you need to check the website periodically to make sure that you don’t miss any important information. All the important documents should be prepared and submitted to make yourself qualified to participate.

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Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Learnership

Another government learnership that people can proudly be a part of them is the Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and also Fisheries. They usually offer learnerships for those who put special interest in these fields of study. They wish that they could educate and elevate the youth knowledge to reach stabilized economy.

Agriculture, Forestry, and also Fisheries have strong bond with food products and also supply chain. Therefore, working in this department means that you need to certify and ensure that the food products are safe and harmless. They also have to fulfill the chain supply related to agricultural products and also fisheries.

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If you are wondering on the related fields, there are some available fields to apply. For the Agriculture, there are Agricultural Science, Food Technology, Agronomy, Plant Productions and Pathology, Crop Production, and Dairy Products. Besides, there are some other fields such as Botany, Entomology, Development Studies, Chemistry, Journalism, Marketing, and also Finance.

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Department of Tourism Learnership

The tourism in South Africa has grown greatly since 1994. It has engaged a lot of youths and new talents to support the growth of the tourism. They will select the candidates who share the same vision and also interest.

Participating in the learnerships of Department of Tourism, there are lots of career paths you can choose for your future. Some examples are working in the hotel, culinary events, or customer services. They could be game ranger, travel agent, tour management, culinary chef, outdoor activities manager, and many more.

The chance offered by Department of Tourism elevates the skills and also experience those who enjoy working in this field. Within a year, the applicants will have a lot of new skills they haven’t gotten before. When they show good improvement, they may get a chance of permanent position in the country.

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Department of Basic Education Learnership

When improving the education level in South Africa has been one of your lifetime goals you need to reach, this is probably the right one for you. Therefore, they need fresh professionals who want to provide more support for the education in South Africa.

As you have already guessed, this learnership will mostly dealing with all educational processes. It includes how to deliver the materials properly, how to handle kids, and how to enrich their knowledge without giving pressure.

For the basic education learnerships, there are three subdivisions to concern. They are the primary school teacher, high school teacher, and also training facilitators. In order to be able to join, you mustn’t be employed and you should have a Grade 12 certificate.

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Department of Environmental Affair Learnership

Putting certain interests in wildlife and ocean life, earning the learnership of environmental affair seems to be your rainbow after the rain. When you have committed to make changes, this learnership can be one of the aids.

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This department doesn’t only offer formal education and training but also build your communities in similar interest. This learnership prepares the applicants to fill all the scares skills needed by the country.

When you have completed the learnership, you can have some career paths for your future career. They could work in Media Studies, Environmental Management, Water Agents, Human Resources, Marine Science, Procurements, and many more. Besides, you can also work in Pollution Management, Instrumentation, Electrical, Welding, and also Public Administration.

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Department of Higher Education Learnership

Another government learnership that people can apply is the Department of Higher Education. As they pay attention on providing high quality level of education, South African government has committed to give chance for the youths to extend their knowledge and skills.

By doing so, they hope the economy would be higher and the number of professional youths would be increasing too. As it is the higher level than the basic education sector, the minimum requirements are different too.

For your further considerations, there are some fields which can be your future career paths to choose. They could be working in Human Resources, Finance, Communications, Data Management, Research, Academic Planning, and also Teaching Development. However, you could also choose Organizational Development, Information Technology, Project Management, and also Career Development.

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Department of Labor Learnership

In order to make sure that everyone has been treated fairly and equally, the Department of Labor offers learnership to provide more professionals. They wish they could lift the standard of living of the South African in a better way.

This department wants to educate and train the individuals to make sure that the employment growth has met the standard. As it consists of a wide range of sectors, there are some possible career paths to choose as well.

It could be in the finance sectors such as Accountancy, Financials, and Chartered Accountancy. However, some other sectors are Management, Education, Nursing, Bookkeeping, Supply Chain Management and also Commerce Law.

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Department of Public Works Learnership

Sometimes the beauty of the country or town can be one of the concerns that makes people want to make changes. By doing so, the public works in South Africa can have better look, better infrastructure, and can attract more foreigners to come.

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Thankfully, the opportunities to get the learnerships are open to anyone equally. They have differences about race, gender, or even family background. In every successful training, the candidates would have earned a lot of meaningful experiences which will be useful.

The applicants may choose the sectors they want to have in the future. They could be working in the field of Town Planning, Plumbing, Masonry, Electrician, Landscaping, Surveying, Management, Architecture, and many more. Yes, they have similar vision which is to improve both the infrastructure and the beauty of their country.

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Department of Health Learnership

The healthcare of South African might still need a lot of improvement and also development. As more and more people should get the best and satisfying service when it comes to health, more professionals are needed to hire. Therefore, learnerships from the Department of Health is something you shouldn’t miss.

Having gotten the learnership from this department takes 1 and 2 years to complete. They need to know every single detail of the training especially in the medical field. Thus, when you think that you are a qualified candidate, it is the best time for you to grow and learn.

In time, you will be able to have the career in these following options. They are Child Nursing Science, Midwifery, Enrolled Nursing Auxiliary, Pharmacist Assistant, Theatre Nursing, and Neonatal Nursing Science.

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Department of Home Affairs Learnership

The last government learnership that South African can apply is the Department of Home Affairs. As this department deals mostly with the country affairs, the applicants might have a wide range of options for their career.

When you have made up your mind in working in this department, you need to make sure that you have the passion in it. There are some career fields that you can choose. They are Finance, Political Science, Supply Chain, Internal Audit, Administration Clerk, Information Services, and also Cost and Management Accounting.

It is one of the biggest chance to ensure your future with its retirement when you have shown loyalty and great capabilities. Moreover, you can start to prepare yourself for being a qualified employable candidate.

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All of these government learnerships require the applicants to be in the age of 18 to 35. They should also be unemployed in order to be focus in learning deeper about the preference skill. There are also some career paths to consider before applying in order to find the best one that suits you well.