GCIS Internship Programme: R6747 Monthly Stipend

Taking your time to participate in an internship is indeed a beneficial thing. Even, when you are going to apply for GCIS internship programme. Currently, the Government Communications and Information offers 12-months and 24-months contract for the interested candidates. For further information, you can check this following.

GCIS Internship Programme
GCIS Internship Programme on Student Room

Programme Description

Recruiter: Government Communications and Information System (GCIS)


Graduate Internship Programme Location
Legal Service Pretoria
Information Management Pretoria
Information Technology Head Office, Pretoria
Supply Chain Management Pretoria


Human Resource Management
Video Cameraperson/ Videographer
Graphic Design
Media Production (Administration)
Media Monitoring
Multi-media Designer
Production Assistant
Communication Resource Center
International Cooperation, Trade, Investment, Employment and Infrastructure Development
Cluster Coordination and Campaign Management Pretoria (Hatfield)
Provincial and Local Liaison Pretoria
Provincial Liaison Kimberley
Media Engagement Pretoria (Hatfield)

Salary: R6747.75 per month (except Media Engagement R5000 per month)

Reference number

Graduate Internship Programme Reference Number
Legal Service 3/1/5/1-21/22
Information Management 3/1/5/1-21/23
Information Technology 3/1/5/1-21/23
Supply Chain Management 3/1/5/1-21/24
Human Resource Management 3/1/5/1-21/25
Video Cameraperson/ Videographer 3/1/5/1-21/26
Graphic Design 3/1/5/1-21/27
Media Production (Administration) 3/1/5/1-21/28
Media Monitoring 3/1/5/1-21/29
Multi-media Designer 3/1/5/1-21/30
Production Assistant 3/1/5/1-21/31
Communication Resource Center 3/1/5/1-21/32
International Cooperation, Trade, Investment, Employment and Infrastructure Development 3/1/5/1-21/33
Cluster Coordination and Campaign Management 3/1/5/1-21/34
Provincial and Local Liaison 3/1/5/1-21/35
Provincial Liaison 3/1/5/1-21/36
Media Engagement 3/1/5/1-21/37

Field of work: 12-months contract (media engagement) and 24-months contract


Meanwhile, to be able to fit into the position advertised, all applicants must have these following requirements.

  • Having an appropriate National Diploma (NQF 6) or three year Degree (NQF 7) in relevant field is compulsory
  • Having good organizational and communication skills is a must
  • The applicants must be able to work under pressure and work overtime
  • Being able to work in multi-task and manage priorities in fast-paced environment is obligatory
  • Having high motivation to learn within the internship programme is vital


Furthermore, the applicants must also complete these following documents to be eligible for the internship.

  • A completed and signed new Z83 form
  • A comprehensive CV
  • Certified copies of all academic qualifications
  • A valid driver’s license (when necessary)
  • A copy of ID document
  • Evaluation certificate from SAQA for foreigner

What’s more, these documents have to be sent to The DG of Government Communication and Information System, Private Bag X745, Pretoria 0001. Alternatively, all applicants can hand deliver their documents to Tshedimosetso House, 1035 cnr Francis Baard & Festival street, Hatfield, Pretoria.


Moreover, for further information related to GCIS internship programme, all applicants can contact these following numbers.

Graduate Internship Programme Contact
Legal Service Mr Lihle (012) 473 0346
Information Management Mrs XHC Chen (012) 473 0043
Information Technology Ms M Kube (012) 473 0129
Supply Chain Management Ms Vuledzani Basket (012) 473 0378
Human Resource Management Ms Zanele Ngwenya (012) 473 0472
Video Cameraperson/ Videographer Mr Pule Mahamotse (012) 473 0249
Graphic Design Ms R Sekhu (012) 473 0254
Media Production (Administration) Mr Lester Fourie (012) 473 0153
Media Monitoring Ms Suzette van der Westhuizen (082) 229 4737
Multi-media Designer Mr Tendai Gonese (012) 473 0303
Production Assistant Ms Jauhara Khan (012) 473 0010
Communication Resource Center Ms A Language (012) 473 0018
International Cooperation, Trade, Investment, Employment and Infrastructure Development Ms Shadi Puoane (012) 473 0208
Cluster Coordination and Campaign Management Ms M Mabotha (012) 473 0175
Provincial and Local Liaison Ms Delia Rossouw (012) 473 0059
Provincial Liaison Mr Ofentsi Moeti (053) 832 1378
Media Engagement Ms T modubu (012) 473 0101

Closing Date

The closing date for GCIS internship programme will end on 16 April 2021.

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